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    kaizokuroof reacted to Ciber Ninja in Making a Map, ideas/suggestions needed   
    A very long desert highway. Goal is to start at one end in a burnt out city and make your way to a less burnt city at the other end. But between traffic jams & broken bridges you are forced to make many detours into surrounding farmlands, forests, & small towns.
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    kaizokuroof reacted to soytomsavini in [map/building bug] Warehouse garage doors do not open West MD   
    Yes, I saw the same problem on all warehouses of this type
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    kaizokuroof reacted to tzaeru in Small Server Multiplayer sleeping   
    Been hoping for sleep in multiplayer for a long time now. As with the OP, I almost solely play with my spouse and frankly, the lack of sleep as a game mechanic makes the game too easy and streamlined. You can literally just stay on an endless looting spree, only using your base to dump stuff off and then run out again. Since you don't get fatigued, running almost non-stop is not an issue.

    I did look into if something like this could be modded in, but with speeding up the time the resulting sync issues seemed a little difficult to handle.

    Minecraft-like sleeping would be awesome. Have it disabled by default and let small servers enable it. I do believe this is in "things we'll eventually do" list.

    EDIT: Yup, "sleep in multiplayer" is on the list

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    kaizokuroof got a reaction from Traya Aclus in "Shield" Buildings   
    Yeah, these are really awesome. Keep it up.
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Traya Aclus in "Shield" Buildings   
    Poseidon (0.9)
    This is a freaking hyge hotel named Poseidon. Poseidon was a shelter for big group of survivors for a few years, All this time survivors doing upgrades for this hotel. Laboratory on the upper floors and walls surrounding the hotel, all this survivors made their own hands.
    Currently, it has several defects, but they will be fix in the near future.
    (I'm not good in english language)

    Traya Aclus
    Пользуйтесь, товарищи!
    Confederate house (1.0)
    Just a historical building

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    kaizokuroof reacted to turbotutone in ApCom - HAM Radio's & Walkie Talkies [SP/MP]   
    ApCom [sP/MP]
    Apocalypse Communications

    code: TurboTuTone, artwork: Nasko

    HAM Radio and 12 Walkie talkies with different properties. Wear a walkie talkie in secondary slot to use it normally, place it down to lure zombies or spy on people. Small HUD element that displays your walkie talkie's status. 12 Frequencies to tune in on. A taperecorder and 5 different styled cassettes. Record speech on cassettes. Broadcast cassettes repeatedly via a HAM Radio. Power usage, devices need a battery to operate and drain power hourly. Interference due to bad weather, or when a device is bordering its maximum range. Players chatcolors are copied by all of the mods devices to dinstinguish "voices". Depending on type, the devices will attract zombies in certain radius.  
    Look at the information section at the bottom of this post for more detailed info and usage,
    it also showcases some of the awesome artwork Nasko made!
    Make sure to send him some love when he posts in this thread
    Thanks to:
    Twiggy for testing, suggestions, support, streaming, awesomeness
    Viceroy, for a bunch of cool suggestions made during one of our apparantly more serious convo's
    LogiHack, a fellow country man who helped out testing!
    EnigmaGrey, testing and correcting my grammar error's
    dko112, gameplay convenience suggestions
    A special thanks to:
    Both EasyP and RJ, various functionallity of the mod would not have been possible without help from your side, thanks guys! its awesome and very much appreciated
    [incase i forgot to mention someone, gimme a poke!]
    Thanks twiggy and subscribers for testing the mod with a bunch of people!
    A save of the stream can be found here:
    Project Zomboid | Subscriber Stream w/ ApCom (Radios) | Indie Hype*~!
    Twiggy @ twitch.tv
    Twiggy's twitter
    Requires build 27 and a fresh world for the items to spawn in containers.
    On a server to get best out of it set 'GlobalChat' to false serveroptions.ini.
    Also works in single player but chat is limited to the lines produced by pressing 'q'.
    Eventhough it has been tested, it's version 1.0 so there may be unforseen consequences.
    Apcom version 1.0
    Up to date version can be downloaded here. (last update 13 june 2015)
    Credit goes to Dr_Cox1911, who has tracked and fixed the incompatibility issues with new PZ versions!

