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    Can confirm. Am currently scattered amongst the stars. Send help.
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    Moved to Mapping WIP.
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    Ultima Warrior

    I support the leaping through windows initiative if only because I want to drink all the delicious tears of people who've died trying to escape zombies "like how they do in the movies". Also it would be a good way to escape zombies, both if the window is already open and if you're willing to take numerous bleeding cuts over taking a bite/being eaten alive.
  4. I'd like it if the tracks supported those hand pump rail carts, if we're talking vehicles. Not sure how difficult they are to move but I imagine it's quicker and easier than running.
  5. Yeah, plastic bottles, even if they're pretty common, would see much better use a bunch more ways than they way would as cords. If you needs cords, take the laces from the shoes of the undead or strip the bark from the trees you're cutting down.
  6. That is pretty genius... but why would you destroy a perfectly good bottle to make a cord when there's so much other stuff out there you can make it out of?
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    EDIT Oh wait, Blasted_Taco already gave you a different one. Nevermind >.>
  8. As an actual long term mechanic, I'm not a fan. As a selected trait? I'd go for it. Character has decreased fitness and strength or maybe constant pain from arthritis and old injuries. They also have a random chance to get a heart attack or collapse from heart failure, followed by RNG rolls to see if it actually kills you or if it passes. A good diet and lots of exercise to raise fitness could mitigate the chances of it killing you and a sufficiently advanced medical doctor could also save you. Heart pills meds would also help push the odds in your favor all around. A d
  9. Buddies of mine and myself were talking about Gasifiers recently. Basically take wood or coal and turn it into synth gas. They were apparently very common in world war two thanks to gasoline shortages and a lot of people ran their cars and powered their homes off of them.
  10. I made a chicken coop a couple years ago for some ungrateful chickens that never used it. I think I managed a pretty decent job of it despite my having very little experience with actually putting nails to wood, though it came out looking like crap. Also, I can think of plenty of reasons to carry a can opener with you. Opening a can without one is difficult, time consuming, you could hurt yourself trying, and a can opener is small enough to fit in your pocket so how can you not find space for it in that giant hiking bag? Might as well grab one and bring it anyway. I agree that you
  11. Actually the skill requirement for electricity to build a windmill would likely be pretty low. Once you have the basic knowledge and the relatively easy to find components it's supposedly very easy to make. The real hurdle would be actually hoisting the thing up to a sufficient height to get good winds. I'd have to say it'd be a pretty large investment in materials and engineering to get it up really high.
  12. I read you can use the fibers from cattail plants in basket weaving, in addition to the edible core of the stem and the starch you get from the tail and the roots.
  13. Oh, the idea has been talked to death. This might be the fifth suggestion thread concerning alternative power sources I've participated in, and I rarely even come here to suggestions anymore. So yeah, we do all love it because most of us have talked about it in some capacity before
  14. Ah, the majestic wind filled plains of Kentucky could surely stand to benefit the owner of a windmill or three. Wait a minute... Needless hyperbole aside, a windmill wouldn't be too bad an idea for small amounts of power here and there. It wouldn't be super reliable, but as someone who services air conditioners for a living I can tell you there are plenty enough motors to go around to make some if you want. But some friends and I have been talking about something called a wood gas generator recently and it absolutely knocked my socks off that such a thing even existed.
  15. Odds are good the one zombie would be destroyed before it did too much damage and you'd just wind up with a bunch of peaceful people living together since muldraugh is the origin of the epidemic. I wouldn't mind a mode where zombies were minimal, survivors and loot are high, and chaos ensues as everyone goes to war with each other while everyone who dies comes back as a zombie.
  16. I remember downing a handful of it as a kid. It was not a pleasant experience, as I recall.
  17. Probably more like they knew that flour and water equals bread, but good bread also requires other things to make it palatable. Otherwise it ends up flat and super tough.
  18. I made a suggestion like this for bread a long time ago. Just treat any bread recipe like you would a regular soup, stew or stir fry recipe. Add water to flour and bake that and it's simple bread. Not very great but it can take the edge off your hunger. If you want to make it richer you add various other things like butter, milk, eggs, sugar, or what have you to the recipe. You want something other than flat bread or biscuits you add yeast for a loaf of plain bread. If you want anything more complex than that (gravy, dumplings, cake, anything else that wouldn't be common knowledge
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    Strike a Pose

    Good to see work is going smoothly on Animations. Me want.
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    A spoon spear?! Now I can eat ice cream from across the room! Now if only we had the cows for the milk to make ice cream...
  21. I like the idea of an optional sandbox option where getting bitten makes you horrendously sick, but then goes away after a while if you hold out long enough... only to come back at completely random intervals every so often and make you deathly ill over and over. You could survive it each time if you get enough food and rest, but eventually you'll get unlucky and fall ill at a bad time and get killed some other way. Other than that I'm not a fan of developing an immunity to zombification.
  22. Boiling water has reached a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or 100 degrees Celsius. This is more than sufficient to kill any bacteria or virus that would be hanging out on the bandage itself.
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    Animated Antics

    Development hasn't stopped on NPCs. NPCs are almost finished. Only thing left to do is integrate them into the Animations build after it gets finished, which itself is progressing quite nicely from the looks of things. That was the last bit of news I've heard on NPCs and I haven't heard anything that's contradicted it since, so I assume it's still true.
  24. Yeah. Realistically it'd be far simpler to heat stuff using the forge and hammer it into an item you can use. It's what I'd be doing.
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