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  1. I downgraded my steam version from 26 to 23 to show my sister how to upgrade cuz I talked her into buying the game and it keeps crashing on her... I figured if she had build 26 it wouldn't crash, but now I can't get build 26 back.... IWBMS only gives me build 25c... can someone tell me what to do from here?
  2. UPDATE: We Currently have 6 people in the clan including myself... for the first little bit we'll be getting to know eachother but the goal is to RP as civilian based army that has ranks, these ranks will be strictly for fun and won't be a powertrip for anyone... However if you're looking for an RP environment we will be roleplaying although it won't be required... we have enough room for 9 more people to join and we are going to work towards getting our server public... I'm also thinking about making to Squadrons for day time and night time which will be 20 - 30 people tops... if I do get 15 daytime members and 15 nighttime members I'll be able to do 1 of 2 things, either lower the monthly fee to $0.80USD which will be an equal amount for everyone to pay towards the server or upgrade to a server that can fit other people's clan's/public server... All paying members have a voice in what happens to the server. Thanks everyone... I hope to get more people interested.
  3. By the way... All clan members joining on the server don't have to pay anything until July 1st... It's just that I need help paying for the server... but you can try it out and see if you like it.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm interested in starting a clan for PVE and PVP (one day) of 15 people called The Zombie Resistance Army... In order to get practice working as a team I am currently paying for a private server for our clan to play on. If you want to make friends in PZ and get to know a group of people that will always have your back, you can sign up to join the server... We will probably good off now and then, but the main point of the clan is to survive as long as possible and collect resources and build... The server is private so currently only people in the clan will be playing... The only thing I ask is this. Starting next month I was hoping that the 10-15 members would pay $2USD a month (Including me) and I'll put the money towards server fees and possibly server upgrades if people are interested... I know that's going to scare a lot of people away but I need to collect money from clan members in order to pay and upgrade the server. If you want to join email me at cndestiny7@gmail.com with your Name, Age, and whether you're willing to pay $2USD starting next month (It will never be more that $2 whether we have less players or better server. Please use the subject for the email "ZRA Applicant" Server specs are *Duel Processor * 3.73 GB Ram * 300 RAID HardDrive. Thanks everyone, I hope we can get a good clan started.
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