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  1. Update! Also, I know safe zones are on the NO list. I only suggested them as temporary trade areas that would disappear quickly. My idea is that they wouldn't last long and they would serve as an area where you could find other people. In no way is my suggestion a permanent thing or a lazy way of survival. Staying there too long would result in death, for sure.
  2. A game like this sounds amazing. Most games ENCOURAGE teamwork, but this one sounds like teamwork is a must. I see a lot of people on teamwork based games going off on their own and getting everyone else killed. If you want that teamwork element to work, you're gonna need to really nail it into people's heads that No Teamwork=Death. Also, Keepbro's point about perspective is right. Have any of you guys seen the game Darkwood? That game is bird's eye view, but you cannot see anything beyond your character's field of vision. IE. A cone of light/color in a gray background otherwise. It would keep
  3. What if you have a bunch of filled ones and a good base? Then you won't need as much, especially if water still works or you have a bunch of water barrels.

  5. Just going back to the silencer part, did anyone here know that you can use an empty plastic bottle as a single-use silencer? Might be useful if you have a bunch of bottles you don't need.
  6. I do know that a few of these are already confirmed. I am mostly elaborating on them. But thanks!
  7. Not a whole lot.

  8. Lol. Probably not the best idea to drive into that, unless you REALLY like action. The bad kind. Also, I've never been there. Seen a few pictures. I dunno whether there are any "city-like" areas there. But I really do think a downtown, hectic area would be REALLY great.
  9. "I'll go check the outer wall. Hopefully the horde is gone by now." *walks outside of gate, reloads gun* Surprise, they're still here!
  10. Updates! Does anyone else love that car model they showed us?
  11. This would be a really cool idea. Another one could be, /flip. It's not what it sounds like, if you know what I mean. (If you don't, flipping somebody is giving them the finger)
  12. That sounds interesting. I had ideas about ducttaping flashlights to guns, but those little office laser pointers would be cool to attach as well. The game isn't first person, so the dot wouldn't show up, but it would be a neat little think to increase accuracy.
  13. Hello! I just have a few questions for the devs about vehicles and such. 1: What are priorities concerning vehicles? I personnally think they should be high on the list, considering some places on the map (Such as the mall, or transit between West Point and Muldraugh) are incredibly far away and can take hours of real time to get to walking. It is a incredibly realistic map and placement makes sense, but it can really get tedious and boring walking along a highway for an hour of RT. 2: Will they have cargo space? I really think that would be good, such as the trunk or the back of a picku
  14. I think this would be a great idea, though shaking hands would be pretty difficult since it requires both characters to shake hands. Otherwise, if someone walked up to you and did that without your consent, it would get annoying and wierd. Waving, sitting, hand gestures for talking, and other stuff like that would be really cool. Another I'd add would be a laughing animation, like doubling over clutching your chest if someone told a good joke.
  15. I think the car inventory bit should become a reality. Car trunks and pickups are real, you know.
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