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  1. Good points, thanks! I'll rework the gas station a bit. /Peter
  2. You can use them as you wish. Credit is nice but not demanded
  3. If your bitmap is 1200x1200px you should have 4x4 cells. I'm not sure about the format but 24bit Windows bitmap works for me. /Peter
  4. Go to the Tools menu and click WorldEd, there's where you insert your bitmaps. /Peter
  5. All my buildings Small wooden house Small brick house Bath house Water tower Café Gas station
  6. Thanks for all the positive comments! I'll do that and see if he wants me to do anything, thanks man /Peter
  7. Hi, This is my first try at making a buidling. Some of the tiles seems to disappear when I place it in WorldEd, don't know why. Gas station
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