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    Fitness,Degree in microbiology, Video games (sandbox survival, MMO, Horror), Martial Arts, Shamanism/spirituality and of course...THE LIVING DEAD!
  1. Banned for questioning the divine thread
  2. League of legends for boredom... Baldurs gate: EE (God bless them for re-releasing this... My favourite game ever...) Pay day 2 ZOMBOID!
  3. Granted...you inherit 10 acres of arable farmland...downside....it's 500 meters downwind of chernobyl. I wish I was a super hero
  4. Banned for forgetting your anniversary to her...
  5. From a spoilage organism point of view...it's a big difference. A fridge holds perishables at 3-8 degrees which slows microbe growth slightly giving products a few extra days. Slow freezing of products in a freezer grants months of life but nearly halting microbial growth (doesn't kill 'em). If the fridges in game were more realistic, then there would be a difference....but as the fridges act like freezers...i say we introduce pop-tarts and toasters..
  6. Granted: To Quote Alan Grant...'they used frog DNA to fill in the gene sequence gaps. They mutated the dinosaur genetic code and blended it with that of a frog's. Now, some West African frogs have been known to spontaneously change sex from male to female in a single sex environment.' The dinosaurs breed, expand and overthrow humanity throwing you back to the stone age with your pet dinosaur where you have to kill and eat it to survive. I wish I could turn water into coors light...
  7. *flies in by chopper and deftly lands on this out of control thread, skillfully engaging the autopilot and bring it back in line with the original target* So, the militia...any goals for when (if) the multiplayer is released?
  8. I may have joined the forum for this one thread... I think we need to take a scientific approach on the potentially critical and ethically difficult discussion. Waffles are the iron shod work horses of the Nom Nom World delivering both savory and sweet dreams to all those who pervade there tasty forms...: Fact Pancakes are the summertime flousy you may have had a brief spell with that you look back fondly on but know it never could have lasted. I think that really puts an unbiased scientific view on things...
  9. Just as a random thought...what is the possibility of being able to both build basic furniture and carry/move/haul/drag other furniture from other houses such as cookers/fridges etc? I know realistically it will be ringing the dinner bell of an over encumbered, tired and noisy buffet table.. but still...Im sure if i found that 'perfect' dining table..i would risk the undead for it
  10. Jumps on TinnedEpic's absent mindedness and steals his wish! I wish for TinnedEpic to remember how to play the game!
  11. Haha, I can already see it... Trying to sneak past a horde, when *toot* Heads turn the noise... Having worked with cryptosporidium (and its unfortunate sufferers) at uni...i can say with certainty that the *toot* would be more a kin to "uh...oh gawd...what the ...*BLEEUUUGGGHHH BLEEEUGGHHHH" *toot* *splurge splash crash erupt*.......*zombies pick up smell and walk away* remember kids...never drink from a none spring source....
  12. As long as i don't sparkle in the sun or look emo when drinking blood..im sure it cant be too bad a story...
  13. Currently food in fridges in the game doesn't spoil as long as there is power, so there is no need for freezers to increase their shelf life. When the power goes out, the food in fridges starts to rot. In reality a well-insulated freezer (that remains unopened) might take a few days to thaw out, but that would be a very small difference in gameplay. It's hardly worth introducing a separate Kitten container just for that. I think that in the future developments, we should look into both fridges and freezer (added) as reworks. The perishables becoming everlasting if the power is on makes food hoarding a bit too easy early game. If the future game developments allow proper power production building (generators etc and propane scavenging) the different between a fridge and freezer would be marked. On a side note and not meaning to high jack the thread (its related)...what do people think about moving furniture..? say you found a freezer in a none safe house location....?
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