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    Lothar reacted to EnigmaGrey in Cement for buildings   
    If you want a single story, you can literally sink 4 x 4 posts into the ground (3-4 feet deep) then build off that. That's a temporary structure, of course. It's better to embed them in concrete.
    it's even better to dig four-five feet down and have concrete footings. But, now we're starting to blend disciplines, aren't we?
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    Lothar reacted to Eggplanticus in Cement for buildings   
    I think Lothar is referring to constructing walls from stone and mortar. That's an ancient building technique for producing good, strong walls and if that's what he's referring to, I also think would be much easier to make walls this way than with wood. As, he has spelt out pretty clearly - it is difficult to make a proper base or foundation for a wooden wall.
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    Lothar reacted to lemmy101 in Steam Beta Release - 23rd Aug 2013 - Version   
    Right click game in Steam, go into Properties, click BETAS tab and select the beta branch in the drop down. Warning, as with all non-official releases, backing up saves in C:\Users\<Username\Zomboid is recommended.
       [New Stuff]
    Improved night time, is now lighter, still dangerously dark but not totally black. Fixed crash bugs Proper modding system (enable/disable mods in-game list) required to avoid mod related save problems etc) Option to turn on/off multi-core rendering (defaults off for single core/linux) Make the right click for world item much easier (selecting a sink for example). When destroying something with items inside it (e.g. crates), the items are dropped on the ground. If you destroy a crate and there's another crate on top of it, the crate fall. New Survival Guide entrie for the Inventory Management. Translation ! Come on baby light my fire.......  Saves properly on sleep. Never lose more than a day with some unexpected crash or power loss.  
       [bug Fix]
    Got rid of weird square of light around player. Fixed various crash with inventory. Fixed drink/take water bugs. Re-added tooltip for traits selection. Equipped bag are now saved. The animation for destroying wall is a bit faster. Fixed various carpentry bugs. You can now add a sheet rope over self-made windows frame, let's build a stairway to heaven with a sheet rope ! Crafted door fixed ! Fixed fast forward cooking bug. Fixed various renderer / multi-core related bugs. Fixed LOS bugs allowing you / zombies to see briefly through walls while moving about.    [balance]
    Reduced the chance for a zombie to become a crawler when you hit him.    [Known Issues]
    Small font a little too small for high resolutions, we'll increase the size of this before public release.
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    Lothar reacted to RobertJohnson in Cement for buildings   
    Yeah, the problem here is : I have no clue how to make a cement wall... Hey, I'm a geek, not a construction worker
    So I need to make some research on that (or maybe the team have already their idea on it, haven't talked about it with them...) to find a realistic solution to make cement wall...
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    Lothar reacted to RobertJohnson in Cement for buildings   
    There is a difference between reality and keep the game fun (pro' call that game design... and I suck at it )
    But yeah, we can up this time a bit, maybe require more tools, it has to be an "end game" stuff
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    Lothar reacted to LeoIvanov in Just bitchin' a bit..   
    Worry not. Knifes aren't 1 hit kill anymore post .15
    They may make zombies fall in 1 hit, but you'd have to stab the downed one atleast 1 more time (it may end up being 8 times too).
    In real life you can beat the shit out of person with a baseball bat and he will still be alive. Imagine the same deal with a zombie, who ignore/don't feel pain and need their brain to be SHATTERED to die. So for me 1 Charged hit + 2-5 downed hits is completely fair and realistic to take down a zombie.
    Axes are another deal. If you don't apply enough damage it might get stuck in zombie's body. It'd be good if you hit the brain,he'll just fall down dead, but what if the axe is stuck in zombie's shoulder, and he keeps going towards you? Nearly impossible to pull out then.
    The system is fine as it is
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    Lothar reacted to Rathlord in Just bitchin' a bit..   
    It's worth mentioning that no matter how strong you are, you won't be severing a spinal cord in one swing with a plain axe. The only times axes can be used for decapitation is if the subject is laying on the ground on a block and you have an executioner's axe (probably 5x heavier than a normal axe, at least 3x heavier than a fireman's weighted axe) and you let gravity do most of the work. There's been plenty of evidence to suggest that accounts of decapitation with axes, swords, and the like in combat situations are entirely made up. I can cite sources if you're interested.
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    Lothar reacted to Jawface in 28 Days Later Challenge!   
    Put these into your sandbox setting and post below for how long you have survived
    These setting are Similar-ish to the 28 days later rage zombies
    If you think I got something wrong in these setting please reply
    Note the weaknesses and strengths of these rage zombies (it may save your life)
    Strengths: They hear you from far away, they run as fast as you, you die instantly if you get infected and they are very strong in numbers.
    Weaknesses: They are fragile so taking one down shouldnt be a problem, they have a short memory which means if you run around a corned you are more likely to lose them.

