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  1. Im running an IWBUMS server and we cant seem to rip any clothes into ripped sheets. It's pretty major since it stops me from building log walls properly
  2. JOT? Today I was super happy when I found a generator and a "how to connect generator" manual alongside. Felt like being an electrician required too much work.
  3. That's really awesome of you guys! Btw, some feedback about IWBUMS and Zomboid in general: I feel like there are slowly too many niches. I wish you could learn to do a variety of different things without too much specialization. Feels like the career choice locks me down too much. Maybe like books for individual things to build?
  4. Oh my god. This just made my day. "And here we have chicke- wait WHAT? I DIED? Wha- how?!"
  5. Cuca, hablas ingles por favor. This place is international and thus you should speak english
  6. Yeah man, I'm always hyped for the mondoids. Including right now.
  7. Hey! I have a few of these ideas and I would love if the devs would consider some of these. Trait Skills: 1. A policeman should have a few levels in aiming, because I'm pretty sure Policemen are trained in shooting in real life scenarios. It would also even out the fact that Construction Worker is one of the most picked traits right now. 2. A outdoorsman should probably have more skills in foraging and trapping. (Balanced of course) Grammar in key system: I LOVE the new idea to add keys, but I think "UnLocked" is spelled as "Unlocked". It just bothers me greatly and has been discusse
  8. Ok. This is a simple idea but I have NO knowledge on how hard it would be to input. When you shoot a gun somewhere the zombies just lay off to that point. They don't do anything else. I find it dumb. I have explained this more in this imgur album. http://imgur.com/a/Ejle2#0
  9. If you can change the title, change it to heights, because I confused level as skill level at first.
  10. Yeah. It is handmade, made most of the text into the album. Go check it out! http://imgur.com/a/2gM21
  11. "re: this - we're going to be doing a professions overhaul. Idea being if you want to do carpentry then pick a carpentry based profession and you'll start with a huge headstart skills wise (start with a point or two, say, and 3x speed of level up). But will therefore suck ass at farming, and combat, etc etc. Or you could pick someone who is good at combat and they would have a much harder time getting to level of skill necessary to build stairs. Nothing is locked off, but professions unsuited or unrelated to a skill will make it more difficult, longer for someone to get proficient. Makes profe
  12. This might sound dumb, but how about a thought bubble of a water source, like a tap.
  13. I personally think that there are way too fucking many first person perspective zombie games. It would reduce originality and increase hatred, "Oh, another DayZ ripoff. Early Access? Fuuuck no."
  14. I love the energy bar idea! It should be considered as a feature if the engines capability can do it. Thanks! Way to make a new player want to leave. =\ Constructive criticisms would have been preferred, sorry you had to read my post. On another note, I'm 15 days in and power/utilities just went out... I've got very little water saved, but planning to make rain collectors here soon (hope it's not too late). My question is, how does anyone run around in a pitch black home with no light sources and loot? Adjusted brightness settings? I can't loot with no light, let alone find my way t
  15. I love the energy bar idea! It should be considered as a feature if the engines capability can do it.
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