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  1. -HOGAN HARDCORE 9-13-14 -Full world Reset -Characters fine -ZOMBIES- -Zombies Increased to Hogans Hideout Original. -Zombie Strength Lowered, gives more time to search, before rushed. -Zombies re spawn amounts reduced. In ceased hours to 12. -LOOT- -Loot Reduced to rare -Thinking about extremely rare, but hard to do with multilayer will test this further -Notes want to make the game a little more about scavenging to live not getting an axe and being done.
  2. Updated testing new re spawn system lowered zombie pop but may increase.
  3. This looks great, will the the loot/z re spawn use the initial server variables for the loot amount or will there be a predefined loot/z generation system?
  4. Zombies lag issues resolved sorry for down time, but a lot of problems solving went on. Thanks ALL
  5. -Soft Reset Complete, loot lowered zombie speed/memory increased -Old server will be kept up for 24 hrs if your stuff didn't moved at port 16278 -STATS!! 11426 Zombies killed since started counting, 156 player deaths
  6. Join us for the start of week two, Now with FRIEND SPAWN ZONES,
  7. Soft reset complete, loot restored for those who signed up. Loot reduced slightly overall, Characters should be fine. Although backup often people have been haveing "Heart Attacks" randomly. LAST 48 hours 82 players have DIED, 6018 zombies have stopped walking.. Only 9 of those deaths where player VS player kills.
  8. pz locked, didn't close though so the restart didn't kick in. Sorry for the down time.
  10. ts.onetickgaming.com New team speak also if you want to test the new test build. Connect to port 16361 keep in mind your characters are not sacred. On the test server, this is purely for testing and provinding feed back http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hoganshideout
  11. OK SERVER UPGRADE COMPLETE MORE MEMORY, Stress test this please!
  12. Hey guys we have a new team speak server hosted by onetickgaming.com. Thanks alot onetickgaming.com for helping us for a community! SERVER ADDRESS: onetickgaming.com default port There will be some "authentication" mesage the first time you join. Just let that run and please be polite to our host! AHahha why didn't you just kill them, can't tell if your trolling or not.
  13. Bans have been lifted story checks out. But when I see you loading into a tile and 30+ zombies die instantly i get a little suspicious, and that continues for a good 5 mins i have to wonder. Then when i ask why so many zombies are dying and you tell me Vietnam Jungle Vets are high on speed or something i tend to try to save my Zeds from a slaughter fest. Plus server was fresh so I had no idea how you could have gotten that much ammo to be able to kill hundreds of Zeds.
  14. Ok FINAL build. for this week. Unless major bugs appear. Which our testing today has proven they wont. 12 Hour Days. Server will age while your Offiline. Zombies are slower but will follower you for longer. Gives incentive not to get spotted on the way back to your safe house. Having 12 hours days will not force you to water crops as often. Making the game less into Farm SIM. 5min=10 min game lets so how this plays out. Thanks all for your patience. For those who put in time today and feel left down please contact me and we can make up for some of your losses.
  15. Sorry for the downtime ) was addressing several problems. Full Reset. Characters wiped. "sorry" causing too many issues. Loot increased. Campfires fixed. Days Length extended. No wipes in the next 2 weeks. Play on.
  16. Reset has taken place 5-9-2014. Zombies have been modfied. Loot modfied. Have fun.. tell us what you think. Also shorter days for this testing period.
  17. it is off by default, click axes in lower right hand corner to enable
  18. Updated 26 Hot fix , was waiting for steam release otherwise would have applied sooner . Almost one week down.. Lets see how we progress may continue for 3 weeks depending on world condition.
  19. Glad to here it Purple! The next question is do you guys prefer fast shamblers, Or standard shamblers? Also we did a Saturday reset. We will be doing Saturday resets, unless a problem occurs. Also don't put too much time into forts as no efforts to soft reset will be made at this time. Your characters should be preserved. Also please use the mumble we have setup to help form groups.
  20. Issues with Bfalls V2 looks to be resolved. falls looks to be resolved.
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