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  1. It's better but there's definitely still some micro stuttering there.
  2. Honestly, I can't even remember if I did delete the Zomboid folder. I will have to try this and let you know the results.
  3. Hey. I'm experiencing random micro-stuttering when moving my character around, and more so when I'm driving a car. It has randomly started occurring to the point where I've deleted saved games to start fresh, removed mods, re-installed the game, re-installed the game onto my SSD, disabled my AVG Anti-Virus etc but I still experience this stuttering. I've even gone as far as trying to increase the RAM allocation in the game to see if that makes any difference, which it does not. It has been fine for months but as of the last 2-3 weeks it has started doing this for no reason that I can identify. PC Specs: i7-6700K @ 4GHz, DDR4 32GB @ 3200MHz, GTX 1080.
  4. Can't wait for this to release. This is going to change how Zomboid is played completely xDD. You mentioned breaking windows can cut your hands if you climb through them - Is there any plans so that we could use a pillow on the broken glass, for example, to go through windows without injuring ourselves?
  5. No ETAs No ETAs I always think "people won't ask ETA, they know us now.." but nope. Need to specify it everytime.. They love your game too much and are clearly dying to get their hands on the latest patches xDD.
  6. Soooo... Who's doing the textures? xDD. This sounds like an insanely awesome idea .
  7. Feel free to respond here or on the wiki. http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Talk:Items#Proposal:_Item_Pages I think the multiple items on a single page would be a good idea, so skill books all on one page then all weapons on another page etc. It would have to be nicely labelled so people can skip to the thing they want quickly. So for example, the weapons page could have a section for Melee Weapons and a section for Guns or something like that and a contents list at the top with links to each of these sections would be good so that people can quickly navigate to the section they want . Just my idea on this. A PZ Wiki is an awesome idea. Can't wait to see it fully functional .
  8. Awesome, thanks for the information! I will definitely take a quick look at these to see if I can put anything towards their suggestions. I know what you mean about somebody already beating you to the suggestion lol. Better luck next time, eh? xDD. Thanks anyway .
  9. Hi, I have read the commonly suggested features section and I wanted to expand on these two ideas. Please make your suggestions as well. Perhaps we can make a good collection of ideas here. Ideas; - Water gathering from rivers, streams and lakes. - Water purification methods, such as purification tablets, boiling water etc. - Gas canisters and a portable camping stove to boil the water with? - Power generation from a generator - Take fuel from gas/fuel stations and cars (once they're in the game) to power the generator for your house. - To avoid the generator making too much noise, perhaps the player could build an extension to their house underground? - Perhaps a make-do idea of kinetic energy generation from pedaling a bike, for example. - Of course making the make-do system you'd need to implement new skills such as engineering to construct the system - perhaps different levels of "engineering" so you can optimise the system, as you increase in level, so that it uses less power to power the house each level? Not solid ideas, but suggestions to make these ideas better are always welcome! .
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