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  1. penisham
    EUDOXIO reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.42 RELEASED   
    Our priority right now is getting MP into a workable state. We absolutely need to nail MP this time around. We can't just release something "just working". 
    Right now, there is NOTHING for you to play because it isn't even "just working".
    If you check the video from the blog we've released today, you see that this would be entirely unplayable and pointless for us to release, because we already know it's not playable. It's not in a state where we *need* feedback. 
    Releasing what we have now would anger people needlessly, no matter how annoyed they are about how long it's taking. Instead, a broken release could possibly cause them to write negative reviews and ask "it took you this long to release *this*?".
    You being annoyed as a player checking every single update is understandable, but you're doing this to yourself. Don't check the updates because MP is not coming soon. 
    Check the blogs, that's where you're going to see what state it is in and if a release is near.
  2. penisham
    EUDOXIO reacted to GoodOldLeon in IWBUMS 41.42 RELEASED   
    New patch and penisham is back? what a great day.
  3. penisham
    EUDOXIO reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.42 RELEASED   
    Added emote wheel, you currently press Q to open it.
    - Emotes wheels binded to Q by default.
    - Emotes wheel is now a long press to bring up.
    - Emotes wheel includes different looking emotes if you are in stealth 
    - Pressing Q (shout) while crouched will now have different text and smaller sound radius.
    - Swinging your weapon in the air (not hitting anything) won't attract zombies anymore.
    - Added new sets of anim for fishing with spears.
    - Can now fish with a fishing rod while sitting on ground.
    - Updated the MacOS application icons.
    - Allow medical items to be dragged onto the list of injured body parts in the Health ui. Previously items could only be dragged onto the image of the body.
    - Made right-clicking items on the ground more reliable by checking if the item icon is within a certain distance of the mouse pointer.  Previously, only items on the square that was clicked were detected.  If the item was near the corner of a square, the user had to hunt around to find the right place to click.
    - Updated map to include recent fixes and Ben's Cabin
    - Added a Reload button to the lua debugger file list.  It appears next to the file name of the item the mouse is hovering over.
    - Added an in-game animation-clip viewer accessed by CTRL+F7 in debug mode.
    - Quality of life changes and fixes
    - Updated with new controller icons from Binky
    - Moved the code for clicking on curtains, doors and light switches from Java to ISObjectClickHandler.lua so modders can change this behavior.
    - Added back code to IsoPlayer.removeSaveFile() to delete map_pN.bin savefiles to help Nolan on SuperSurvivors and other minor changes to make his life easier
    - Added a new item property called Tags. Tags is a list of strings that can be used to specify what the item is used for.
     Instead of checking lists of item types such as Hammer/HammerStone or Saw/GardenSaw, the game can check for items
     that have certain tags. These tags are: ChopTree, ClearAshes, CutPlant, DigGrave, DigPlow, Hammer, Saw, TakeDirt. Also, digital watches have the tag Digital which affects how the clock is displayed.
    - Moved recipecode.lua functions into a global table called Recipe.
     The functions are organized into sub-tables Recipe.OnCreate, Recipe.OnGiveXP, and Recipe.OnTest.
     This is similar to how vehicle-script lua functions work.
     For example, CutFish_TestIsValid is now Recipe.OnTest.CutFish.
     The old function names are still available to avoid breaking mods.
    -  Error messages are printed to the console when loading a game if any recipe's OnCreate, OnGiveXP, or OnTest methods are undefined.
    - Reduced crit chance of knives.
    - Ignore the slowdown from injures, negative moodles, etc when closing or opening vehicle doors.
    - Reduced the distance at which light switches can be clicked on.
    - Ball-Peen Hammer can now be used for carpentry etc.
    - Spears used for fishing lose condition when damaged, and don't disappear from the player's inventory.
    - If you were about to do a close knife kill (jaw stab) forbidden when zombies are attacking - but your alternate normal attack will deal more damage. This avoids risk of unwanted jaw stabs when you have high small blade skills.
    - Increased reloading/aiming XP gain when level is under 5.
    - Increased minimum damage of M14 from 1 to 1.2.

