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  1. The moment when you read a comment and are not sure if mods edited it or if the owner of the comment wrote it in that fashion... Anyway, I like it this suggestion. I wrote it like that originally, lol. I already have 10 warning points, and another "strike" or whatever would kick me off the forums for like a month, and i wouldnt want that. No one does! I'm the life of this forum! Ha, I'm kidding. Barely anyone knows me
  2. i dont know what you're talking about beats arent that bad *puts on head and it breaks* oh

  3. i dont know what you're talking about beats arent that bad *puts on head and it breaks* oh

  4. Dude this is fric*ing amazing. (sorry for using the word frick, its a cuss word :^( )
  5. This would be great. You deserve a clyde.
  6. For the original map, it was the apartment building. I can't quite remember but it had somewhere close to 9 stories. I unfortunately can't show you where it is.
  7. I dont know what you're talking about relapse was great

  8. Zimbie


    The next game? You do know that PZ is still EXTREMELY early in development right?
  9. This sounds really great IMO. I want it to be added now
  10. This would be. F**king. Amazing. I have always loved delving into the physological side of the human brain. I've always loved stories or movies where the main character would end up becoming insane, Thinking he sees things, and ends up taking his or her own life. lol but anways I have always liked the more dark side of human nature. Would pay copious amounts of money three dollars because i'm broker than 2009 american economy to have this implemented. 10 / 10, would do again.
  11. Amazing. I agree! I'd love to have this sooo much.
  12. I spend more time on this forum than the game, lol

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