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  1. Hi there survivors! Season 4 is now ready for you to enjoy the Dark Times. Server reset 14/03/16 New settings! With the Maps: New Denver, Bedford Falls, Phoenix, Drayton, South Muldraugh, Louisiana, Kaputt, TWDPrison, Downtown, California, Ballincoolin, Limited Area and Saint Lamb And the Mods: Hydrocraft, More Build, Wooden Dowels Easy Access, Pump Power, Musical Instruments The Real Age and Book Collection *R* Have fun and hope to see you in this Dark Times!
  2. Hi, trying to host the mod on my server, it crashes all and no one can log into it with the mod active. Its giving some heap memory issues, even when i have up to 50GB, works fine if i turn the mod off. Any hints on this?
  3. If you have all your old server files, you can use them, the world is to drop all the files in their path, and for the characters, if you have enabled the server id, you need the same servertest.ini file to match that, or you can remove it and log in with them And yeah, best way is to have all the config files ready and upload them, since the web manager sometimes does strange things like that.
  4. Hi there! I have a nitrado server too, best way to manage it is via ftp, make a new default server on your computer, set the admin password, then move the files to its place on the server ftp files. For the privacy options there are on the servertest.ini file that you set up the mods too, server will download them after a restart, also works for the mod updates.
  5. best way to do it is download the server files, and do the backups, then when you start a new server just drop those backup files on the server and should be good to go
  6. This should be Pinned and shared with all the community map makers
  7. Yeah is a little version, for a flight game, from an old system, but if you are able to test it in game, is really prettier and with many details and not really that small using the jetpack
  8. Marking the distances, but this project kinda reminds me to the Little States map from Pilotwings 64, maybe you can find some more inspiration with that clue

    Admin help

    Just unadmin the character, admins are there to admin, they shouldnt play as regular players "with powers".

    Sandbox Settings

    Nitrado works with FTP, also have some web based options, but they dont cover all, just the serveroptions.ini but not the SandboxVars, so best choice is ftp for it. They have a ftp file browser on the web too, but a ftp manager is more comfy Nitrado has the ftp folder server options like this: /zomboid/profile/Zomboid/Server/
  11. WOW, how many tiles is going to use this lovely awesome map?
  12. 4.- Safehouse server options. Right now you can only claim buildings with a bedroom, but that excludes so many buildings, a server option for that will be good, have a couple of ideas for it Safehousebuildings=All (Bedroom, Bathroom and more room definitions) Safehousebuildings=10 (this should make all buildings with a 10x10 area claimable) 5.- Safehouse Areas. This is like the nopvp zone, but with the safehouse settings, so an admin can do safehouses on players handbuilded bases. 6.- Admin items menu. Like the health menu, that you can spawn all the medic items, but for other item categories to spawn through a menu instead of line commands.
  13. People play at different times, steam was offline for a couple of hours, but most of the players are around night (in europe).
  14. Try to do it first on a private server/coop mode from scratch, i had those settings on the last build, but i dont have any mods active right now.
  15. Mods=NewDenver;BedfordFalls;Mod_Phoenix;Rebuild;South Muldraugh;Louisiana;Kaputt, PA;The Walking Dead Prison V1.3;Z3759xy Map=NewDenver;BedfordFalls;Phoenix;Rebuild;South Muldraugh;Louisiana;Kaputt;TheWalkingDeadPrison;Downtown (connected);Muldraugh, KY WorkshopItems=532252577;522891356;514427485;500222958;524301139;578141888;678778880;524066677;498603720 I had maps running on my server with this lines
  16. Server is back up and running after the little hiccups linux has, sorry for the inconveniences and we are back!!
  17. Hi there survivors! Zomboid update 35 is finally here. And as promised, server is restarted and we are going back to basics. Vanilla Mode, No mods, No maps. Server started 15/12/16 *R* Have fun and stay alive out there! Old characters will have to be deleted, just delete the"CharName" Folder, that you can find usually at c:/users/(Yourusername)/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer.
  18. God Praise RJ!! By giving us those AWESOME!!! admin panels
  19. Trees can be a good addition for the long term game, but it should be well balanced with the food they can provide, so +1 to this too
  20. Well i dont really know lua or java, and so many year now since i did some programming, but the bases are kinda the same, so thanks Bot, for naming what i was pointing out
  21. There should be something, since you can see other players health menu's and heal them if you are not hemophobic.

    Don't Stop Me Now

    Go Turbo, go Turbo, go!! It's crime fighting time!!
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