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  1. Lunar_Wolfie

    Far from the Zedding Crowd
  2. Lunar_Wolfie


    Well as long as it will get added back I'm happy
  3. Lunar_Wolfie


    Looks amazing, great work devs! Just wondering, have the higher resolution models been a thing that's been implemented yet? I remember a thursdoid that said they'd implemented closer to release.
  4. Lunar_Wolfie


    Is the improved character model resolution still being worked on?
  5. Lunar_Wolfie

    Anim-Transition Blog

    Not sure why you think they're acting like it's trash, all they said was that it should be fastened a bit.
  6. Lunar_Wolfie

    Drink to the Memory

    I love how every thursdoid is always packed with awesome stuff to see, makes me so excited.
  7. Lunar_Wolfie

    Sunstar Snaps

    Wait a second.. they said they are putting a hold on the updated resolution for a couple weeks.. and they said that they would get back to it when they were close to iwbums.. this must mean.. ANIMS IN A MONTH OH SHIT HERE WE GO BOIS please :c
  8. Lunar_Wolfie

    Possible vehicle interiors solution

  9. Lunar_Wolfie


    Wow, it's insane how different the game looks with the animations, HD characters, and wall cutaways.. I'm genuinely blown away by how good it looks.
  10. Lunar_Wolfie

    Forking Hell

    I'm pretty sure that will be possible, they've stated in the past that you can have separate animations for upper body and lower body so theoretically you could have the running animation play while also playing the lunging animation, although i'm sure they've already covered this with the update.
  11. Lunar_Wolfie

    Name Changes and Account Issues

    Yes I would still like my name changed :p
  12. Lunar_Wolfie


  13. Lunar_Wolfie

    Mist Me

    Looks amazing! Here's hoping that maybe the fire could get updated too since it looks extremely outdated.
  14. Lunar_Wolfie

    More character's appearence options.

    I'm pretty sure with the animation update there will be more character customization options, however, if that's not enough i'm sure there will be a few mods for it. I know of one person that will be making a hair mod once it releases.
  15. Lunar_Wolfie

    Name Changes and Account Issues

    I'd like my name changed to Lunar_Wolfie if at all possible