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  1. Okay, so I just lagged and crashed. I'm trying to use the mods I usually use, and I'm surprised of how well it actually went, so I kept playing. Mods I use: all from Workshop - BookCollection - Nocturnal Zombies - HairStyle - Spoons Female Skin - Spoons Male Skin So this is what happend: I accidentally used up the battery on the car I found, because the light were on for far too long without me noticing, so I had to switch to another car. I unloaded the old car and loaded everything I had gathered into the new car. Before leaving the area I got stubborn and wanted to get the old car out of the road, so I kept turning the car on, drove it a meter (or so), before it went dead. This I kept doing till it was off the road. I wanted to empty the passenger seat for stuff, but it wouldn't let me, so I gave up and realized I could get out of the car either. I quit to reload and I could both take my stuff and get of the the old car. I went to the new car and drove off to collect some more stuff. Shortly after a helicopter came and flew around, so I had to flee because of too many zombies. This is where the lag started. I ran to the car, hoping the lag would go away and got into the car and started driving. But the lag got so bad so fast, I hardly could react and by the time I hit Esc it crashed and I had to force the game to shut down. I went back in and loaded the map just to find out, that the new car were gone. I thought maybe it was back at the old car. It wasn't. I found another car and drove around, but the new car were nowhere to be found. It had been erased from the map, I'm sure. - I wrote everything down leading to the crash, because I wanted to be sure everything of importance is here. And a side note: When I started this game yesterday I could turn light-switches on and off. Today after loading the game, I can't anymore. I tried loading again, but I still can't turn them on. Lamps seems to be permanently on, but I can turn them off by taking the bulb out.
  2. I'm trying cars out now, and so far it's just a little lag sometimes. I tried to use the mods I usually use, just because, and it crashed no matter what by lagging more and more till there were no longer any respons from the game. But I didn't expert it to actually work with the mods. I just had to try. After I took off all mods and restarted the game and made a new game it worked fine. I did notice a few tings, but it's not the cars itself, but I'm still puzzled since it's while I'm testing a map with cars: Singleplayer: sandbox - It seems that sometimes the game lags and crashes within a few minutes of game start. It also seems like it starts lagging and crash shortly after I use a car. I've tried all sorts of tests with this, and this only happens sometimes when I start a new game. I use the same settings every time. But I'll have to play for at least a few minuts before I know if it's going to lag and crash or not. I have kept testing over 10-15 minuts in every test I did. Other than that, I haven't noticed much in single player mode. Multiplayer: sandbox, no other player than me. - Can't take down curtains. It says "You need to be standing inside", but I am inside. - There are far less to loot in houses, even though I haven't changed anything about loot (Normal setting on loot). At one place, a medical house, there were noting there. Everything was empty. I've never seen that before. I believe this was the one called Cortman Medical in Muldraugh. This might have been a bug. I started a new game and loot seemed to be fine. Also, Cortman Medical were stuffed with all sorts of medicinal equipment, as it should. - Lightswitches don't work at all. So there's no light, unless the light is already on. Lamps can't be turned on or off either, but I could still take the bulb out. I don't know if I'm just completely off by writing these thing here about the experience I had in multiplayer, but I decided to do it anyway because it's the vehicle version I'm trying out. PC specs: i5-2500 3.3GHz 8GB RAM GTX 1060 - 6GB Asus Strix Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD Win7 64 bit With this said. Oh. my. God! Cars are so awesome! And a much needed and fun tool to the game. Thank you for working on this.
  3. For some reason I can't see my crops. They should be there, because I can water them and see info, but I can't see them. I'm afraid to step on them (the get damaged of that right?). I've tried with potatoes and tomatoes. Is this a bug I should report here or? - Because I'm still playing in Bedford Falls
  4. Cheers! fixed, and fixed! Wow, that was super fast. Now this is why I enjoy this game more than the game itself. You really care and want to make a great game. Thanks guys! Thank you so much for this I was needing this and was just waiting and hoping for it to come soon ^^ Can't wait to get to the new areas in Bedford.
  5. Hi RingoD123. I found two buildings in Bedford Falls, where a door entrance was missing. I pointed it out on the map, via a closeup picture and the coords, where the problem is. ALIVE INSIDE - no entrance ca.: Coords: 13580x8212 Cell: 45x27 Rel: 8012 - This building i partly burned down. It's a building with several apartments. On the first floor, there's a barricaded door. I tried open it, with no luck. So I tried smashing my way trough the barricades, but that only resulted in the door braking instead. When the door broke, I saw the problem. There's no whole in the wall for the door to be. Only the barricades are left on the wall. No entrance ca.: Coords: 13614x8115 Cell: 45x27 Rel: 114x15 - This one is a home, where the backside is not accessible, unless you smash a window. I believe it should have been part of the whole building, but when you are in the kitchen there is no access to the rest of the house on the street-level. Thank you for the good work you are doing. I enjoy this game a lot
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