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  1. Server is down at the moment, we are working on getting fixed asap, Sorry for the inconveniences.
  2. Not yet, we have recently open the server, and still working some things around, for now and until new advice this thread is the best way to stay tuned.
  3. pope theres some things thats better not to tell... haha jpb84 check this post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/ we are currently at 32.19 IWBUMS version
  4. I just rebooted the server, (was sleeping), sorry for the inconveniences.
  5. We are having some issues, sometimes an error appears at the server console and freezes the server, i just make contact with the service provider to take a look on it, when it happens i just reboot the server as fast as i can until its fixed. Sorry for the inconveniences.
  6. Usually there are few medics around, but yo can do your character as you wish
  7. Take a look at this post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/tracker/issue-1632-foraging-not-working-in-deep-forest-areas-locations-in-post/ , and if your zone is not there, maybe you can add it to the list. Also in the last post you can find this image http://i.imgur.com/43fPOX8.png that shows where foraging is already implemented.
  8. OLD POST New one is here Come visit us and say hi SERVER ONLINE Death & Decay - DARK TIMES Mods & Maps IP: deathanddecay.con-ip.com : 11400 Build: Release 36.4 (Steam) Server Auto-Resets everyday at 6:00AM GMT+1 Info: Server location: UK Server language: English/Spanish Season 4 Start date: 14/03/17 Player Slots: 22 Server Start date: 08/08/15 Season 1 End: 20/12/15 Season 2 Start: 15/01/16 - End: 04/07/16 Season 3 Start: 05/07/16 - End 14/12/16 Server in Game Years= 6 Midseason Start: 15/12/16 - End: 13/03/17 Server Map: Maps: New Denver Bedford Falls Phoenix Drayton South Muldraugh Louisiana Kaputt TWDPrison Downtown California Ballincoolin Limited Area Saint Lamb Mods: Hydrocraft More Build Wooden Dowels Easy Access Pump Power Musical Instruments The Real Age Book Collection Cheat Menu(for admins) Server time: 1 Game Day = 5h irl Server Settings: nightlengthmodifier=1.0 PauseEmpty=true SafetySystem=true ShowSafety=true SpawnItems=Frying Pan, Water Bottle Full, Chips (x2), WalkieTalkie HoursForLootRespawn=150 MaxItemsForLootRespawn=8 ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=false NoFireSpread=true NoFire=false MinutesPerPage=0.2 HoursForCorpseRemoval=48 PlayerSafehouse=true SafehouseAllowTrepass=true SafehouseAllowFire=false SafehouseAllowLoot=false SafehouseAllowRespawn=true SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=5 SafeHouseRemovalTime=500 AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true SleepAllowed=false SleepNeeded=false MaxAccountsPerUser=false Zombies: Normal Distribution: Uniform Water Shutdown: 120 Days Power Shutdown: 140 Days Alarm: Rare Locked Houses: Rare Food Rot: Normal Fridge Effect: Normal Time Since Apocalypse: 0 Temperature: Normal Rain: Low Erosion Speed: 500 Days Farming Speed: Normal Plant Resilience: Normal Farming Abundance: Normal Nature Abundance: Normal Food Loot: Normal Weapon Loot:Rare Other Loot: Normal Xp Multiplier: 1 Stats Decrease: Low Endurance Reg: Normal Day Length: 5 Hours real time Zed Settings: Speed: Shamblers Strength: High Toughness: Low Transmission: Blood + Saliva Infection Mortality: 1-2 Weeks Reanimate: 0-30 Seconds Cognition: Basic Nav. Memory: High Decomposition: Slows + Weakens Sight: Normal Hearing: High Smell: Normal Population Multiplier: 2.0 Population Start: 0.5 Population Peak: 3.0 Population Peak Day: 260 Thump No Chasing: false Respawn: 336 Hours Respawn Unseen: 12 Hours Respawn Multiplier: 20% Redistribute: 12 Hours Follow Sound Distance: 180 Group Size: 15 "huggy friends" Travel Distance: 50 Group Separation: 20 Group Radius: 5 Server Rules: - User Names: Please use short and simple user names, dont go all ascii on it please. (You can name your character [this is not the user name] whatever you want, but try to keep it nice for roleplaying) - Dont KOS (Kill On Sight), at least talk to people and have a good excuse if you have the urges to kill someone. - Use parentheses "( )" to talk off character. - Use *R* for RP Radio over the general chat. - Respect Play nice and have fun
  9. Server has been closed for a couple of days now. Darkness told me that he is busy moving and without internet access, and when he can the server will return at its full potential. Meanwhile i think we can only just wait.
  10. Wel thing is, windows 10 autoupdates the drivers of the Nvidia graphics cards, so i just blocked the autoupdates for the device, and reinstalled the nvidia drivers manually. Dont know much about those java libraries and openGL, but that was not the problem. With the drivers correclty updated games works fine on windows 10. Thanks for all the answers.
  11. Server went down like an hour and half ago, it's still down, and it has no ping response. Dont try to pressure or anything, just an status update. Thanks mr. the Darkness for hosting this server EDIT: And we're back up now
  12. Same here, stays at "connecting", and when you try again, it says "conection failed", and again at "connecting".
  13. Hi, i just installed windows 10, and when i open Zomboid, the game "prompt" window closes right here http://i.imgur.com/gGInfFr.png and nothing happens after, i've tried running as admin and all the compatibility modes, both with Release and IWBUMS and its allways the same. Also tried to delete the Options.ini in the User/zomboid folder. And, i just reinstalled the Video drivers and it Works fine again. Sorry for the post, and thanks for making PZ more awesome every day
  14. wow, just wow guys, maybe with this new awesome mode i can start on working on the buildings in a map i started like one year ago that its lots empty. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and this awesome experience that is PZ
  15. Use PZServerSettings.exe, select the output folder Steam/Steamapps/Common/ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Sandbox and save as SandboxVars.lua if you have named your server, select the output folder "username"/Zomboid/Server/ and save as servername_SandboxVars.lua
  16. Every cell in WorldEd is 300x300px, so if you want a 3x3 cells map, you need "mapmadebyme.bmp" and "mapmadebyme_veg.bmp" to have 900x900px, and "mapmadebyme_ZombieSpawnMap.jpg" to have 90x90px.

