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  1. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Kim Jong Un in Cruise Control   
    Ultimately I am pleased with the performance of vehicles, however with plenty of long distance driving one would think it is necessary to add a cruise control button. This prevents the constant fluctuations of acceleration to keep the car at pace, and also save the player from having to spend extra time adjusting their speed. You may read this post and think "who cares" but you'll pick up on the annoyance it is to spam W when you have to drive 15 minutes ingame to reach your destination there and back and do this regularly. 
    When convoy driving in multiplayer, maintaining the same speed among other vehicles is an absolute must to prevent collisions and having cruise control will really make this more manageable.
    As it stands, I would recommend toggling cruise control with the shift key as standard.
  2. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Batsphinx in Blindcoder's PZ map updated for Build 39 / Vehicles   
    Quick flag for y'all to say that, in preparation for the vehicles release, the PZ map has been updated with Build 39's countryside additions between Riverside and Rosewood.

    Our thanks to @blindcoder for his work on this (especially when he has his hands full with happy small child life stuff currently!) and to @Kirrus for helping out with all the various clever stuff required server-side.
  3. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Build 39.58
    Fixed Linux and Mac builds missing the updated physics library. Added better zoom in / zoom out radial-menu icons. Fixed vehicles being thrown when surrounded by many zombies.  There might be too much of a slow-down when driving through crowds in multiplayer. Fixed zombie sprite being set to null when creating corpses.  This could cause errors when the same zombie was reused later. Adjusted position of Luxury Car wheels. Fixed server throwing endless exceptions when started without a SandboxVars.lua file and a vehicle was running. Add a vertical scrollbar to the Server Toolbox and debug console windows. Added OnRefreshInventoryWindowContainers event that modders can use to hook into ISInventoryPage.refreshBackpacks(). Added ErosionDays sandbox setting.  -1 means no erosion. 0 means use the existing ErosionSpeed option.  Any other value is the number of days until 100% growth.  The maximum value is 36,500 days (100 years).  
  4. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Kim Jong Un in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Can we get some more information about what exactly was added to the settings regarding erosion? I don't see it in the patch notes and haven't noticed any added options in our server settings.
  5. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Batsphinx in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    You make some excellent points here - and these ones stood out as they could be included in @turbotutone's current work with precipitation and weather. Can you add these to the list please Turbo? [And also look at the other Erosion tweaks suggested?]
  6. pillow
    EUDOXIO reacted to Batsphinx in Bug Tracker being decommissioned   
    After many years of diligent service @Connall's Bug Tracker increasingly difficult to maintain and fix up whenever an important forum upgrade comes down the pipe.
    As such, soon we'll be powering the old girl down - for now we'll continue with bugs being reported in build threads and then transferring over to our internal system, but if needs be we'll look into other options for a replacement or a new section of the forum.
    If you see activity in the tracker today, things being closed off or cancelled, then that's me and @Pandorea going through it to make sure we've stripped the meat from its bones, before consigning it to oblivion. If we've marked it as a duplicate, or fixed or... anything really it doesn't mean it's actually being scrapped or has actually been fixed. We're just marking what's already known in the internal system in green.
    Good night, sweet Bug Tracker.
  7. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Icy Motto in RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3   
    Follow up:
    IMPORTANT- There are issues that I will only specify in text below this notation since they are easily findable if you where to search for this issue in-game. Since I can't upload more than 4MB of pictures.
    -No lightswitch/lights at the Riverside Spiffos kitchen.
    -Entrance doors at the Charms R Us icecream shop are placed wrong.