    Also, a shoutout to ThatUser and Siriusx72 who posted a different approach for a fix in the thread, much appreciated!
    previous versions:

    Public servers running ApCom mod:

    HAM Radios

    This device can only be used when placed in the world, it can broadcast all over the map and thus is ideal for base to base communications. The ham radio has the ability to play cassettes as repeated broadcasts on a frequency, so they could be used to gather people or advertise a merchant outpost as well. (see tape recorder section for more info)

    A ham radio can be picked up and it will return the radio + optionally the battery or cassette inside the device.
    Whacking a ham radio with a weapon is not advised as it will destroy the radio and all in it.
    When receiving transmissions this device shows a animation.
    This device will attract zombies in a wide range, so secure your base perimeters, zombies will locate the sound coming from the machine but the cold steel confuses them so they wont destroy it
    Walker Talkers

    Worn in secondary item slot, the device can then be toggled on and frequencies be set. When the device is worn it will display a small UI element that displays the item icon and device info. When the battery power is low the item will start blinking a led to indicate this.
    When wearing a walker talker it will display up to 5 lines above your normal local chat area, as shown by "Another line".

    Walker talkers can also be placed down and picked up again to serve tactical purposes. When doing so, unlike the ham radio, this device will keep its battery, however make sure to turn it on each time you place it down.

    Lower tier walker talkers when placed in world are great for luring zombies due to their zombie attraction rate and low value. The higher tier devices when placed in world are great for spying, since their sound values make them hard to detect, especially the tactical army version which doesn’t display any text placed down, detects voice in 25 tile radius. The tradeoff is that these devices are very rare thus their discovery could be considered a big loss.

    Note that when a device is unequipped or picked up it is turned off.
    Walker Talker GUI

    When equiping a fresh found walker talker as secondary, a GUI like this will show up in left side of screen.

    Insert a battery and it will display battery status:

    When equiped as secondary, you can rightclick the inventory icon and turn the device on.
    When doing so, the sprite will show a green led, and more advanced models will light on their display, the frequency text will also be brighter when turned on:

    When the device recieves text it will also indicate it in the hud:

    The hud will display different stages of battery life as such:

    Finally when the battery is about to die, the item icon will start blinking a red led:

    About chat behaviour

    The mod follows a pair of rules to prevent spam and local duplication of text, they are:
    Firstly, when you are near multiple placed down devices and/or worn device, then for each frequency the system will pick the highest range device's values for broadcasting to prevent x times the same line popping up on the other end. Secondly, to prevent local duplication, the placed down devices will not display text coming from a source within a 5 tile radius. The devices that are worn do the same but for a 12 tile radius. Note: be aware that eventhough devices do not display the text cause of this rule, they will still attract zombies!

    Interference will occur during bad weather, when its thundering the interference will be really bad. When interference is applied it will replace words or even multiple words at once with scrambled text.
    Interference will also occur at the last 10% of a device's range, the interference will become worse as you reach the limits of its range untill nothing is received anymore.

    Power consumption

    Done per hour for all devices that are turned on. Note that when you place a device in world and turn it on it will keep draining power even when that part of the world unloads.


    These cool oldskool cassette tapes can be found all over the place, when rightclicking a cassette in your inventory it will display its ID and for convience the lines that are recorded on it. This menu has no functionallity, but the ID will come in handy.


    Tape Recorder


    Tape recorder needs a battery for power and a cassette to record. When having multiple tapes of the same type use the ID (see Cassette section) to indentify the correct one.

    When both are inserted wear the item as secondary, this will give another option in right click menu "record a line", click it and wait for the timed action bar to finish.

    The next line your character says will be recorded on the cassette.
    Cassettes can record a maximum of 5 lines.
    Also note that the players chatcolor is recorded on a tape as well, this is done per recorded line.

