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    EUDOXIO reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: IWBUMS 32.23   
    A little red notification pops up for a few seconds in the bottom-right corner of the screen after an exception occurs. Currently it simply shows the number of exceptions that have occurred. Added SteamScoreboard=true|false|admin server option to show/hide avatar + profile name in the players list. PublicName and PublicDescription are updated for Steam servers after /reloadoptions. Fixed fast-forward keys working in the menu screen. (Issue #002055) Fixed rapidly pressing 'E' key not smashing a window. (Issue #002051) Added "Mute" button to the player's list.  This stops that player's chat messages appearing. Stopped chat scrolling when new messages appear if the chat isn't scrolled all the way to the bottom already. Fixed Workshop uploads and Steam overlay on Linux (thanks Blindcoder). Fixed Mac Steam-stuff/multiplayer not working (thanks Rathlord and EnigmaGrey). It seems some people are having issues with ProjectZomboid32.exe on 32-bit Windows.  The console says "Could not reserve enough space for object heap".  Let me know if that works or doesn't work for you.  You might try disabling the Steam Overlay and see if that helps.  I noticed that some Steam DLLs want to load themselves in the middle of the application heap, which prevents Java allocating a single large block of memory for it's heap space.
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    EUDOXIO reacted to Thuztor in Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)   
    + new textures (and coconut shells can be used in some new recipes or for making fire)

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    EUDOXIO reacted to ErgoProxy in Death & Decay - DARK TIMES - "Season 4 - 14-03-17" [Public-RP][ENG-ESP][PVP][24/7][Mods][Maps]   
    Oxi, there may be need to update the first post in this topic with my method of starting game and play on the Death and Decay server. I have steam version of game.
    To open game without steam I use this file: ProjectZomboid64.bat (if u use 32 bit OS[windows 7, vista] u need to edit ProjectZomboid32.bat). You can locate it by path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid . You need replace all it content for this:
    ".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -Djava.library.path=./ -cp lwjgl.jar;lwjgl_util.jar;uncommons-maths-1.2.3.jar;./ zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState  -nosteam
    Or you can find this record in ProjectZomboid64.bat/ProjectZomboid32.bat  file: -Dzomboid.steam=1 and replace it -Dzomboid.steam=0
    PS Don`t forget make backup of mentioned files. This kind of files you can edit by simple windows native text editor.
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    EUDOXIO reacted to ShadowJustis in Death & Decay - DARK TIMES - "Season 4 - 14-03-17" [Public-RP][ENG-ESP][PVP][24/7][Mods][Maps]   
    Ok, just going to say this to start. If you ever need help go to the developers. If you are having the same error as me here is the fix http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-2062-forever-contacting-server/
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    EUDOXIO reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: IWBUMS 32.22   
    Fixed (?) Mac OS X build. Fixed not reporting a failure to create a new Workshop item. Fixed button layout in the Mod screen after resizing the game window. Distribute steam_appid.txt so .bat files work. Fixed ProjectZomboid32.bat trying to use 64-bit Java.
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    EUDOXIO reacted to ShadowJustis in Death & Decay - DARK TIMES - "Season 4 - 14-03-17" [Public-RP][ENG-ESP][PVP][24/7][Mods][Maps]   
    Awesome!, It should be out soon. Also I think I found the problem of why I can't join. 
    it says (Early Access v. 32.20) as a glitch. Whats actually there is Early Access v. 32.20 (Steam)
    For some reason (Steam) won't show. How I found this out was I turned my internet off and tried to launch PZ and it said I had to be online to play. Only problem with this is that I am on a Mac and 
    On a Mac the only way to launch PZ is from clicking big button saying Play.
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    EUDOXIO reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: IWBUMS 32.21   
    Fixed the game not running is Steam's "offline" mode. Added -nosteam option to client and server to disable Steam integration.  Set it using "Set Launch Options" in the game's Steam properties window. Added checkbox to public server list to display servers running incompatible versions. Steam servers display "Ping" instead of "Last Update" in the public server list. Stop MersenneTwisterRNG() going to random.org to get a seed. Require longer 'E' press to climb over a fence when there's no floor on the other side. Load mods from Zomboid\Workshop\* folders so modders don't need to copy files. Fixed Mac build not loading networking libraries due to missing libsteam_api.dylib. ModSelector has "BACK" button in same place as others screens. Clicking 'Get Mods here!" button opens Spiffo's Workshop in the Steam overlay or Steam client. Workshop items called "Mod Template" are marked as private. Workshop items containing a mods/ folder are tagged "Mod". Workshop items containing a maps/ folder are tagged "Map". KickFastPlayers=false by default because it doesn't work right for some people.
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    EUDOXIO reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED: IWBUMS 32.20   
    What system are you on? Windows/Mac/Linux?  Steam needs to be running to play using the exe.
    The next release will have a -nosteam command-line option that can be set in the game's Steam launch options.
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    EUDOXIO reacted to ErgoProxy in Death & Decay - DARK TIMES - "Season 4 - 14-03-17" [Public-RP][ENG-ESP][PVP][24/7][Mods][Maps]   
    Guys where are u? Oxy told great recipe (For steam users punch for ProjectZomboid64.bat/ProjectZomboid32.bat in dependence of OS bitrate) to start your clients with Dark Knights spell at name of server. Push the buttons and survive. Do with Zeds as Metallica said "kill them all let God to sort them".
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    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Dudeman325 in A change to foraging   
    Take a look at this post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-1632-foraging-not-working-in-deep-forest-areas-locations-in-post/ , and if your zone is not there, maybe you can add it to the list.
    Also in the last post you can find this image http://i.imgur.com/43fPOX8.png that shows where foraging is already implemented.
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    EUDOXIO got a reaction from OBAYER in Death & Decay - DARK TIMES - "Season 4 - 14-03-17" [Public-RP][ENG-ESP][PVP][24/7][Mods][Maps]   
    New one is here

