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  1. YES! Using the 60 FPS option runs perfectly, bug fixes, more goodies, AND I can still use my old save that has a three month survivor.
  2. Yesssssssss..... Here is my gratitude featuring doge.
  3. You know, I like how the deaths were slightly reasonable in the beginning of this, and now they are this. Anyways, you die from tripping on a flat ground which causes you to have six heart attacks per second. The heart attacks don't kill you, though
  4. Didn't think about it that way. I'll edit my post for those reasons.
  5. So, if the name of you're title is from something you've done on the forums, then anything that I say now or later could be held against me and I earn a title? Oh boy... Also, it's almost 3 AM. I should be sleeping, but I'm not even tired...
  6. I present to you: Shawn Lewis Survived for: 2 months, 16 days. (Still alive) Killed 400+ zombies. Here's my home As you can see, I've built a large safe-house from two houses and a garage. I've gotten to level 5 carpentry because of this safe-house and the long amount of times I've spent with the floors. I have 1500+ nails, also . Overall, this safe-house is pretty good and I've yet to see a large amount of zombies. The most I've ever saw was four at once. I got a farm, also. It's currently just growing cabbages because of how fast they grow. I'm not doing good with food though. I'm currently living off of cigarettes and the cabbages that rot in a few days. At least it keeps me going. My level in farming is 4. And I have A TON of axes. That's basically it. I got a ton of stuff. Lots of carpentry going on. Not much food. Got a farm. Not many zombies. Basically, it's a quiet life in PZ. I am thinking about killing myself. There's not much to do left except build and fight any zombie that comes along. This could be my advantage to try to survive a year, though...
  7. I would love for the zombie migration to come back. It's annoying for when you wanna sneak back home without any zombies seeing you, and a zombie literally spawns ahead of you. (Example from me playing PZ yesterday)
  8. Sorry for no posts. Didn't really find the time for any Project Zomboiding. But anyways, I died! I knew this character wasn't gonna go well due to his traits . I decided to go back up to the warehouse where I got bit on my last character. I got scratched 3 times there, and because of my prone to illness I got zombified pretty quickly. Then after I got scratched, I went back outside and got scratched 3 more times (and almost died). After that I had a crazy night running around, dodging hordes, and trying to find a place to sleep. Eventually I found a place to sleep. So I woke up and I was about to quit because I knew I was not gonna get that far... then I found about 5 zombies. Didn't end well... EDIT: Almost forgot Survived for 4 days 2 hours 29 Zombies Killed
  9. Wow with my luck. I started in the same house Gonna make a new character real quick.... (Many moons later... and after steam updates... and after project zomboid updates) OKAY! Day 1 Martin Lopez: Police Officer Marksman Brooding - Prone To Illness - Light Drinker - Hard of Hearing - Hearty Appetite Strong - Lucky Well what do you know! I live right next to my old home
  10. I died! Hurray! I was gonna show a map of my travels, but eventually got too lazy. I died in the middle of the road due to zombification. I think I survived for 9 days. It didn't show me when I died so I dunno. So I guess tomorrow it'll be time to do a new one!
  11. Day 6 35 Zombies Killed (Image) Whelp! The time has come to meet my doom. So it wasn't the peas sadly . I'm currently still in panic. I got a fever that's slowly killing me, I'm in a lot a pain, I'm anxious, BUT I am fed up . I'm going to continue living my normal apocalypse life until death comes. Also my fort has been developing a bit more which is good I guess. Once I die, I'll show my adventure around Muldraugh like d00de did.
  12. Day 5 34 Zombies Killed (Image) As you can see, my right hand, right forearm, and my groin has been bandaged. I got one scratch from a zombie in a closet. And I got one bite and two scratches from a mini horde of zombies that was VERY close to killing me . But somehow I managed to shove and escape with less than half my health left. Also, I have the agony moodle (from that mini horde of zombies), the nervous wreck and nauseous moodle (probably from the bites and scratches I received... or those peas I ate...), and the strong panic moogle (I'm claustrophobic ). I also just started the development of my fortress. Not sure what's it gonna look like, but I'll just go with the flow. And last but not least, I have so... much... food. So yeah! Next progress report will be within the next 5 days... if I live that long. I'm a bit worried about my upset stomach
  13. First day! Antonio Roberts - Police Officer Traits: Marksman Short Tempered - Claustrophobic - Clumsy - Unlucky - Cowardly - Brooding - Hard of Hearing Light Eater - Resilient - Strong - Athletic
  14. Is the "falling through the second floor after loading a save" glitch going to be fixed? I'm not sure if it's with every house but I reloaded a save and I fell through the second floor and took damage.
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