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  1. Lunar_Wolfie

    Name Changes and Account Issues

    Yes I would still like my name changed :p
  2. Lunar_Wolfie


  3. Lunar_Wolfie

    Mist Me

    Looks amazing! Here's hoping that maybe the fire could get updated too since it looks extremely outdated.
  4. Lunar_Wolfie

    More character's appearence options.

    I'm pretty sure with the animation update there will be more character customization options, however, if that's not enough i'm sure there will be a few mods for it. I know of one person that will be making a hair mod once it releases.
  5. Lunar_Wolfie

    Name Changes and Account Issues

    I'd like my name changed to Lunar_Wolfie if at all possible
  6. Lunar_Wolfie

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    I know this isn't the place for suggestions but I feel like footprints could be a cool thing to be added into this build.
  7. Lunar_Wolfie

    Feedback from a casual gamer

    I am definitely down for some smexy UI, also really like the idea for goals.
  8. Lunar_Wolfie

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    That's not a bad idea actually.
  9. Lunar_Wolfie

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    I actually kind of like it how it is now, I never enjoyed having huge patches of grass on pavement.
  10. Lunar_Wolfie

    Sway of Things

  11. Lunar_Wolfie

    Sway of Things

    Now all we need is some good ol' animated water.
  12. Lunar_Wolfie

    Climate Change

    Would puddles be a thing that could be feasible?
  13. Lunar_Wolfie

    Ambient sounds change with seasons

    I didn't know this was something I wanted.
  14. Lunar_Wolfie

    Police Cruiser Textures

    I second that.
  15. Lunar_Wolfie

    M'aiq's Buildings / Custom tiles Thread.

    I'm taking a break for a little while but once I get back to making some tiles I'll make a few kinds of body bags. I'm not entirely sure how the taller trees are handled but I will look into it at some point i'm sure.