    After recording eject the cassette from the tape recorder. You can now add the cassette to a HAM Radio.

    When the radio has a cassette and is turned on you can start broadcasting the cassette on the frequency set for the device.
    Currently every 2 in game hours one line of the cassette is played.

    Device tiers and properties:

    The item properties below can be read as follows:
    - broadcast range is for outgoing signal only, to be clear a budget walker talker can only emit 500m but still receive chat from for example a ham radio which has global range. - voice detect range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near the device for it to pick up speech. - can hear range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near device to see "hear" its text. - loot chance, obvious. - zombie attraction, the displayed value for played devices, walker talkers have reduced attraction when worn as secondary item. Also note this value doesn’t always coincide with can hear range. - battery consumption, rate at which a device will consume power on hourly basis.  
    HAM Radio:

    broadcastrange: GLOBAL
    voice detect range: 5
    can hear range: 16
    weight: 15
    loot chance: very rare
    zombie attraction: extremely high
    battery consumption: extremely low

    Tier1: Walker Talker Budget

    broadcastrange: 500m
    voice detect range: 6
    can hear range: 12
    weight: 0.5
    loot chance: high
    zombie attraction: high
    battery consumption: very high

    broadcastrange: 1000m
    voice detect range: 8
    can hear range: 10
    weight: 0.5
    loot chance: high
    zombie attraction: high
    battery consumption: very high

    broadcastrange: 1500m
    voice detect range: 10
    can hear range: 9
    weight: 1.0
    loot chance: normal
    zombie attraction: high
    battery consumption: very high
    Tier 2: Walker Talker Standard

    broadcastrange: 2000m
    voice detect range: 12
    can hear range: 8
    weight: 1.5
    loot chance: medium
    zombie attraction: medium
    battery consumption: medium

    broadcastrange: 2500m
    voice detect range: 14
    can hear range: 5
    weight: 2.0
    loot chance: medium
    zombie attraction: medium
    battery consumption: medium
    Tier 3: Walker Talker Black Edition

    broadcastrange: 3000m
    voice detect range: 16
    can hear range: 3
    weight: 2.25
    loot chance: low
    zombie attraction: low
    battery consumption: low

    broadcastrange: 3500m
    voice detect range: 18
    can hear range: 2
    weight: 2.5
    loot chance: low
    zombie attraction: low
    battery consumption: low
    Tier 4: Walker Talker Tactical

    broadcastrange: 4500m
    voice detect range: 20
    can hear range: 1
    weight: 2.75
    loot chance: rare
    zombie attraction: very low
    battery consumption: very low

    broadcastrange: GLOBAL
    voice detect range: 25
    can hear range: 0
    weight: 3.0
    loot chance: very rare
    zombie attraction: ZERO
    battery consumption: very low
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    kaizokuroof reacted to hyperchondriac in [24/7][PvE][Aus][Hydrocraft][ApCom]Australian Zomboid Server[IWBUMS]   
    So far I've died between the police station and the northern Muldraugh warehouse, then made it to the warehouse with a scratch, dropped my stuff off in a corner, and died again trying to find my first self with my loot (police station and southern warehouse) still on, lol
    If you see a bald zombie in green, he's probably carrying some nice gear.
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    kaizokuroof got a reaction from Atoxwarrior in Inspiration Builders - Atox request Buildings and houses   
    So you want to make a dense metropolis type of map and need buildings to help ease the burden?
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    kaizokuroof reacted to srandiny in Srandiny's buildings collection   
    Modern House
    Apartment for 12 people
    Small office 
    Bunk House
    House 1
    Monument 2 (maybe change the mannequin into soldier statues)
    House 2
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/dtuuiw8g01lskma/house%202.tbx?dl=0 Police Stationhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/3wz3a7z6vn8bp5v/police%20station%202.tbx?dl=0 Park with food carthttps://www.dropbox.com/s/lmmy437zipttkiu/park.tbx?dl=0 Just the food carthttps://www.dropbox.com/s/dxriavtv7njq0e9/food%20cart.tbx?dl=0 Gondolahttps://www.dropbox.com/s/3k8yewqu71ln7c5/gondola.tbx?dl=0 Police Station with small courthttps://www.dropbox.com/s/q51kc4nj38v162n/police%20station.tbx?dl=0 Construction Sitehttps://www.dropbox.com/s/5f0shbk8ofw5y4k/construct.tbx?dl=0 
    More comming soon!
    Have fun !
    I have just fixed modern house, police with court, and house 2. Please download the new link.