    - Hide left-hand items when reloading firearms.
    - Hide any left-hand item when chopping down trees.
    - Tweaked normal glasses UV's so the arms show, male and female versions.
    - Tweaked drinking anims to be a bit more natural.
    - Tweaked gun recoils, loading and racking blends to eliminate some popping.
    - Adjusted recoil of handgun and rifle a bit.
    - Tweaked Trousers.xml, Trousers_Black.xml and Trousers_NavyBlue.xml masking to avoid clipping.
    - Tweaked Shorts_ShortFormal.xml to avoid clipping.
    - Fixed non-empty containers sometimes looking like they had no items in them (in random toilet-paper-filled buildings).
    - Fixed lua error with the "Rest" context-menu option when extremely tired and no bed/chair was clicked.
    - Fixed being able to fish from infinite distance, you'll now need to be at max 6 tiles from body of water with a rod and 2 tiles with spears.
    - Fixed various issues with moveables - primarily metal ones.
    - Fixed vehicles not colliding with zombies after the engine shuts off while the vehicle is still moving.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes attacking instead of playing their hit-reaction animation. (Difficult to reproduce, somehow this person had it happen twice in a row!
    - Fixed animation event garbage collection.
    - Fixed ActiveAnimXXX events occurring every frame after a new node is started in the same AnimSet.
    - Fixed two DebugLog.txt files being created during startup. One of these files was being closed via garbage collection, which has caused problems on Linux in the past.
    - Fixed not being able to jaw-stab a zombie from behind when the zombie was playing the Zombie_DoorClaw animation.
    - Fixed action animations (like reading) not playing when sitting on the ground after trying to attack while sitting.
    - Fixed timed actions continuing while getting up from sitting after pressing a movement key.
    - Fixed parts of clothing not being visible through a hole in a layer above sometimes.
    - Fixed zombies playing their aggression sound after killing the player. It kept playing during the eating-body sound.
    - Fixed multiple death screams playing sometimes when the player is killed by zombies.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes playing their bite animation again after dragging the player to the ground.
    - Fixed the player-info avatar animating more slowly at higher framerates.
    - Fixed the animation-clip viewer animation running more slowly at higher framerates.
    - Fixed not being able to interact with tents placed by the map-maker.
    - Fixed rooms sometimes appearing unlit when the light switch was on. This happened when loading a part of the map with room light switches but no lamps or porch lights.
    - Fixed wearing each item of clothing in a stack, when those items have the same name but different underlying types (like Jacket).
    - Fixed favorited items being used for campfire fuel.
    - Fixed a bug with reusing zombies which could result in a zombie trying to walk toward a sound it heard before it was removed
     from the world.
    - Fixed the player info avatar not updating when hats and glasses are knocked off the player.
    - Fixed the loot window not updating to show hats and glasses knocked off the player.
    - Fixed the player-info avatar animating while the game is paused..
    - Fixed the carpentry menu Door submenu appearing disabled when a doorframe can be built..
    - Fixed food in a bag in a Fridge/Freezer not cooling or freezing.
    - Fixed Big Garage Doors / Windows showing as doubled normal sized doors / windows in cutaways.
    - Fixed logging out and back in with the "Winter is coming" challenge (and others) resetting the timer.
    - Fixed some item weight discrepancies.
    - Fixed not being able to start a BBQ with any other materials apart from paper.
    - Fixed unlimited sugar being allowed to be added to a beverage.
    - Fixed lockers not cutting away correctly.
    - Fixed lunch box always spawning with fresh food even a long time into the apocalypse.
    - Fixed pouring water from bottle to bottle not reserving empty bottle's favourite status.
    - Fixed Filling up broken Saucepan repairs it.
    - Fixed sandbox option "Infection Mortality" set to "Never" not working.
    - Fixed placing and removing bait from a trap duplicating it.
    - Fixed the crafting ui "Name Filter" entry and "Filter All" checkbox displaying different values in each tab.
    - Fixed the fishing ui not being tall enough to display the caught items sometimes.
  4. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Faalagorn in Mall bathrooms bugs, need a plumber here :P   
    So here we have 4 little things on the mall's bathrooms. (see picture for references). Build 40.43 MP
    A: bottom floor, southwest bathrooms, female room, duplicated sink. Theres 2 sinks one over the other, and you can also dismantle both, one of them needs to go
    B: bottom floor, northwest bathrooms, male room, doors and toilets missing. Theres no doors or toilets on this room, and its a bit odd, not sure if intended.
    C : upper floor, southwest restaurant bathrooms, male room, two sinks  far from the wall. Those two sneaky sinks are in the middle of the room.
    D : upper floor, northwest bathrooms, male room, bin over the urinary. Its hard to aim here with two targets

