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  1. Chocolate. Regular (Not white or dark, but I do like thigns in it EX: Nuts, caramel). Candy is waayyy too sweet for my teeth.
  2. If they do add this... I can't wait to steal a banjo from a music store or a musician and use it as my weapon... God I love Zombieland
  3. A rabid, stray cat smashes a guitar over your head and you die from blood loss
  4. I haven't been on in a few days unfortunately :/ Busy with IRL stuff... Hopefully I'll be on later today or tomorrow
  5. Pancakes. Banana pancakes (mashed into the batter) with plenty of berries, whipped cream, and syrup (spread that shit on der m8) is amazing. Hands down.
  6. Slightly dyslexic (Comes out mostly when I'm anxious, nervous, pressured, etc.), I am very intrigued by video games, my nickname is Wolf You would only note I'm dyslexic if you've seen my handwriting or heard me read or something... Ever fell into a ditch?
  7. Stuck in a barricaded Fossoil, dying of dehyderation Me: "Someone in West Point?! I need water!!!" VI: "I'm coming to you" Me: "HURRY QUICK PLEASE I'M DYING!!!" Turns out the sink in the bathroom worked fine.
  8. Well, I don't necessary mean smoke house.... Maybe a simple stick structure over a smoking campfire that is smoking a lot (burning leaves?) Maybe add a recipe with sturdy sticks or planks with a campfire and rope/tape to put it all together... That would add more use to rope/tape and it would be a great addition to the game.
  9. I agree, dried food is essential if you want to survive. Hopefully it will be in a soon future update.
  10. Another thing (Kind of has to do with the topic) is the glitch where you can't find your body or it disappears... It's annoying to have a load of stuff and lose it because you fell down the stairs :/
  11. WE'LL BURN THEM ALL Again Server still isn't up ;-; Hopefully Jon gets back soon...
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