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    kaizokuroof reacted to EUDOXIO in Dock Warehouse   
    Hi, sometime ago i did this, and now its time to share
    Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#!Gh4GQRrb!Dgf_snFkOSZHC94LpdjLj7SvePuIheFvzdPUi361mqE



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    kaizokuroof reacted to Xeonyx in New Denver, BC (V2.1)   
    New Denver is now available through Steam Workshop!!!  Thanks to RingoD for his mapping guides toward getting New Denver on Steam!  Enjoy!
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Atoxwarrior in Kaizokuroof's Buildings and things   
    Hello, I have taken the time to give some details to the apartment complex, fix the problem at the stairs and that having a ladder above the other there is a bug, add some details on the entrance doors and some missing , finally add some details on the roof to give more life and a reason to rise so high.
    Here I share the link building, good job and still so very good to see new buildings in these forums.
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    kaizokuroof got a reaction from Z3759xy in Kaizokuroof's Buildings and things   
    I'm working on a map of my home town, I've made a few personalized houses, that I won't be sharing of my own house and my friends, but for the most part houses are generic.

    It's a highly suburban map, I wanted to recreate the apocalypse in my home town, but I'm not a hoarding scum bag and I'm happy for anyone to use my buildings if they feel worthy, so long as credit is given where due.
    At the moment I'm working with what is on the default editor, however, later I plan on customising it a little more for specific locations which will involve some spriting.
    I plan on having 50 or so types of houses, for each direction: North, South, East and West, so about 200 generic houses or more, depending on how it goes =)
    Anywho it's all well and good to have my lofty goals, below are the files I've been working on and will be using. 
    You can find my WIP map here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13947-giralang-a-map-loosely-based-off-of-my-home-town-suburb/
    I am new to mapping so it may not be up to scratch with what you expect, more specifically the roofing - so tips to improve and suggestions are really welcome.
    Generic houses - Furnished (without outside details)
    Southern Main entrance:





    I should also add this little guy:
    Credit is always nice of course, but I'd rather you not have to worry ^^ This applies to ALL the buildings I throw up in this thread =)
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    kaizokuroof reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: Build 32.30   
    Here's the Java version of PZServerSettings.  You can test it by extracting the attached ZIP file into ProjectZomboid/, then running PZServerSettings/PZServerSettings.bat or PZServerSettings.sh.
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    kaizokuroof reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: Build 32.30   
    I'm rewriting PZServerSettings in Java so it will finally run on Mac + Linux as well.  I'll add it to the dedicated server after that.
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Jela331 in Drayton's (Rebuild) Buildings   
    These buildings are from my map project Drayton (Rebuild): http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13529-drayton-rebuild-v101/
    I highly doubt I will work on the map anymore, since it was a huge drag. This building pack contains some unused buildings as well. I'm releasing it in hope that it helps with other people's map projects. If you do use any of the buildings from this pack, don't forget to credit me. Thanks.
    Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?gwud0juh7081js5
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Necromatic_Corgi in [TWD] Woodbury. (WIP)   
    Progress update:
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    kaizokuroof got a reaction from Nitengal in Pet store building   
    Awesome man, real good for your first attempt.
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Jela331 in Room Definitions Help - Office room/Definitions   
    Yeah "post" or "poststorage" works. I used that for every office room/building.
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    kaizokuroof got a reaction from Batsphinx in New Denver, BC (V2.1)   
    This is an absolute quality map. By far my favorite out of the custom maps floating around. A very solid and thoughtful tribute for your friends, I'm sure they'd be stoked that they meant so much to you. Keep up the great work, surviving in ND is a unique challenge and once again I commend you for your work.
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Firechaser in South Muldraugh   
    Welcome to South Muldraugh!

