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  1. No Devs, dont listen to this guy. xD Car blocking paths = good
  2. If the Water is shut off, sinks/toilets will still work a bit, since they will have some left over Water.
  3. B41.18 Question about Neck Pain. I understand Neck Pain when sleeping on a Chair or even Couch. But my Char is sleeping on a self made Bed and gets Neck Pain. Is this normal? I build it when i was Carpentry 4. Do i need higher Level? Do only Double Beds give "no Neck Pain" ? Or is it because i wear to much Clothing and a Backpack when sleeping?
  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeees! Over One Month in WestPoint searched every Shop and lot of houses, no Spray Can.... no Lucky Trait.
  5. Did they spawn ontop of each other like this xD ( happend to me in 41.16 but the duplicate was gona after 41.17 )=
  6. The first Walltile inside of buildings doesnt fade away . I saw it first in Build 41.17 when the fence fadeing was added.
  7. There is something wrong with those first Walls. becasue inside buildings those Walls (only that one) dont fade.
  8. Ah ok. Awesome. tried to search for it first but coudnt find anything about it..
  9. Yea. I had that too. Its like an Random "Game Over" Event. As soon as you Open the Door to a small Room, several Z's will spawn in it. And when you load a New Char in that Level and go to that Place = no Z's no damaged Doors or Windows.
  10. Everytime I put-in or loot a Container my Sim moves a step forward so that he looks into the next one. this is really annoying and steals valuable time. can this be like B40 that the person stands still when looting??? doing this in Stealth is even worse since he turn around and stuff.
  11. For me the game start takes 20sec, loading game 10sec. It is the fastest build ever.
  12. I want a fatman in project zomboid.
  13. The Sound is wounderful now , i think. playd few minutes. no popping , and in buildings i could hear the wind but it wasnt dominating anymore. really good. Housealarm is Great now. Heli Sound was awesome! it was going from left to right then to the left again and then to the middle then to the right and then left again!!!11 xD really really good!! ps. dog bark : when in a house the dog is too (echo'i bark)
  14. Please!! I Need the Foraging and Electrical Books. <3 its sooo hard to level them with 1x or even 2x multiplier... And toss a First Aid book in too, although this can wait until NPC's i think since leveling it basicly means u should die. but with NPCs u can level it on them.
  15. 33.1 Sound was there 95% of the time. (At some Lagspikes Sound would not work on some Hits) 33.3 No Sounds (Door,Zombie) , But Rain and House Alarm works. SYS: Win 10 64bit, Realtek HD Audio, 8GB , IntelCore2Quad Q9300 GME: PZomboid64.exe, Fram/Light 60, 3D on,
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