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  1. I bet this system has its own quirks and corner cases, too. I thought I'd still just share..
  2. I am sorry, my response might have come out a little aggressive. I'm not a native English speaker so.. but I do apologize if I someone was offended, I was merely trying to address the arised concerns.
  3. You already consume (most of) the materials you use, that's basically the idea of the game Theoretically (and eventually) you will run out everything... I do understand your concern, of course no player wants to "lose control". I agree that's a bad game mechanic. However this change would not make you lose control. You would still be able to build e.g. a rain collector barrel 100% of the time on level 4, exactly like before, but would allow you to take the risk of attempting to build one before level 4, without being 100% sure you are able. It is exactly the same thing with breaking windows, you might get cut or you might not. You let a zombie scratch you and you might get infected or not. That's already randomized. You just need to know the rules, know the consequences and be in control. Well... that's just silly.
  4. Hello, I thought I'd share an idea I thought would be: easy to implement logical rewarding interestingSo, instead of being able/not able to craft a certain item at a certain level, it should be possible to try at any level. This is how real life works, so... it makes sense. The rate of success could follow an exponential function such as: Of course there must be a penalty for failure, right? Suggestions: crafting materials are destroyedcrafting materials produce some unwanted productyou hurt yourself (clyde) ps. It could be even be made so that the "quality" of a produced item depends on the combination of your experience and luck, like it is in real life, but in a less "quantized" manner (level X != you always produce quality, level Y != if you have luck you may be able to exceed the typical quality of your level)
  5. jass0

    Port Forwarding

    Windows firewall..?
  6. Thanks! Any information on how much bandwidth is needed per client, roughly?
  7. For many people, it would be helpful to know how resource intensive the server is. Has anyone measured he process' bandwidth and memory usage for X number of clients? Theoretical approximations by developers are welcome as well Thanks!
  8. It would be really helpful if the translation files were in version control, it would make both translating and merging the updates into the actual game a lot easier
  9. I haven't played multiplayer a lot. How much is 24 hours of game time in real-time? It seems like you can tweak the sandbox settings to slow down or speed up the time (please correct if I'm wrong). 24 hours of game time could be set to ex. 15 minutes of real-time. Therefore 6-14 hours of game time would equal 3:45-8:45 minutes of real time.
  10. Seems like a legitimate issue but I'm afraid the solution is non-trivial. While the five-minute sleep timer is a possible solution, it would feel sketchy. I would prefer that sleeping would last for 6-14 hours (of game time) just like in single player... But here we run into the problem: Is it fun and does it add to the game, having to wait and be unable to do anything in the meanwhile? I say it is/does.
  11. And the occasional axe, handgun, bullets . . . and delicious apples. Exactly, when you have a pile of a hundred zombies it gets somewhat difficult to loot all the goodies It would only be unrealistic and annoying to have those precious items (that are greatly limited in numbers) disappear.
  12. What about the items left on zombies? They disappear with the body and are gone forever They disappear with the body and are "recycled" (they spawn on other zombies or in unexamined containers) The items are left on the ground where the zombie body was
  13. I support this idea Also being tired would increase the chance of tripping as you're not paying much attention to the things on the ground, you just want to sleep. Also... tripping on zombie bodies
  14. Let's just add another occupation like car thief (or something similar, car mechanic?) with the trait hot wiring (or something similar), which allows certain cars (maybe 10% of the cars) to be driven without keys. Then everybody's happy, yay!
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