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  1. Also, athletic trait would let you use it for a longer time before being fatigued whereas overweight would wear you down much faster.
  2. I was thinking about this the other day. Maybe they could add treadmills to the game (along with one or two gyms in the world - new building!) You could also find treadmills in some big houses. That way you could train sprinting faster than normal (not absurdly faster though), but a few things should be considered for this not to be overpowered. 1) You can only train a certain amount of time before you get fatigued which at this point would make the leveling rate decreases to the same rate as normal sprinting in the world (or maybe a tad lower). 2) At out of breath state you cannot use
  3. So a couple hours ago I installed this mod you ask for (brutal key or something) and now I can't join any server, says my "lua files aren't the same as server project zomboid". I couldn't even join your own server with your own mod. I did do a backup and going back to it does not solve my problem either so I'm forced to erase everything and do a clean install now. That's goodbye to this server for me. It was a good run and I had faith on it after waiting during these downtime days, but it's really annoying losing my save and progress and everything. Will leave this as a self reminder not t
  4. Still says connection failed and it's not showing up on public servers either, Keif.
  5. Keif, my char (junior hurn jr) was on the 2nd floor of his old base when the reset happened and now it's stuck and can't move. Any way to reset his position or something? I'd like to keep his skills as it took a lot of time to build them up. edit: Dutchy came check it out and he said my guy was flying. If that's not possible, I'll have to build stairs to go rescue him xD Edit 2: Josh is also stuck lol Edit 3: Fire just rescued us.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it Keif. Got it back. The Architect is hacking, he's currently walled off all the WP town centre. Anything you can do about this scum? Can't wait for next build too.
  7. I'd rather just have the option to rename crates instead of having to rely on getting bags and wasting space with them.
  8. Keifleaf, I got a problem. I was fishing at West Point then when I was heading back to the base the server crashed (or I got disconnected). And now I can't get back in, it says "user is already connected" when I try to log in. I created another account and checked the spot where I got disconnected and there were zombies attacking nothing, munching on thin air, as if someone was there (me) but I couldn't see anyone at all. It also says I'm online in the players list (it's been like this for hours) my account is junior hurn jr Help D:
  9. Yea, it's useful for single player too if you're an organized freak like me
  10. This, people are lazy. They just join the server and spawn on the same spot 50 other people did and think it will have loot nearby. Then rage for the 30 seconds they joined and leave. Just go out and explore. There is much loot to be found.
  11. It would be nice if we could label crates so whenever we get new people to join our base they know where to put stuff. It's really annoying organizing your base and leaving, then coming back online the next day to see crap all over the place and stored in wrong places. This way we could label crates as "Food", "Fishing gear", "Farming tools", "Books" etc.
  12. Someone *cough*fire*cough* might have crashed the server accidentally by reloading an old save after dying. Server is currently down.
  13. Server is down again. Keifleaf, can you make it so the local chat shows up in the chat window like the global one does? Is that possible? So we don't miss what other people type when they are nearby.
  14. So, the server is down again. It would be GREAT if people didn't join in with mods on and fucked up the server for the others. Also there was a guy with hyphen in his name (i think that causes trouble too?) Server has been going well after the reset, I hardly get any lag.
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