            Come visit us and say hi
    Death & Decay - DARK TIMES
    Mods & Maps
    IP: deathanddecay.con-ip.com : 11400
    Build: Release 36.4 (Steam)
    Server Auto-Resets everyday at 6:00AM GMT+1
    Server location: UK
    Server language: English/Spanish
    Season 4 Start date: 14/03/17
    Player Slots: 22

    Server Start date: 08/08/15 
    Season 1 End: 20/12/15
    Season 2 Start: 15/01/16 - End: 04/07/16
    Season 3 Start: 05/07/16 - End 14/12/16
    Server in Game Years= 6
    Midseason Start: 15/12/16 - End: 13/03/17
    Server Map:

    New Denver
    Bedford Falls
    South Muldraugh
    Limited Area
    Saint Lamb


    More Build
    Wooden Dowels
    Easy Access
    Pump Power
    Musical Instruments
    The Real Age
    Book Collection
    Cheat Menu(for admins)
    Server time: 1 Game Day = 5h irl
    Server Settings:
    SpawnItems=Frying Pan, Water Bottle Full, Chips (x2), WalkieTalkie



    Zombies: Normal
    Distribution: Uniform
    Water Shutdown: 120 Days
    Power Shutdown: 140 Days
    Alarm: Rare
    Locked Houses: Rare
    Food Rot: Normal
    Fridge Effect: Normal
    Time Since Apocalypse: 0

    Temperature: Normal
    Rain: Low
    Erosion Speed: 500 Days
    Farming Speed: Normal
    Plant Resilience: Normal
    Farming Abundance: Normal
    Nature Abundance: Normal

    Food Loot: Normal
    Weapon Loot:Rare
    Other Loot: Normal

    Xp Multiplier: 1
    Stats Decrease: Low
    Endurance Reg: Normal

    Day Length: 5 Hours real time

    Zed Settings:
    Speed: Shamblers
    Strength: High
    Toughness: Low
    Transmission: Blood + Saliva
    Infection Mortality: 1-2 Weeks
    Reanimate: 0-30 Seconds
    Cognition: Basic Nav.
    Memory: High
    Decomposition: Slows + Weakens
    Sight: Normal
    Hearing: High
    Smell: Normal

    Population Multiplier: 2.0
    Population Start: 0.5
    Population Peak: 3.0 
    Population Peak Day: 260

    Thump No Chasing: false

    Respawn: 336 Hours
    Respawn Unseen: 12 Hours
    Respawn Multiplier: 20%
    Redistribute: 12 Hours
    Follow Sound Distance: 180

    Group Size: 15 "huggy friends"
    Travel Distance: 50
    Group Separation: 20
    Group Radius: 5
    Server Rules: 
    - User Names: Please use short and simple user names, dont go all ascii on it please. (You can name your character [this is not the user name] whatever you want, but try to keep it nice for roleplaying)
    - Dont KOS (Kill On Sight), at least talk to people and have a good excuse if you have the urges to kill someone.
    - Use parentheses "( )" to talk off character.
    - Use *R* for RP Radio over the general chat.
    - Respect
    Play nice and have fun
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    EUDOXIO reacted to Thuztor in Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)   
    A little update of what I'm doing now.
    Next comes the greening.
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    EUDOXIO got a reaction from mads232 in Can't find the required files in TileZed   
    Every cell in WorldEd is 300x300px, so if you want a 3x3 cells map, you need "mapmadebyme.bmp" and "mapmadebyme_veg.bmp" to have 900x900px, and "mapmadebyme_ZombieSpawnMap.jpg" to have 90x90px.
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    EUDOXIO got a reaction from TORTOR in Is it possible to use Paint to make .bmp?   
    Yes, you can use paint to do the map and vegetation bmp's, just use the exact colours. I did part of the forest with paint spray can in the map that i've been working on.
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    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Sergeantbm in How to mod a server?   
    Didn't try it by myself but, in "Username"/Zomboid/Server/servertest.ini (or yourservername.ini) you have to put the mod id's in the "Mods= " line, and i think every player has to have the mods installed too.
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    EUDOXIO got a reaction from YetiOne in Bedford Falls (Test V2)   
    He can play in single player? if he does, open c:/users/"username"/Zomboid/server/servertest.ini and change the "Map=Muldraugh, KY" line to Map=Bedford Falls, KY
    I've tried installing the map as a mod and didn't work well, just replacing the files worked for me. Didn't try the map that i'm working on...
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