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  1. This might not be totally relevant to the original post, (due to not talking about the actual mod you wrote a tutorial about, but it's an general question) but my mod will run perfectly fine in the main menu; but not in-game? I tried to place it in /media/lua/client - without success. Still isn't run when I'm in the actual game. (I did read this; http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6615-lua-mod-changes-required-in-25/)
  2. Silly me, didn't think of that. Fixed, thank you! Edit, again; It says my client version doesn't match the servers. How would I fix this considering the "onlinetest" version is the only option I got to play MP with? I mean, I understand that there's an difference with my versions, but I do not get how I could fix it due to that I only have one 'multiplayer' version? Unless I'm mistaken.
  3. Followed your guide and I'm getting this when I am attempting to start the server up: edit; Sorry about the weird format, not sure why it did that. c:
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