  5. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Vortecus in Mall bathrooms bugs, need a plumber here :P   
    So here we have 4 little things on the mall's bathrooms. (see picture for references). Build 40.43 MP
    A: bottom floor, southwest bathrooms, female room, duplicated sink. Theres 2 sinks one over the other, and you can also dismantle both, one of them needs to go
    B: bottom floor, northwest bathrooms, male room, doors and toilets missing. Theres no doors or toilets on this room, and its a bit odd, not sure if intended.
    C : upper floor, southwest restaurant bathrooms, male room, two sinks  far from the wall. Those two sneaky sinks are in the middle of the room.
    D : upper floor, northwest bathrooms, male room, bin over the urinary. Its hard to aim here with two targets

  6. Pie
    EUDOXIO reacted to Kappatao in Certain Improvements to the new menus.   
    To save having to make multiple topics, I'm just gonna bundle a few suggestions in this one thread.
    My first suggestion is to bring the some of the design decisions from the temperature menu, to the protection menu. I think the "hover over a body part for more info" system works really well for the temperature, and would clean up the protection menu a lot, so it's not just a long list of ugly looking stats.

    My 2nd suggestion revolves around the inspect menu for clothing. I think it would be neat if instead of the white silhouette you get when you inspect some clothing, it would be nice to have a 3D representation of what the piece of clothing looks like on your character. Something like the character info screen, where you can rotate the character model, except maybe zooming in on the piece of clothing that is being inspected.

    Personally, I also feel that the inspect menu could be usefull, if expanded to all items. It would give a nice place to display more advanced stats, in a larger window than the hover text. It would also give be nice to view weapons (and eventually every item) in 3D, even if it's just for looks.
    I also feel it could benifit controllers a little, by having some of the options that we have from right clicking an item, in a menu where these actions could have hotkeys etc, kind of like how the crafting menu collects a lot of actions that are spread over several menus into one.
    Let me know what you think.
  7. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to OffitMan in Please come back to this idea   
    I know this isn't the topic being discussed but it felt better writing here than starting a new thread; is Creative mode a feature you guys still intend to look at? Don't need a definitive answer or a timescale. Just a yes or no will suffice.
    If so, obviously it'll be way down the line once more pressing matters have been attended to. Not gonna lie, it looked dope at the time though. Being able to work on a map whilst in the game would help so much with scale and distance between areas, something I've struggled with when making my own map. That and if you were able to work together and build in multiplayer (I'm pretty sure that was mentioned at the time, might have pulled that out of thin air) was something I was also buzzing over. However, I fully appriciate its been a long time since Creative mode was on the table.
  8. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Geras in [IWBUMS] The new 3x3 tile looting zone nerfed ground capacity a lot   
    I've posted this on reddit, but posting here as well, so it doesn't go unnoticed.
    Before 3x3 tile looting zone, every tile of ground had 50 capacity.
    Now every 3x3 tiles around player has 50 capacity.
    Because of this, ground capacity is 9x lower than before.
    Please increase ground capacity.
  9. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Ace Knight in Death & Decay: Sunrise. [RP Server from the makers of Death & Decay]   
    Years ago Eudoxio created the server Death & Decay for Project Zomboid. It was a heavy role playing server that managed to bring together an amazing community of players, stories, and memories. Sadly due to financial instability, Eudoxio had to close the server back in 2017 after 2 years of running. Since then I've decided to get back touch with him. especially with animations being right around the corner: and asked if I could personally take over the server and reopen it with a new host and he was happy to contribute and bring this wonderful server back to life. 
    So without further ado! 

