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  1. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    For Foraging, will there also be an option to look for anything like you do know? And how will it work with foraged items that are part of the Hydrocraft mod? (I never use it in SP, but we got it installed on our MP server.) Good job devs, this looks like an interesting update indeed!
  2. Swedish translation

    Survival guide has been updated Please notify me if you want something adjusted, changed, or corrected. Some things aren't translated due to I don't know any proper swedish translation for it, for example ''shots are charged'' got no clue how to translate it properly
  3. Swedish translation

    Just click the "Special BBCode" button next to font to put things in a spoiler. I added your text put I wondered if it´s finished? I am busy with school myself so that´s why I haven´t pulled this thing together yet but it would be nice if this was finished someday, Alright, thank you. No it's not finished I've had so many tests, but I'm working on it right now, I can probably get it done by tomorrow.
  4. Player Taunts (v0.7.2)

    Sure hope so, it seems like a nice addon.
  5. Player Taunts (v0.7.2)

    When will ti be updated for build 26?
  6. StarterKit Mod - Project Zomboid

    This mod is outdated, would be nice if you fixed it
  7. Swedish translation

    Currently working on fixing the translate, now that i got more time on my hands, I should look way better. Aiming to get them done by tomorrow atleast.