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  1. Hello and thanks to The Indie Stone for this space I'am Grouroux, the game designer of Gangs of Space, and I would like to present our indie space game. Feel free to ask all the questions you want (I'am not very well skilled in english, but I hope you will understand). Description Gangs of Space is a massively-multiplayer space online game of the 4X genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate), using a shmup / hack'n'slash gameplay. Gangs of ambitious players compete against each other to conquer the most territories in hostile planetary systems, using ships and items looted from destroyed enemies, or designed and built in player-owned space bases. The Gang which accumulates the most territorial, economical, technological and political influence is awarded the rank of Quadrant Administrator, and is allowed to write the laws of the universe. Features Action gameplay, hack'n'shash shmup with permanent death.Multiple ship classes, each with a very distinct gameplay.No XP, no levelling. The skill of the player himself is paramount.One universe (no sharding) to discover and conquer.Space structures to build & then protect in order to exploit the conquered territories.Economy, technology, industry, geopolitics are all completely player-driven.Governing players can set laws and taxes in their governed planetary systems.Innovative crafting system, which gives players complete freedom in designing their own item variations.API that let anyone create applications (PC/Mac, web, mobileā€¦) that can interact with the game.AndThe Official websiteThe game is playable now in AlphaYou can help us and vote on greenlightScreenshots and video
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