    I made a whole bunch of marking in the gated community area in Riverside, it's really broken. Also sorry about the many pictures, I've had to make 3 comments now. But that's all I got. Thanks for your time. I hope the devs notice the errors.
  8. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to TheRealXeonyx in New Denver, BC (V2.1)   
    Alrighty, I've been working on the whole of the map, adding vehicle spawns,  graphical touch ups where necessary, and am finally getting the forage map built for everything outside of New Denver.  Because the map encompasses 3 towns now, I'll eventually be renaming the map mod from "New Denver BC" to "Slocan Lake BC" as to make sense.  Another thing I'm doing is I'll be adding Rosebery BC and Silverton BC as separate towns to spawn in, instead of having to trek to them. 
    Anywho, The next update will take a little while because I want to make sure everything is copacetic before I release it, just thought I'd let you all know.
  9. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Blackbeard06 in How to make and load a 3d model (weapon) in game (Video series)   
    I have learned enough to pass on the knowledge on how to make your own custom 3D models for Project Zomboid. This is mainly for weapons, but can be used for any model. I have created a video series showing you everything from designing, color, importing, and programming the model to work in game. In time I will release many more tutorial videos on anything and everything with Project Zomboid. I hope you guys can enjoy and more importantly benefit from my videos. If you have any suggestions on things that I have not covered please let me know!
    (3D Modeling playlist)
  10. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to Dr_Cox1911 in Coxis ServerMessage (MOTD-like)   
    another little mod from me and again, only useful in multiplayer.
    What does Coxis ServerMessage do?
    With Coxis ServerMessage (short: CSM) you, as in the serveradmin can display any text-information for your players that you want. This text will be displayed for every connecting player in a modal window. The player can still play the game, but the window will stay atop. If the player clicks the OK-button the window will close.
    How do I (=Serveradmin) edit the text?
    That's pretty simple: With the mod ships a CSMrules.txt, you can add your text there. Be careful to not make this to long at the moment (will get changed in a future update).
    Example preview:
    Sourcecode on Github
    Steam Workshop

  11. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to Neutz in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    Why not just have an actual slot for the key on the dashboard, when you click it the key appears (Inserts) it would also give a quick visualization if a car has a key or not and is fairly obvious to new players.
    Here is a very quick Photoshop i did using Shinjitsu's Screenshot, you get the idea.
    Perhaps you could have the graphic change when a car has been hot wired/broken ignition etc

  12. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to Ayrton Orio in Map of Normandy, France   
    Hello everybody,
      I have been a big fan of project zomboid for quite a while now and since the beginning I have been fantasizing about a PZ in a European environment. I tried to create a small part of the coastline near Cherbourg. It's my first map on PZ.   Eventually I would like to cover the whole area around Cherbourg with the nuclear power plant in the West (La Haie) and the more rural and fishing area in the East. But that's something that will be possible only when the creative mod is avaiale as the region covered is too big for manual editing.   I had several objectives while creating this map: - Fun roads. I have been very impressed by the vehicle update and it is clear that vehicles will become an essential part of the gameplay. But in the current maps, roads are straight, and not very varied, so I tried to bring the spirit of small French roads, with many branches. Also I have reproduced the "boccage" structure of the fields so when you drive around you can't necessarily see inside the crop fields which I think gives incentive to stop from the car and have a look around by feet.   - Interesting coastline. I went for a "lande"-ish coastline as it is hard to give a sense of elevation. For now it looks very empty but I'm planning to make new vegetation for this specifically.   I'm planning on adding new tiles also, the goals is to use the vanilla tileset as much as possible but I have started making a new tileset.   I'm also planning, but for much later, to make boats. I already have one or two models that are close to completion. (sail yacht and motor yacht) I guess it should be doable to create one out of the template from the vehicle. (big assumption, I could be very wrong)   I had a few questions for people used to mod maps:   - Is it possible to apply a vegetation biome using WorldEd? For now I have only pine trees, which are not really adequate for my environment. I would like to have fruit trees and such. Is it something I have to do manually? - I had seen a while ago a video where you could see a developer scatter vegetation on the fly, is it something that exists within tilezed or it's a future feature of the creative mod? - Is there a centralized DB with all .tmx building created by the comumnity? I wish to consult and contribute! - Is there any "populate" tool in Tilezed that I should know about before getting started? Like for roads for instance? - Do you have any piece of advice for me? Remarks, suggestions...?   TLDR: I'm making a new map based on Normandy, France   Thank you for reading

  13. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to sadpickle in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    I would like some more cohesiveness to how bags and inventory function. For example, if I have a saw in a bag, I can saw logs without removing it (odd). But if I have nails in a bag and I want to add a sheet rope to a window, I can't use nails in my bag or even a nail lying on the ground. It's a basic QOL thing that would make the game a lot smoother. And I think that's tremendously important in a game with a lot of menu inventory management.
  14. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to TheRealXeonyx in New Denver, BC (V2.1)   
    Silverton has just been added; the last of the expansions, it lies south of New Denver.   Still have to add the forage map to the map but having to define over 600 map files sounds like a nightmare so I'll get to it when I can.  Also haven't added the vehicle spawn system yet as I don't know how to.   And yes, I still have to remove the road blocks, just having problems loading the map files with them.

