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  1. I had some test on new version (32.18) If you run, obstinately kicked on server. and [prevent copy a character] is not working.
  2. when we can do Korea language chatting on game? we hope using Han-Guel chatting.
  3. Please, Make a Korean chatting system.
  4. this server is closed... i can't join server despite submit recruitment.
  5. When This Update Coming? People Leaves this game. Because of Boring to wait for New Something !!
  6. Is there any way to press a key for On-Off ? Likey Other cheat...
  7. How this On-Off in game? Please reple me
  8. I waiting build28... now.... i belive coming on today
  9. disappear of public server list after update(build 27 #1). where's gone?
  10. playing multi..... cmd : LoadCellBinarychunk: No SUCH LOT world_46_38.lotpack not appear Zombie on the Bedford v2 map. What's problem ??
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