    Death & Decay: Sunrise

    Hello everyone and welcome back to the 5th season of Death & Decay! I know what you're thinking and yes it has been a while.. No we're not dead, In fact we're alive and better than ever!

    So we hope to see you soon, Survivors! 

    Server Information

    IP: | 17300 
    Build: 40.43
    Server restart times: 12:00AM - 6:00AM - 12:00PM - 6:00PM

    Server Location: Dallas, US
    Server Language: English/Spanish
    Season 5 start date: 12/14/2019
    Player slots: 20

    If you'd like to stop by and say hello, the forums and Discord are always open! 
    Along with that, we've linked our Patreon below if you'd like to help support the server! 

    Discord: https://discord.gg/R8XHESC
    Forums: http://deathanddecay.boards.net/
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Deathanddecaysunrise

    Server Rules: (OOC)
    Usernames: Please refrain from using usernames that are too complicated or use symbols. Keep it simple! Use a name suited for Roleplaying.  
    No Metagaming: If you get some information from the forum or the discord, your character doesn't know what you know! Please play it as such. If you die and change your character, find a story on how you "found" your current living location as is.  
    Dont "Kill On Sight" (KOS): Don't just kill someone after running up to them - if you get the itch for murder, you can find plenty of legitimate reasons to shoot at people. If you have a problem with someone, signal the staff and we'll resolve the problem.  
    Griefing is Not Allowed: Don't break other people's stuff for no reason! Have a heart.  
    Stealing: Stealing is allowed but only in character, so leave a note hinting you did it. That way people could play as detectives if they wanted!   
    Be Respectful of Others: Use your judgment when playing your character. Don't go over the line. We're all here to have fun after all!
    Role Playing Rules: (IC)
    Use *R* when speaking in global chat: Putting *R* before what you type indicated to other people that you're speaking on the global radio.
    Use (parentheses) when speaking OOC: Try to keep the OOC (Out Of Character) chat to a minimum in game, but it's completely normal to have to say something 'Out Of Character' at some point. Use parentheses when you do so.  
    Try to stay in character: We're not always asking for extremely deep storylines, but try to have at least SOME idea of who your character is, what they were before the apocalypse, how they survived up to where they are now.

    We've come to the decision after a lot of thought that the sever should have brand new lore, and a new world. 
    Seasons 1-4 were amazing and refreshing but Eudoxio and I thought it'd be nice for a new approach..

    New Server Lore

    6 months ago there was a mass epidemic, it spread through the world without notice for weeks and when top scientists realized what was happening it was already far to late. Originating from Japan, the virus quickly became airborne and spread globally.. Before long the Military had lost most of it's force, and major towns and cities were soon overrun and quarantined by what little troops remained. What was left afterwards was global destruction, cars piled on streets, bodies filling lakes and rivers, and entire city population decimated in days.. 

    However before the collapse of civilization a cure was produced and released but only made it to a few city's military, never fully released to the public. 


    I also wanted to add as a side note that we are in fact planning on updating to the latest release (Animations), whenever that release may happen. We will be wiping the map, and removing all mods/maps due to potential issues regarding stability and performance. (We will be keeping the lore/character names if you'd like to continue your stories!)

    Once mods/maps are updated, and if they all work together well. We will be adding them back into the server.

    New Server Mods & Maps (Necroforge & Cheatmenu are for staff)

    Improved Build Menu
    Simple Food Spawn
    Organized Storage 
    Hair Styles
    Global Radios
    Rename Weapons
    Zombie Cure Medical Cocktail
    ORGM Suppressor
    Blind Trait
    Wedge's Item Name Fixes

    Bedford Falls, Drayton Rebuild, Phoenix, South Muldraugh, Eerie Country, Lake Ivy, Over The River, 
    Fetzen's East Muldraugh Nature Reserve. 


