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  1. Like the Build so far. Runs smooth and the balance is quite good. Oh, and the soundscape is getting richer withc each day! Kudos to you Guys.
  2. Kudos for the Release. Have black screen syndrome. GUI and Music are fine. But nothing to see here. In compability mode it works but choppy and graphics keeps glitching.
  3. ^ LOL. Don't wanna be you Anyway, did as told and things are fine now. Cheers and Thanx!
  4. Ok. Will do. It'S actually my third game on steam. Yeah, I'm the backwater kind.
  5. The steam build is a bit troublesome for me. Sorry. First: off it laggs witch each tile streamed. Making the gameplay a bit jerky. Second:The game starts with a black screen. Only the Inventory and UI are visible. Sounds/Music are playing. It takes about a minut or less for the 'black Fog' to clear. During that time survivor is helples. Third: All interioirs are revealed without having to look into the building. Black square around the player which fades after a time. Tested .16 right after, and it played well as usual.
  6. I agree that the night were too dark. And way cool the modding/Option.
  7. Still playing...and so far the zombie density is quite acceptable.
  8. Great to hear about reducing the Zombie density. .15 was tuff in that regard. I think .10 did it quite right.
  9. I too approve. Was one of the first thing I DL'ed after the the Desura Build. Well made and entertaining.
  10. Ok. Once more with the Light Switch x:3387.1 Y:2657.6 Z:1
  11. Well the problem is that we can't do anything much with that information as the world of PZ is a large one We have an extra topic for map-related problems here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/34- It would be great if you could at least take a screenshot of the issue and even better if you could use the coordinate viewer tool which you can get in that thread Ops. Will do. Still a Newbie here.
  12. New survivor here. Played the Desura-build the last few day and liked it a great deal. Gave the .15 build a try and didn't last a two days. Zeds in every direction. So friggin many. Looks like they all escape the lame Movie with Mr. Pitt and moved to Muldraugh Not that I can blame them. I miss the occasional feel of abandonment from build .10. Loved the fact that you could roam the deserted streets just to turn a corner and face a horde. All i all the .15 feels more polished and smooth than .10. Way more. Icons for the win. Cannot say anything else about tools and stuff...seeing' how I'm not around for long to find some Keep it up.
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