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  1. I am playing on linux Well bird traps not working on march ridge, i play in spanish, so idk how its called in eng, but im talking about the traps can catch birds. I have my traps here https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3790569699341124,0.3544206742749476,221.03929475204757
  2. Well, i dont speak a perfect english so if its not understandable, please understand me Adds a belt where you can put your ammunition clips, bullets, little weapons like hunting knife Also they can add to an especial rope that cross your torso to put shotgun or rifles Of course these 2 ideas have same effect like bags but with personal % weight reduction, it can be 40-80% if its less it is not work a lot, it could have differents types and the rarest have best % and the commons have less %
  3. Yea, and they can add when you use axe to cut tree not counting for counter the weapon more used They too add if tree for example give you 4 logs, if you cut 1/4 the tree gives you 1 log, well this is not reallistic so i think this can be missed but it is just an idea that i like
  4. My suggestion is change "break window" on right click and just add it in car menu, because too many times im so close to break the window because i want to see the car status
  5. i play on linux: -if i play fullscreen when i go to sleep the screen freezes forever, just the screen, the game not paused. This second bug idk if already repaired because i do not try to repair motor with more than 1 piece on inventory again. -When i repair the motor it uses all "pieces" i have on inventory to repair the motor. This third bug is with low pc characteristics. When i go to sleep the recovery is happening fast than the hour. For example every 10 mins the char recovery 2 tiredness, well when i play in my low pc, the tiredness recovery normal but the time pass not too fast because the pc cant do it too fast, idk if i explain myself, i think u understand what i said.
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