    Server Settings 
    (Yeah there's a lot..) 

    nightlengthmodifier=1.0 | PauseEmpty=true
    SafetySystem=true | ShowSafety=true
    SpawnItems=Nothing | HoursForLootRespawn=150
    MaxItemsForLootRespawn=8 | ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=true
    NoFireSpread=true | NoFire=false
    MinutesPerPage=0.2 | HoursForCorpseRemoval=240
    PlayerSafehouse=true | SafehouseAllowTrepass=true
    SafehouseAllowFire=false | SafehouseAllowLoot=false
    SafehouseAllowRespawn=true | SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=12
    SafeHouseRemovalTime=500 | AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true
    SleepAllowed=true | sleepNeeded=false

    Day Length: 4 Hours | Start Month: June
    Start Day: 5 | Start Time: 5AM
    Water Shutoff: 2-6 Months | Electricity Shutoff: 2-6 Months
    House Alarm Frequency: Sometimes | Locked Houses Frequency: Rare
    Food Spoilage: Normal | Refrigerator Effectiveness: Normal
    Rotten Food Removal: -1 | Loot Respawn: Every 2 months
    Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 720 | Months Since Apocalypse: 0
    Darkness During Night: Dark | Fire Spread: Off
    Generator Working In Exterior: On | Temperature: Normal
    Rain: Normal | Erosion Speed: (100 days)
    Erosion Days: 0 | Farming Speed: Normal
    Plant Resilience: Normal | Farming's Abundance: Normal
    Nature's Abundance: Normal | Compost Time: 2 Weeks
    Maximum Fog Intensity: Normal | Maximum Rain FX Intensity: Normal
    Enable Snow On Ground: Yes | Helicopter: Once
    Meta Event: Sometimes |Sleeping Event: Sometimes
    Generator Spawn: Rare | Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5
    Randomized House Chance: Rare | Annotated Map Chance: Sometimes
    Time Before Corpse Removal: -1 | Decaying Corpse Health Impact: Normal
    Blood Level: Normal | Food: Rare
    Weapon: Rare | Other: Rare
    XP Multiplier: 1.0 | Stats Decrease: Normal
    Endurance Regeneration: Normal | Nutrition: Yes
    Starter Kit: Nothing | Free Trait Points: 0
    Player Built Construction Strength: Normal | Injury Severity: Normal
    Bone Fracture: Yes | Enable Vehicle: Yes
    Easy Use: No | Recent Survivor Vehicles: Low
    Zombie Attraction Multiplier: 1.0 | Car Spawn Rate: Low
    Chance Has Gas: Low | Initial Gas: Low
    Gas Consumption: 1.0 | Locked Frequency: Rare
    General Condition: Very Low | Car Wreck Congestion: Yes
    Car Alarms Frequency: Extremely Rare | Player Damaged From Crash: Yes
    Car Damage On Impact: Low | Siren Shutoff Hours: 0.0
    Damage To Player Hit By Car: None | Clothing Degradation: Normal
    Speed: Fast shamblers | Strength: Normal
    Toughness: Normal | Transmission: Blood + Saliva 
    Infection Mortality: 2-3 days | Reanimate Time: 0-12 hours
    Cognitive: Basic Navigation | Memory: Normal
    Decomposition: Slows + Weakens | Sight: Normal
    Hearing: Normal | Smell: Normal
    Environmental attacks: Yes | Damage construction: Yes
    Day/Night active: Both | Zombie triggering house alarms: Yes
    Speed: Fast Shamblers | Strength: Normal
    Toughness: Normal | Transmission: Blood + Saliva
    Infection Mortality: 2-3 Days | Reanimate Time: 0-12 Hours
    Cognitive: Basic Navigation | Memory: Normal
    Decomposition:  Slows + Weakens | Sight: Normal
    Hearing: Normal | Smell: Normal 
    Environmental Attacks: Yes | Damage Constructs: Yes
    Day/Night Active: Both | Zombie House Alarm Triggering: Yes
    Population Multiplier: 2.0 | Population Start Multiplier: 0.5
    Population Peak Multiplier: 3.0 | Population Peak Day: 260
    Respawn Hours: 72.0 | Respawn Unseen Hours: 16.0
    Respawn Multiplier: 0.1 | Redistribute Hours: 12.0
    Follow Sound Distance: 100 | Rally Group Size: 20
    Rally Travel Distance: 20| Rally Group Separation: 15
    Rally Group Radius: 3
  10. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Okamikurainya in IsoZoid Tool   


