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  1. SillyandStrange

    Treehouse Server [US] [24/7] [Modded] [RP] [COOP/PVP] [Whitelisted]

    The thread has been updated! Everything in the original post is accurate now! Now all we need are YOU beautiful people to join!
  2. SillyandStrange

    Treehouse Server [US] [24/7] [Modded] [RP] [COOP/PVP] [Whitelisted]

    Thank you for the kind words Hydro! HRV, send myself or Syfy a private message on here and we will get you set up!
  3. SillyandStrange

    Suggestions from a long time Survival player

    Well the key word to your above problems is conservation. The most senisble thing to do is not to build fancy defense with all your nails. If you're playing in MP, you could easily join a community that already have a substantiable defense. I don't agree. Basically the point is, that compared to minecraft, this game will FORCE you start new server after some time. You won't be able to play infinitely on a server, where it is impossible to replenish critical resource. We can kinda get anything, but we won't be able to build after some time. With this I agree. And I think, that nails should be found on people, 1-2 nails, roughly as rare as tools. Some people were working.. when the shit came. Another way is to craft nails. How is the question.. I like the idea of finding a few nails or tools on people. That's a more natural way of slowly replenishing stock without adding something fancy like a smelter where you melt things into nails. It's better than having loot respawn in areas, which always takes me out of the immersion a bit. Although I still think a blacksmith occupation should eventually be added along with a trait of that sort. Personally, I'd still like to be able to "rebuild" society on a SMP server without being forced to reset. Should be able to have it both ways. Have your cake and eat it too.
  4. SillyandStrange

    Suggestions from a long time Survival player

    Sound like you didn't really play enough PZ mate and looking at your thread title, I thought it would be an interesting read from an experienced player. In PZ you have all the necessary items to build your shelter and ammo is abundance depending on the difficulty level you choose. On my first play through, I only shot three time with a pistol and rely the rest on head clubbing. I also don't need to hide behind a wall. All I need was a few sheets to cover my window so I can climb through it with ease. As long I don't have light or make loud sound, no zombies got near my safe house after a year had gone by. But this isn't what he's getting at... Think about real life.. Or even the comics for TWD if you've read them. Eventually humanity will either die or start rebuilding. If we die.. Game over. If people come together to form communities and start rebuilding.. Then we're going to see people start replenishing supplies. We'll see people making/fixing nails/saws/hammers/axes. We already see an unlimited use with Farming. You get seeds sometimes when you harvest, which continues your ability to grow the food indefinitely.. When you run out of nails on the map, you run out of nails. There are certain mods that allow you to melt things down and make nails out of them, but vanilla PZ doesn't currently offer a way to do that. Now if you're playing SP then yeah, one person probably doesn't have the knowledge for that... But thinking in realistic terms if you are with other people, everyone will have their fortes and weaknesses. No need to insult the guy, he makes a valid point.
  5. SillyandStrange

    Using a instrument to play music + fight, maybe craft

    I really like this idea, and this picture!
  6. I say let them place it inside or outside.. And I say add carbon monoxide poisoning.. And weather conditions breaking down the generator while outside. Rust and such. MORE FEATURES! ADD ALL THE FEATURES!
  7. SillyandStrange

    Blood Cleaning during rain storm

    I've wanted this for awhile now. Rain slowly washing away the blood, little by little. Zombie bodies decaying would be cool if implemented right, but it should take a long time to happen. I do wish you could contain the burning somehow, or we had wheelbarrows to move multiple bodies. Or we could bury them... This would be great.
  8. SillyandStrange

    Who Has Been Bitten and Survived

    If I may be so bold, how do you know it was the scratch that caused the infection? I'm guessing you saw the "infected" tag on the scratch in the first aid window? If that's the case, I can tell you that the "infected" tag is not indicative of the zombie virus. As far as I know, there is no way to tell if you have the zombie virus other than looking out for the symptoms. It won't show up in your first aid window.Solanum infection appears on bite/scratch quickly after zed attack. Also your hp is decreasing.O.o it actually shows up? I must have never stopped to mistake, then! Apologies for the misinformation. It just says Infection in what seems like a quicker time than a non zombie infected scratch. The only way to know truly is when it says ZOMBIFIED on the medical screen instead of OK - Slightly Hurt - etc. And if you've contracted the virus, normally you never hit OK after bandaging/disinfecting. It'll stay around "Slightly Hurt."
  9. SillyandStrange

    What's your most antipated feature for PZ?

