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  1. Aaaand..... Done! does it support build 28 now? Build 28 was released shortly after I updated this, so I have no idea. You're welcome to try it though, but it's not officially supported. With the memory of updating it for Build 27, I don't feel like updating again it just yet, sorry.
  2. I think this was what was needed. I have no idea how or when it was fixed, but everything seems to be working properly in a new save file. Thanks for all the help!
  3. I am afraid I don't really understand the reload system (I just looked at the code and tried to figure out what was going on to make the mod in the first place). I tried putting some print statements in, but I couldn't see anything in the console. Please could you be more specific about what and where to put them, as I'm not sure what to do.
  4. I have looked, and I can't seem to find anything - changing the name didn't fix anything. Here is the code for the item (the reloading code is unchanged). Maybe you can spot something? module Fletchery{ imports { Base, camping } item bow0 { AmmoType = Bolts, ImpactSound = null, MaxRange = 18, RangeFalloff = TRUE, WeaponSprite = null, SoundVolume = 200, MinAngle = 0.7, Type = Weapon, MinimumSwingTime = 2, ToHitModifier = 1.5, NPCSoundBoost = 1.5, KnockBackOnNoDeath = FALSE, Ranged = TRUE, SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0, ProjectileCount = 1, ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 40, Weigh
  5. I am afraid I am on holiday today and tomorrow so I can't try out what you're suggesting, but I think you are probably right, as I looked at the code on Dropbox and the only difference I can see between any of them is that the Homemade bow is two words and the others are all one. I'll try it when I get back!
  6. I've tried what you said, but it doesn't seem to have come up with anything. The code is now: wepBow0 = { name = getItemText("Crossbow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Bolts', shootSound = 'arrowFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 20, rackTime = 10}; ReloadUtil:addWeaponType(wepBow0)print(wepBow0.ammoType)wepBow1 = { name = getItemText("Homemade Bow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Arrows', shootSound = 'arr
  7. I'm working on it, but I'm encountering severe problems with the reload system and am stumped for now. I posted a thread in the mods help section about it.
  8. I am trying to update my Fletchery mod to Build 27, but I am having sudden problems with the reload system. The code for it is here: local wepBow0 = { name = getItemText("Crossbow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Bolts', shootSound = 'arrowFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 20, rackTime = 10};local wepBow1 = { name = getItemText("Homemade Bow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Arrows', shootSound = 'arrowFire
  9. I have no idea what I am doing wrong here, but this will not override the vanilla duct tape. The only difference is that mine has many more uses (20 rather than 4). I am a complete idiot, missing loads of commas, and I was literally editing the wrong file.
  10. I just know for Build 23, so it may be different. Glad you fixed it!
  11. The structure goes like this: [mods] [modname] [lua] [scripts] (lua files) (item script files) [images] (put images here) All icons must be called of 'Item_iconnamehere' The in the .txt items file, have an icon = iconnamehere line. e.g. Icon = bow0,In this scenario, the icon file itself would be called 'Item_bow0' Hope this helps!
  12. You could always try doing it yourself, just look at the files and try and understand what all the different bits are doing! Alternitavely, you could post it in the mod suggestions forum. Or, I might look into it if I get bored. No promises though.
  13. Thanks, I suppose I can do this for the Build 26 update. I'm not entirely sure, I just learned how to do this by looking at what other mods were doing and how they were doing it, then copying and adapting bits to make it work for me. I did look at the TommyGuns mod a lot to help me with this, so I would assume I used the reload system in that, but I was kind of blundering around in the dark, hoping I'd bump into something useful when I was making this mod, so I probably could have done anything without realising it. Not entirely sure what you're saying here, do you mean you merged th
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