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  1. More great work, keep at it people!
  2. Currently having fun on the server, the amounts of undead feel like the old Evil Dead server, recommend highly.
  3. I'm waiting on the reset, will be great.
  4. I talked to the server owner and things were cleared up. ModdedTibby is a good person, and willing to take time out to discuss things.
  5. Most new players leave after one toon. Many went to new Redboid after trying here. No items for any new players to try to get, so they gave up. Submitted a ticket when the game lagged, got no help. Also server is very quiet in EU times. After complaining about my support ticket they also banned my characters when I said I was going to give up on the server, before I could sort friends items out etc.
  6. I always wondered, if I create a map, but start everything on floor 1 instead of 0, could I then use Floor 0 for basements or subways?
  7. Title explains it all really. Really enjoy the smoker trait, but feel in real life I'd hold it close to a lit campfire or gas stove to save on lighter fluid/matches. Not sure if its even possible to program this, but on servers where loot is hard to come by, this would help immensely.
  8. Posting again here as old thread will be gone. Server is much more easier to get yourself in game, without losing any of the RP aspect. New lore is good, the skill system is fine by me, though may not be everyone's hot cuppa. Encourage people to join, server deserves it.
  9. Recently went back to playing here. Lot easier to apply since the new admins came in, no lengthy applications for every character. New experience system seems odd at first, but makes sense in the long run as it prevents the long grind giving you more time to play. Only thing is it can be quite quiet in my timezone (GMT), but that's no fault of their's.
  10. Thought so, thanks for the reply Hydro. Any chance you could make the solar park anchorable now that it works like a generator? I don't mind it being incredibly hard to obtain at all, as long as I don't go to all that effort for someone to steal it.
  11. Is the only way to obtain a steel pole through the steam machine tree? Looking to get solar but haven't got forge anvil kiln etc
  12. Awesome to see you back buddy, will have to get gaming again soon, a reason to jump in PZ before the animation update!
  13. The only server I played on for a very long time, and for good reason. Hoping to be able to submit a new application soon if all goes well.
  14. Not really a gamebreaking feature as wooden pillars are there to fill the gaps but they just don't look right. Was just a thought I had while on my SP save.