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  1. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Okay, so I've been playing around with it some more and I noticed that light switches and loot tables are all well and good until I quit and start back up. Loot doesn't seem to mess up every single time, but light switches for sure break after restarting. Some cars are also on a higher level of Z axis than they should be and just float near houses. Aside from that, major improvements to performance and stability. Still loving it! Keep up the awesome work devs!
  2. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    It wasn't that, the option was there, just none of them worked. I couldn't turn the lights on or off, or get in/out of the car whatsoever. Also want to note that this has now happened 3 times where interacting with a vehicle seemed to shut everything off but camera zoom and pause menu. Reloading always fixes it.
  3. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Okay, my latest update is that everything seems to be working way better than last time. So far the only issue I've had aside from the usual draw errors is sometimes when I get into a car, I can't do anything. I can pull up the menus and interact with them, but actual movement and interact actions stopped working. Quitting to menu and reloading fixed the issue, however. Cars are much better sound-wise and I don't seem to be crashing upon exit anymore. Also, lights are working again.
  4. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Try getting super close and near the rear tires, some of the vans I find the trunk doesn't appear on the back but on the sides
  5. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Light Switches can't make up their mind if they want to work or not, same goes with doors sometimes. Cars are a little too attention-getting, but they aren't so bad once you get the hang of things. Runs pretty well for awhile and then starts to slow down after driving a lot. Always crashes on exit, no matter what I was doing in-game. Absolutely love it though, vehicles is what we needed for awhile now and I love them so far! EDIT: Forgot to mention the loot table is out of whack big time (or it was for me anyway). The hardware store in West Point was all books and the grocery next door to it was all hardware lol. Everything seemed okay in Muldraugh where I spawned but drove out to West Point only to find that out. **SYSTEM** Intel i7 920 2.6 GHz 8 GB RAM Nvidia GTX 750 Ti Windows 10 Home
  6. Server with hamachi?

    Thanks for the help and advice I tried turning off firewalls and allowed it through antivirus and it still wont connect. It says ID_CONNECTION_FAILED in the console and server just says ready and listening on port number...
  7. Server with hamachi?

    Hello friends, I recently convinced a friend of mine to get this amazing game, but I am having some trouble with multiplayer. I have never been able to get my router to be successful with port forwarding and I use hamachi for multiplayer needs. I have done all the steps (selecting the IWBUMS branch, running the server.bat file, etc) and the server will launch and say its ready but I am unable to connect. It just says connection failed. Is there something else that I'm just missing? Thank you for your time.