    I struggled immensely with trying to make floor tiles for Project Zomboid, no image editor seemed capable of doing what I needed without warping the texture and breaking the seamlessness of the tile... So I made a tool to cleanly map a 64x64 flat texture to an isometric Zomboid tile (2x variation).
    I'm not a great programmer and there isn't really much in the way of a GUI, so you'll have to forgive me in that regard.
    Instructions for use:
    Replace the respective input.png of floor, wall or reverse with the texture of your choice and run IsoZoid. IsoZoid will then show you how the conversion turned out. Hit Enter to export the tile to the Output folder, hit Escape to quit. Clicking "Refresh" will reload the texture file.
    Floor textures work best at 64x64.
    Wall textures work best at 64x193
    Added "input_floor.png", "input_wall.png" and "input_reverse.png" for each respective type to use. 0.5
    Fixed a minor export bug with exporting flat textures. 0.4
    Fixed minor GUI issues Added a reverse mode for getting flat textures from floor tiles 0.3
    Expanded GUI Added blends for floor tiles Added ability to make wall tiles IsoZoid no longer closes after export. IsoZoid will adapt the texture if the dimensions are incorrect rather than giving you a prompt 0.2
    Spiffed up the GUI Tiles are now exported as transparent PNGs The tool recognizes invalid input tile measurements and will give you a prompt  
    IsoZoid 0.6.rar
  11. Like
    EUDOXIO reacted to ProjectSky in Clipdoid   
    OMG!! This is good news for server admin.
  12. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Jason132 in Reloaded   
    So the inventory will be a "big one" that you can increase or decrease with bags, jackets, pockets and so one, and it will work as a whole, i love it
    On the hand bag thing, i think will be good that if you equip a container on a hand, the hand icon will stay active and the container will be below the hand, so you have quick access to the container to put the bat in the bag, and also the hand, to equip the bat, and put the container where the bat came from, if the container cant fit anywhere, having a container and a weapon on the same hand will diminish your combat skills until you do something or drop it on the ground.
    This is my idea showing one hand with the bag, and the other hand with a hammer.
    Thanks for the work and love you guys put in the game
  13. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to lemmy101 in Reloaded   
    The game would be rebalanced accordingly to counter the issues you describe. If anything we'd make log/plank transporting easier by allowing more weight reduction if stuff is in hands, without having to make the 'top level inventory' some kind of catch all big inventory space that meant we had to limit the log count to balance it. The goal of this system is to make things easier and more logical for people. My guess is you'll probably be able to carry 2-3-4x as many planks, just you'll have to use your arms to do it
    Also, the anims made the game much easier, not harder, we had to balance to make things more difficult because the smooth fluid animations and controls made combat a million times more responsive and intuitive.
  14. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Nisora in Reloaded   
    The vast majority of people, from what I'm aware, will drop the planks given it slows you down and tacks up damage the longer you're holding that load of planks. There are some instances where I approve of realism, but removing top slot is not one of them, as it simply saves time while trying to build. Pockets would honestly probably only have a carry weight of mmmm... what, 6 at best? 3 for each pocket? If they lower the main inventory weight and the weight of planks/logs then maybe it would balance.
  15. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to romijade in Dead Zone RP   
    Dead Zone RP 
    Server Address:
    Port:  16261
    An immersive apocalyptic role-playing experience.
    New players welcome Friendly staff and great community RP mandatory PvP allowed (see our Discord for rules) Safe PvE areas for non-PVP players  
    Join our Discord for whitelisting: https://discord.gg/jmjkbph
    Hosted on powerful servers sponsored by Vanaheim Studios.
  16. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] in Templates for retexture | Шаблоны для Ретекстур   
    Ladies and Gentlemen.
    If you want to make your own retextures, here are the templates that remained after my work.
    Other patterns you gather yourself (graffiti, posters)
    Also feel free to make textures narrower if the text in your language is not long (or expand the text). BUT! Do not go beyond)
    Who knows. Maybe the developers will add an option to the game, with which we can choose the language of textures)
    Скачать | Download
    Дамы и Господа.
    Если вы хотите сделать свои собственные ретекстуры, вот шаблоны, которые остались после моей работы.
    Другие шаблоны,  вы собирёте сами (граффити, плакаты)
    Также не стесняйтесь делать текстуры более узкими, если текст на вашем языке не длинный (или расширяйте текст). НО! Не выходи за рамки)
    Кто знает. Может быть, разработчики добавят опцию в игру, с помощью которой мы сможем выбирать язык текстур)

