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  1. How are you gonna make it possible to speed up time in a multiplayer game? Unless everyone on the server all fast forward it's not going to work. And Zombies should never spawn, they only do if you turn on the setting now to compensate for the limitations of the Zombie Meta. I'd hate it if whenever there was a scream or a gunshot, helicopter event etc the game just spawned loads of zombies. What makes this game cool is the zombies that appear due to a noise actually wandered over from another part of the map, not just spawned in like in every other game.
  2. When you are in debug you have the ability to add levels or xp but not the ability to increase the xp boost for your skills even though it displays your current xp boost. Could we please have an option in debug to increase this? So for instance you could increase the long blade xp boost from 50% to 125%. Pretty please with sugar on top
  3. Anyone know how to increase the xp boost for skills like sprinting, short blunt etc? Can't seem to do it in debug.
  4. I'm struggling with towing as well. wasn't the best to begin with but seems much worse now.
  5. I've ran into this issue in the past myself, not noticed any pattern in terms of which weapon I use.
  6. Overall good patch, the sound issues, balance, reverb etc just need addressing. The new panic noise when a zombie appears is amazing! The sound of swinging a weapon and stomping on a zombie, not so much…
  7. I agree, The combat sounds aren't the best either. The sound when you stomp on zombies or swing your weapon is very cartoonish and feels like a downgrade compared to the old sounds to me. The general direction the new sounds are going is great, just needs a few tweaks.
  8. Zed numbers increase without respawn. Could we please have a sandbox option so that you can start with low zombie numbers and have them increase up until the peak population day without having to have respawn on? I don't know how complicated this would be to implement but at it's most crudest could we not just have an option in sandbox to have respawn on until peak population day? so basically respawn is on up until the game reaches what ever day the player has set as the peak population day. Variable zed migration. Could we have an option for variable zed migration? Instead of having it set to 24 hours or 72 hours for instance it could be set as 24 to 72 hours, 12 to 36 hours etc. This way zombies migrating to fill an area that has been cleared out would not be so predictable as it is now
  9. Bump. Is there any word on having zed number increase without having to have respawn on and variable zombie migration as detailed in the original post being implemented?
  10. I like these ideas. would be good if the helicopter didn't just show up between day 6 - 12 but instead could should up from day 1 onwards and additionally could show up more than once. Would be cool if you got a helicopter event on day 3, day 17, day 117 and day 256 for example.
  11. Would be good if when the map is created the devs just allow some zombies to be spawned in random patches around the country side and on the borders of areas covered by tree's. Currently as the original author of the post states there is literally no threat if you're out in the country side as it would seem no zombies spawn there. Additionally even if you have the setting that dictates how far zombies can be attracted to you turned right up it's still not far enough to draw in any zombies in even if you stand there doing nothing more than constantly firing a shotgun over and over again.
  12. Any word on having zombie numbers increase without having to have respawn on?
  13. Yes I last played a few months ago and the numbers of zombies would only increase if I had respawn on.
  14. Yes exactly that as well as variable migration. So zombies will migrate at 24 hours and then the next time at 72 hours for instance instead of it just being a static time.
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