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  1. oh, well, that's all good then. No way of sniffing coke on connect 4 although, you never got aids off it ether.. hmm
  2. Connect 4 ? Was rather thinking of this http://www.boardgame-online.com/index.php (Aux did show this to me, its awesum and amusing ). pff, doesn't even have chess...
  3. lol how cryptic, so you're saying give Alice some toys and one might come out to play again ? no what im saying is the man gave you a home, he got fucked by hackers and piss ants who think they are some badass force but couldn't do what they did without youtube or mommy holding there hands and walking them thru it, maybe the man feels his efforts are a waist, maybe the man feels he has no reason to do what he does so hes gunna walk away, i dont know but if you think its about feeding him bogus pitty for his efforts then your not one of the dedicated users your just a leech and i have nothing to say about leeches but "wheres my fucking lighter" . hes a good man, he did alot for the MP community and i hate to see him go, the fact i own and run my own server and still put forth a effort to see his is running and help him when he needs it is called community, its what we do here. so no i dont think im saying "give Alice some toys and one might come out to play again" i think what im saying is im gunna do every fucking thing in my god damn power to help get this server and any others he runs back online for you people. take it how you want Reconix , but just remember thats your opinion and nothing more. Great stuff, sort of the response I was asking for only.. most of the dedicated users that went on the server might not know how they could help, what're we saying constitutes to help, chip in on new HDD ? Create a bit of code that, if to many x of items is ether picked up or dropped that user will be kicked ? Some times just asking for help works. Other wise it's just going to be, well, that was a great server, awesome players, awesome server.. what's next.
  4. Have this set as a fav server, great people on here, you can ask stupid questions, like... what do I need to make a Tasty Salad and they'll respond. Hard resets are going to happen on all servers until final releases come out. ​Defiantly recommend for you and your friends to try out - Although I'm having some issues connecting ATM, server being restarted ?
  5. Sorry People, nice idea maybe, back to the drawing board ! Will post again when it's updated
  6. lol remember SVNRevision update too
  7. For it to work correctly on B26 you just need to fix the directory paths.
  8. Reconix

    Working B26 Mods

    Great well just go ahead and delete this topic if you can as it'll only mess search results
  9. Reconix

    Working B26 Mods

    Yes. I didn't see that post by "DrHorribleMDPhD" could probably ditch this one then... is there much difference between 25 & 26 modding wise ?
  10. Reconix

    Working B26 Mods

    This is just a list at the moment but I was hoping to just post updated versions of old mods that haven't been updated to the latest version, most actually work with minor tweeks but no one seems to of updated them, obviously leave all credit where due yes. Maybe it's against the rules to update if outdated ?
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