    This little Town is located to the south of Muldraugh (obviously  ) direktly on the Route 31. This town is home to a once great Factory and the US Military.
    The map has an urban center which is crawling with Zeds but oviously has a high reward for those who manage to get there and back savely. 
    Points of interest are:
    Big Factory to the South  Farmhouse direkt by the creek Military Base to the East Serveraly isolated locations for you to set up base And of course a once busy city center Since there ist no map overlay yet you will have to find the POI yourself 
    Credit goes to:
    This map project uses some buildings from the Forum so I have got to give credit to the amazing people who upload their buildings.
    Jela331 for the amazing buildings from Rebuild Sieben for the cool Military style buildings Veged - Arma 2 Firestation cmseter BeastlyBean I may have forgotten someone   
    A couple of buildings are my own. I will upload them to buildings section for everyone to get their hands on. 
    Download Link:
    I will also be uploading to the workshop. But I find the forum should be a always have a link as well. 
    Place "South Mauldraugh" Folder inside C:\Users\"Enter Username Here"\Zomboid\mods\ and enable in game!
    (Easier to just download over Steam)
    I will also be uploading to the workshop. But I find the forum should be a always have a link as well. 
    If you are interesed in playing this map give it a download and give me some feedback. Its still a working project so there might be a few bugs here and there  . Post bugs here or on the workshop,
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    kaizokuroof reacted to Marcelmarceau in Onze, Paris district   
    hello you happy tax payers, i've been working on something more visible on the streets than a metro: busses.

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    kaizokuroof reacted to 956Texas in Eerie --coming soon--   
    Little Mexico Part of Town
    you will find plenty of Mexican shops and restaurants in this area, i might put this area on the South side of the City

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    kaizokuroof reacted to 956Texas in Eerie --coming soon--   
    956TX    = Building Creator, Map Creator, detail editor, Sprites Creator
    Atox   = Detail editor, Building creator, Sprite creator, map creator, Beta Tester
    VikiDikiRUS    = Building Creator, , Beta Tester
    Hello everyone

    The Team is working hard to give the community a good map with alot of love put into it. Anyone who is interested in joining the team in doing custom sprites, and buildings is welcome to join. We are doing this not for the team but for the community of PZ, we want this game to expand more and have more variety of places to explore. We promise the community the map will be fun, and maybe in two months or less ( depending on time, and school) you will be exploring the north side hoods, or centeal city avenues. Lets not forget the metro rail system implemented in the city to evade walking through streets filled with undead. This is a good project for all to enjoy and play with friends on friday nights multiplayer coop.

    If anyone would like to help in donating buildings, or officially become part of the team, please contact any of us in the top. With the help of the community the faster we can finish this map as a team.

    -Donators will be given credit-

    -Team members will test the alpha and beta stages of the map-

    Thank you all for reading.


    update 1.0

    Ive set up a Metro System going from South to North, aswell the County Jail sitting in the Center of Town.

    Anyone who wants to contribute in helping me do Buildings 2 floors and up
    I need the following, and you will be given credits for your help

    20x20 buildings 2 floors and up
    10x10 small houses (brick walls)
    10 x 10 Convenience stores

    update 1,2

    The Metro....
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    kaizokuroof reacted to 956Texas in Eerie --coming soon--   
    Shop Center, with real name brands, im giving it all i can community to give you a semi realistic town. 
    I have over 20 sheets of custom made sprites.. now im concentrating on adding a variety of buildings to the city.
    What do you guys think?

    Small Shop Center, probably will be in the Central part of the City

    Auto Shops found in the central part of the city

    Convenience Stores
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