  17. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Ayrton Orio in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    the data map shows every different crops field, so for instance, yellow is wheat, red is cabbage, orange is for cattle, salmon is vineyards, etc.
    Also some of the colors show specific areas like: cemeteries, agricultural industry, social housing, harbour, parks, etc.
    I will have to map about 50% of crop field to really give a sense to the landscape, so far I think I'm at 25-30%.
  18. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] in Is there any way to replace vanilla textures?    
    Thanks, EnigmaGrey
    I just have a damn modding tool apparently) VikiDikiRUS will pack.
  19. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to VikiDikiRUS in Is there any way to replace vanilla textures?    
    Thanks, Enigma! Now we know how to make texturepacks!
    Love ya :>
  20. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to EnigmaGrey in Is there any way to replace vanilla textures?    
    Hm, I think the problem might be  not having them packed into the same texturesheets. Unsure of how to accomplish that in the newer tool.

    Here, I just unpacked the Tiles2x.pak file then inverted it. I then repacked it.  I placed it in my workshop mod, in the directory /texturepacks/  and started the game. In Mods, I enabled the mod then shut the game down. Next time I launched it, it properly overwrote the original texture pack's data:

  21. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Keshash in Combat Renovations   
    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
  22. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Blackbeard06 in All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/1/2020   
    Everything should be back in working order! I has in the process of redesigning and migrating all of my websites so naturally the Building Pool needed some love. I hope you guys like the new design. If you have any issues / comments / suggestions let me know and I'll be happy to fix what I can.
    I have also updated the Pool with the latest buildings. To my surprise some links are dead, even after a year. So if you are uploading mods to the forum please try to find a reliable host.
  23. Like
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from Magic Mark in Thunder can start fires and electrocute you   
    Directly on you is a bad gameplay idea, but a lightning strike near you on a 1/1000 chance, that can cause a fire and if the tiles where the strike goes are flammable it can spread, can be the cherry on the top for our lovely storms
  24. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO reacted to Blackbeard06 in All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/1/2020   
    I am working on revising my servers and websites. I will also be updating the Building Pool to Version 2 containing all new buildings made from 2017 - 2019. My goal is to maintain an active updating schedule to keep the pool up to date and will be working towards that in the next week. Lots of awesome new content from the community!
    Sorry guys, this is an active project for me so i'm only working on this and will not do anything else until it's done (working around my work schedule & other IRL to-do's). Got sick and had a fever for a few days, but now I'm back at it. I am not only adding the new buildings, but expanding this entirely. I am redesigning the website and adding more categories to increase productivity for new mappers and experienced builders.
  25. Spiffo
    EUDOXIO got a reaction from grammarsalad in Thunder can start fires and electrocute you   
    Directly on you is a bad gameplay idea, but a lightning strike near you on a 1/1000 chance, that can cause a fire and if the tiles where the strike goes are flammable it can spread, can be the cherry on the top for our lovely storms
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