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  1. Name: Alexis Fletcher (Male) Age: 26 Previous Occupation before Outbreak: Radio DJ Occupation you wish: (Guard/Medical/Civilian): Medical/farmer ​Backstory: One day he was playing songs to thousands of people on the airwaves, next he was announcing the end of the world. Alexis is deffinatly someone who cares about others, he'd even cut songs halfway so that he could announce updates to the impending Apocalypse, as such he is well informed about what is happening and where it is. In the end he chose rather to flee than fight the end of the world. Taking all he could and getting out. He made extra effort to learn about some herbs he could grow to allow the production of light medicines should he become sick as well as to feed himself. But herbs alone would not be enough, but at least it was a start. Now he helps anyone he can, bandaging up wounds, helping the sick using traditional herbs and keeping a very low profile if any zombies come near by.
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