    Svarog - Oh man, I never thought about it like that. You're right, it will age a lot more gracefully. Even if it does go full 3D, but with the isometric view, I still think it will outlast a lot of the zombie games on the market right now. Spracky - I've only been ripped off by a few of them, but I'm still super cautious now. You get a lot of games making big promises and then falling through. I also agree, I have *never* felt that way about PZ. As a matter of fact, it was the first game I found when searching for "survival" games that wasn't just a "survival horror" game like... Silent Hill or Resident Evil. I wanted something where I could SURVIVE, that was somewhat realistic... Something I needed to eat, drink, and sleep. I found PZ and downloaded the demo.. Not 15 minutes later I was purchasing the game. I understood the meaning of Love at first sight that day. Back when I could shoot my wife in the face and push couches in front of windows...
  10. SillyandStrange

    Why do people want attacking zombie hordes?

    Currently the only way I've seen for this to happen is with multiplayer games. We have a person play as the "Dungeon Master" essentially, and sometimes repopulate areas around us then trigger a shot or heli & then use that chopper as a "drop" where we drop items at a certain area for people to try to go grab. As for SP, I can see this being a problem. You go from being terrified, always on the run, to play "The Sims: Rebuilding." I'm sure they're working on something in the background, but I agree with what one poster said about there being some options we could experiment with. Currently we've got thousands of zombies outside of our barricaded area in downtown WP... We were attacked by a moving horde of about 3-4k about 2-3 weeks into the game... Since we cleared or moved them away though, none of the zombies have moved toward us. Stragglers here and there, but essentially the same issue everyone is having. So then you end up dying of food poisoning, falling, going Rambo and getting bit... Always attacking, never defending.
  11. SillyandStrange

    Your biggest derpity derps in Project Zomboid?

    Oh this is a good one XD ahaha ----- As for me, there have been several ones. A more recent one would be hitting reload on the second floor by a fence... Then realizing I hit E instead of R as I fall into the midst of 100 zombies. RIP badass runner chick.
  12. SillyandStrange

    What's your most antipated feature for PZ?

    I've got to agree with you there, this will be great. Maybe we'll even see going prone! I'd really like to see the whole game follow the 3D model path (including buildings), but I doubt this will ever happen...Technically if you went the 3d route, you could have hills, proper physics such as walls crumbling when you hit them with a car or zombies ragdolling backwards when you drill them with a sledgehammer. It's just that I feel TIS doesn have enough funding to do things like this. I honestly don't know if they would go 3D even if they did have the proper funds. I have high hopes for it. I think Zomboid is just that hidden gem. I know it's a game for a certain demographic, but I think it's only a matter of time before it explodes with popularity. The way I see it, a lot of people are turned off by the graphics and by the "Early Access." Since a lot of people have been burned with Early Access, there's been a big decrease in the trust of developers over games within those boundaries. I do believe the more that they add and the more that they improve the game, the more it will take off with fans. I've had several people look at it and disregard it for the graphics... Hell I've had several people disregard it for the graphics, then come back and buy it after watching me play it for a little bit. In the end, I guess all we can do is hope, right?
  13. SillyandStrange

    Let's Talk About Tainted Water...

    I like having to boil water. It's another obstacle to think about for the future along with farming, and stockpiling can goods. It gives a better use to stockpiling water before the water runs out... Which is something that was needed for awhile. If you were able to get a rain barrel up before the water ran out, you'd be fine before. Now getting every little bit of fresh clean water before the stopping point is just that much more important.
  14. SillyandStrange

    What's your most antipated feature for PZ?

    NPCs are huge, of course... But honestly? I CAN'T WAIT FOR ANIMATIONS! And vehicles, or just simple hauling help like wheelbarrows. The animations though. Because I know (or feel at least) that it will be coming before NPCs. Hundreds of new ones. It opens up many possibilities for me. Being able to sneak against a wall, actual crouching, perhaps sitting in a chair or even relaxing in a bath tub to relieve stress. Then it makes me fathom physics for the future.. Pushing zombies (or players/NPCs) out of windows... Watching them cripple over from a well directed hit with a baseball bat or an axe... Oh the possibilities. Excuse me while I go drool...
  15. SillyandStrange

    Anybody play with infection off?

    I'm a glutton for punishment, therefore, I'd rather die in really ridiculously idiotic ways. For instance, walking into a bathroom without properly being aware of what's in there and being bitten. Yes it's annoying sometimes, but that's the point of the game. You're going to die. Every scratch or bite that kills you makes you that much better with the next character. That much more aware. I like to involve myself like I *am* the character, so it's devastating when I get bit, especially after working up my character. It's also funny though, and intriguing. A recent one, after my friend was walking away from 3 zombies with a ton of loot on him... I run up to his pleads for assistance, knock the three zombies off of him, and end up with one lunging back toward me and biting me. The group got a lot of loot, I got a lot of death. God I love this game.