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  1. Zed should be able to climb/crawl over vehicle because at the current build a house is perfectly safe if it is surrounded by cars fully and closely.
  2. Yes, even the corpse is moved and burned... the sound still remains.... very annoying
  3. I am hosting a non-steam server for a small group of friends and myself. We noticed that quite a lot of things always disappear, even the farms, and buildings. Please fix them as it's quite game breaking right now.
  4. A player killed by other player still reanimates and turns zombie?
  5. Because of you I can't stop thinking of a big strong Lumberjack that's asthmatic, thanks xD I found the Obese Asthmatic Fitness Trainer to be more amusing. How about an illiterate doctor?
  6. That is also a good way to adjust the difficulty to a more challenging and more interesting level.
  7. Does it make the player have to run and run most of the time and have little chance to fight?
  8. Does anyone else want an option that set the zombie speed between sprinter and fast shambler? Sprinter setting renders a quite impossible difficulty unless many other zombie lores are weakened. (and it simply doesn't work in multiplayer currently) But fast shambler is not challenging enough even with superhuman strength and tougher toughness. (zombies still can't catch you even you are just walking away) So I would really want one more variation, maybe called jogger, to be included and it places the zombie's speed between sprinter and fast shambler. This makes you have to run to avoid being
  9. Have been introducing PZ to many friends and 4 have already bought the game (probably will be more) In return I want the game to be made perfect as a hardcore realistic simulator. More realistic details will only make the game better. (eg. Cleanness of water , personal hygiene management , variation of zombies (not special infected but just zombies with various attributes) )
  10. Exactly the same question I am going to post... then I see your thread here... I have more friends who are going to join my server so I want to increase the zombie amount. Will the change take place if I change the setting in servertest_SandboxVars.lua and restart the server? But if the water in the server already cut off, and I change the number of cutting water date in the file to higher (more the number of the played days in the server) Will the water come back on? Appreciate any comment.
  11. Does the mod support multiplayer game? if yes, any difference when installing the mod? And does everybody joining my server need to have the mod installed? If yes, and if they haven't installed the mod, what will happen? Sorry if the questions may be too much.
  12. Any idea that makes the game more realistic is good idea. And this one definitely is.
  13. What?! I always think zombies in this game are not tough enough even when I set the toughness in zombie lore as high (tough). Maybe it's because I focus on multiplayer and when I have 2 companions, these tough zombies are pieces of cake. However, even with super-zombie settings, I don't often see when a zombie can absorb 10-20 crowbat hit. It sounds strange to me. Are you playing with proper zombies??
  14. Variation of zombie could definitely enhance the depth of gameplay as long as it doesn't spoil the atmosphere of realism of the game. And I think all these ideas are great to be implemented. Moreover, I also hope that the attributes of common zombies can be more different. (it should be a game option of course). Across the map some zombies are sprinters, some are shamblers and some stand at between. I know at the current build the zombies' ability could be different due to the level of decomposition but it seems not enough since maybe 95% of zombies have equal attributes. It makes the zombie
  15. Is this server still available? What is the IP? can't find it in the post.
  16. I am in Hong Kong and I'd want to join an Aus server if there is one, as there is no Asian dedicated server at all.
  17. Now with build 26, the error message also got update, although not fixed. Maybe it helps a bit to understand why it happened with a more describing line. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: map_meta.bin world size (1145393987x1) does not match the current map size (23x26) at.... Please, I need help. I still cannot open multiplayer server with this version 2 map, as re-opening the server after first time play is not successful.
  18. Exactly same problem... (Reported as well) I bet if you delete the "servertest" folder, you can open the server. But the next time you want open again, this error comes. This map is very beautiful ... And so is Dreadwood, the other community map. It will be perfect if both maps become official part of the game. They expand the whole game largely.
  19. The dug ground and harvest are invisible now... Bug or something?
  20. I am asking this question for a friend who is using mac. Where should he put the unzipped file to?
  21. Hey...exactly the same problem I have been countering... But I believe this is the problem of the map I've created thread to ask for help.. and mentioned it in the thread for the Bedford Falls map. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7775-server-cannot-start-up-again-after-closing-it-unable-to-continue-server-save/ But sadly no one has responded so far.
  22. I am having a problem hosting server. (The server is private used for my friends and I) I opened a topic in support sub-forum. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7775-server-cannot-start-up-again-after-closing-it-unable-to-continue-server-save/ Now I believe this is related with the new map since it shows a number "43 , 33" which is the number of the cell where the new military building and water treatment building are located. I didn't have similar problem with v.1 but only with v.2. Any idea please?
  23. I see there is update regarding the lighting effect. But does it fix the bug, or improve the situation that in MP the portable lighting devices (lit candle or even flash light etc.) only provide illumination to the carrying player, but not any other surrounding player. Lighting plays a big role for the game mechanic.... we know.
  24. Ronarch


    I've been playing Bedford Falls and this is perfect if both Dreadwood and B.F. could join the big game world of Muldraugh and W.P. Are we able to have it now? Instruction please. Appreciate your efforts very much. Those buildings are really amazing.
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