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  1. Map Reset and Mods added: Hydrocraft Svarog's Hair Color Svarog's More EdiblesScyoni's Nerd CultureWriting Export ModThe Real AgeTrait Training BooksEasy AccessDo i have a key for thisImmersive Overlays Enjoy
  2. Hey EP, can you try to connect by using the IP deathanddecay.con-ip.com, Port 16311? (Also change the name of your character folder )
  3. I have a plan to invite all the map makers into a creative server, when it launches, to make a big map between all the ones that want to colab
  4. It has the 32 and 64, and yes it does have the settings.bat, the server settings folder is the same if you launch it from steam. Also if you downloaded through steamcmd, it will be the same aplication, but you can have it on steam, and also use the IWBUMS version if you want to.
  5. Yes, you should save your settings as servertest.ini, also there are some options that you can change at servertest_SandboxVars.lua and the other 3 files next to those two. You dont need to use steamcmd no more, there is a Project Zomboid Dedicated Server, as a tool on steam.


    Most of the modded maps in the store are connected to the main map, check the Overlays on the map to see some of them. pzmap.crash-override.net
  7. RJ you released it on the IWBUMS, but not on the Public Server too
  8. Ive sended them the error that i post on the forum. To see if they can work on it. Im seeing you trying to connect but failing. Ive also seen some other players that after a few trys can connect.
  9. Yeah, I want to have the server on iwumbs, im talking to the service provider so they can add the iwbums branch of the servers. So i cant give an ETA :/
  10. Hey EP, well kinda yeah, when the updates force me to reset the server to implement new game features, all the changes are deleted, but for players that have builded bases, i can restore them on the server, i do server backups from time to time, so if you had a place before, contact me in private to tell me where it is, and i will put it back on the Season 2. As for the connection issue im trying to fix it, check here http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/17642-help-error-failed-connection-to-tcp-dowload-port-16262/ Some players can finally log in after trying to connect and having the error several times.
  11. Hey EP!!, thats because your are on the IWBUMS branch, ad actually the server is on release, just right click the game on steam, go to the betas tab, and select None As for the Seasons, its a way to give some meaning to the full restarts of the map, and the implementation of new things to the server. Season 3 will come next time i have to forcefully restart the server, and i will add more maps, and possibly playable addons like Hydrocraft and others.
  12. You have to add the mod id on Mod= , the map folder name on Map=, and the numer of the workshop on Workshopitems=. Not sure if it helps but i also have copied the map folders inside every mod on servers "media/maps/" And the mod folders on servers "Steamapps/workshop/content" copied to a folder next to the saves folder "Workshop/content/" Ive managed to run the maps with that

    Server maps issues

    Ok, now i have the mod id's right, all the maps are loaded right in the Server console. And except for the one that has no id in the info, i removed it for now. Now seems to be working fine, Nothing to see here EasyPickins Thanks Enigma

    Server maps issues

    Ok im seeing that 4 of the 6 maps doesnt load correctly too. Ive copied just the map folders in the server media/maps dir Also i have the full mod folders in server steamapps/workshop... and in the config folder/Workshop I have this options active, and the server downloads the mods the first time i run it. And heres a log of the server console not loading the maps.

    Server maps issues

    Hi so ive managed to put 6 maps and run the server, but when i try to enter or make a new char i have this error on the game console. Please help
  16. Server went down for technical reasons, im working on get it up asap, in the meantime with the update to 33 and all that, im working on having the New Season of Death and Decay, with new cities over the map. *R* Stay Tuned and Survive out there!
  17. Yep, sorry was down for a time, i have not been at home yesterday. Its up now, also along the next couple of days its gonna be upgraded to the IWBUMS branch
  18. Haven't tried yet through the workshop, but ill take a look onto it
  19. Thanks man, i have a map base holding for a year and a half, im waiting to creative mode to make the buildings because the system i dont like it to build a full map cause it takes so much time, so in the waiting ive learned a few things on maps. Glad i can be helping projects like Louisiana
  20. Ive tested the map on 32.30 and IWBUMS 33.7 and it works fine in both versions. Also ive left you the txt files empty and population 600, if you want to put a map description or change the population and the info the map shows next to the thumbnail, check the west point folder files to see the files filled and write what you want on yours
  21. You have to update the server with the IWBUMS version, using steam is right click, properties, betas, you add the password and select the IWBUMS version. If you are updating it with steamcmd you need to use this commands: login anonymous app_update 380870 -beta iwillbackupmysave -betapassword iaccepttheconsequences -validate
  22. Few things missing yet. When you are in WorldEd, next to the generate lots option, there are two more: 1.- Write Objects to Lua, that makes a objects.lua file with all the foraging and that. 2.- Write Spawn Points, check the grey diamond button on the top bar, place a few spawn points over the cells of the map, then you export the spawnpoints.lua file.
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