    How to mod a server?

    Didn't try it by myself but, in "Username"/Zomboid/Server/servertest.ini (or yourservername.ini) you have to put the mod id's in the "Mods= " line, and i think every player has to have the mods installed too.
  18. Yes, you can use paint to do the map and vegetation bmp's, just use the exact colours. I did part of the forest with paint spray can in the map that i've been working on.

    Vanilla Map

    You can see the coords of the maps in http://pzmap.crash-override.net/ to use it on the spawn points
  20. Dont know in mac, but with the 26 release, overwriting the files doesn't work, you have to put it as a mod. Follow the instructions in this post http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6672-bedford-falls-test-v2/page-8#entry104275 and be aware that you have to do this in the zomboid that is in the user folder (idk where is in mac), NOT in the steam,steamapps/common.... folder. After that, you can load the maps in the mods option of the game.
  21. Do you have the "mapname"_veg.png with the "mapname".png?. Have you selected a tile to see it from near? In the map that i'm making, in the "World" view i only can see the "red" trees, but closer i can see all.
  22. He can play in single player? if he does, open c:/users/"username"/Zomboid/server/servertest.ini and change the "Map=Muldraugh, KY" line to Map=Bedford Falls, KY I've tried installing the map as a mod and didn't work well, just replacing the files worked for me. Didn't try the map that i'm working on...
  23. Hi, i'm making a map, and to do the base and veg i have maked two Colour Palette files, for the two maps, so you just can use only the map colours WorldEd needs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7s420oubyxkm3f/Zcolor.rar
  24. Hi, after a few days fiddling with a server and playing online with some friends, now i´m testing the map tools to make one full map, but i'm kinda stuck at the same point as Sieben. I have my BMP/PNG map in WorldEd, put a couple of buildings and then used the BMP to TMX. Then maked a new empty map, and when i try to drag the TMX files i have, called "Map_#_#.TMX" nothing happened. If i try to put the TMX files in Tiled, they appear empty. Any advice please? Thanks -------------- Edit: Found my error!, I Didn't put the Map.pzw in the Tiled folder options.
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