  15. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to Batsphinx in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    What the new dash looks like:

  16. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to 956Texas in More Buildings and Mountains Release   

    I added a bunch of my residential and commercial zones aswell.. alot of building variety to be added to a map.. .I hope someone adds them to a map, it be cool to play in those buildings. 
    some buildings might be missing room definitions, dont remember, this pack was abandoned months ago and I believed it was better off if the community had them.
    ====I strongly advice not to edit the buildings, they are made for the player to struggle to get in, Let the player figure out how to go in, them. some of the buildings blocks are straight puzzels with many dead ends====
  17. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to Sparrow in Ambient sounds change with seasons   
    I'd like to find a way to make a mod that changes the ambient sounds with seasons. Such as when the leaves change in autumn you'll hear leaves rustling, maybe less bird songs and more crows or geese as birds migrate, etc. Then in winter the sounds might change to more cold wind, less leaves. In spring maybe the sound could be more birds, and in summer more insects. I think it would really improve the immersion and atmospheric-ness of the game.
    What do you all think? I've tried editing the .bank files but I don't know scripting well enough to make these changes happen in game. Any suggestions?
  18. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Massi in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    560. With the cars, we need Garage doors, maybe with keys and remotes to open close when you are near. Its hard to add a safe garage to a base without them
    and speaking about doors...
    561. Double doors for the construction menu to craft.
  19. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Batsphinx in RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41   
    This was my fault when I was directing Yuri as my general direction was to take a while getting SP stuff solid in the vehicles beta strand before moving on to MP, but with hindsight I now see that this wasn't the correct course of action.
  20. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Faalagorn in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    560. With the cars, we need Garage doors, maybe with keys and remotes to open close when you are near. Its hard to add a safe garage to a base without them
    and speaking about doors...
    561. Double doors for the construction menu to craft.
  21. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Zorak in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    560. With the cars, we need Garage doors, maybe with keys and remotes to open close when you are near. Its hard to add a safe garage to a base without them
    and speaking about doors...
    561. Double doors for the construction menu to craft.
  22. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from sniperman1109 in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    560. With the cars, we need Garage doors, maybe with keys and remotes to open close when you are near. Its hard to add a safe garage to a base without them
    and speaking about doors...
    561. Double doors for the construction menu to craft.
  23. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from DramaSetter in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    560. With the cars, we need Garage doors, maybe with keys and remotes to open close when you are near. Its hard to add a safe garage to a base without them
    and speaking about doors...
    561. Double doors for the construction menu to craft.
  24. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to FinestHops in [Steam Server] Does Environment change automatically?   
    You could do what we do on our server. At the start, we have the config set to respawn loot. After that, we then change it to turn off loot. As time progresses we adjust settings manually to reflect how we want it. For example, when we want power on and off. We also will be playing with the zombies configs to make them harder to kill as time goes on but we have not gotten to that point yet. 
    To me, the best type of server is one that is constantly evolving. We like to force these changes ourselves as we run an RP server. So, we like to make power outages for a day or two, then turn it back on.... stuff like that. 
  25. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to Thuztor in Bob & S'Parks Bad Trip   
    Hello everyone,
    finally I've started creating my own game.
    It shall be a pixel-art point & click adventure for adults based on Ron Gilberts gamestyle. (I'm not quite sure, if the content will be really only for adults)
    There is no test version yet, but already a small  very first footage of Bob in underpants.
    This is a little roadmap for a first testversion, for testing the menu, items and the enviroment.
    - Functional menu + inventory (finished)
    - Motion animations for Bob (finished)
    - Scenery 1 (Bob's Room) (in progress)
    - First inventory items (almost finished)
    - Interaction with the environment (in progress)
    - Dialogues / Monologues (in progress)
    - complete english translation (in progress)
    - Clothes for Bob (finished)
    I hope, you like what you see so far.
    For some more informations check my patreon page.
    This will be the page with the most information about the game.
    See you

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