    Speed: Sprinters
    Strength: Normal
    Toughness: Fragile
    Transmission: Blood & Saliva
    Infection Mortality: Instant
    Reanimate Time: Instant
    Cognition: Navigate
    Memory: Short
    Decomposition: Weakens
    Sight: Eagle
    Hearing: Weakest Setting
    Smell: Weakest setting

    Please but some evidence below for how long you have survived wether it is in a screenshot or video its acceptable and will be posted below. Remember, its a competition!

    1st place: 1 month 7 days 22 hours Johnnie Walker
    2nd place:Over 10 hours but unspecified DovydasAl

    3rd place: 10 hours CrazyAL
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    Lothar reacted to EaT_LeAd in Just bitchin' a bit..   
    I think its good, knife wont last long and you have to get very close, where as the fire axe should only take 2-3 swings without skill points which is realistic enough, your not going to get a clean head sever on a moving target everytime. With this you get longer lasting durability and to keep target at a distance so I feel its equally balanced.
    Sorry i bet that's not what you wanted to hear!
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    Lothar reacted to RegularX in Just bitchin' a bit..   
    Well post 9.15 (I think it was) it became a lot harder to get a one hit kill, since it seems there's a much higher chance that the "downed" zom is really just a new zom with lower HP.  The biggest advantage to knife is that it requires nearly no charge time at all, unlike an axe.  So getting that second hit to finish them off is a lot quicker.  Just tap tap.
    Personally I'd like to see the better weapons, or weapons capable of doing X amount of damage, having a higher chance of a proper decapitation of a zom.
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    Lothar got a reaction from tazyload in How long before your inevitable death? (version .15)   
    Great job man!
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    Lothar reacted to tazyload in How long before your inevitable death? (version .15)   
    Managed to beat my previous time by a couple of weeks, albeit in .16 but I'm still happy with myself.
    As you can see in the pics above, as things hit the one month mark my safehouse became somewhat crowded and I had to have words with the locals (my baseball bats are very chatty ). On the food front, I raided both the pancake and burger places early on but never in the nearly 2 months touched any of it, 300 berries stocked up saw me through very nicely. I did have a go at farming but with the water barrels being moody about relinquishing their contents I just filled my face with more berries.
    I am determined to hit my next marker of 2 months though.
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    Lothar reacted to nuget102 in Cement for buildings   
    Why not the addition of rebar while we're at it? :3 Well if you want it to be as realistic as possible.. That's mandatory isn't it? Or am I mistaken? (I'm no mason or anything) Or is rebar so for adding extra strength? Either way.. rebar would be awesome... And it would make hell of a melee weapon
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    Lothar reacted to RobertJohnson in Cement for buildings   
    We already have the cement powder, it's just that you can't make anything with it for now
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    Lothar reacted to Parity in How long before your inevitable death? (version .15)   
    Currently about a month in, got a cupboard filled with non-perishables and a farm underway, about to start to build more fortifications, although I doubt I'll need them considering I'm at the cabin in the middle of the woods south-east of the town.
    No idea if the rain catching barrel will effectively allow me to water the crops and the nearest well is a long way from my base.
    So far haven't had a single zombie find my base, got a good feeling about this run.
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    Lothar reacted to GSC in How long before your inevitable death? (version .15)   
    Each of these rules come from a previous death, when I wasn't careful enough
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    Lothar reacted to GSC in FORUM TEST RELEASE: Project Zomboid - Version   
    The new sledgehammer destruction is awesome, by the way. I can finally get to those crates in the back
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    Lothar reacted to EnigmaGrey in Cement for buildings   
    Planned, as far as I know.
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    Lothar reacted to GSC in FORUM TEST RELEASE: Project Zomboid - Version   
    I'm having the rain barrel water retrieval problem too. The context menu appears when right clicking the barrel, but the "fill bottle" option can't be activated. (The bottle is half full, it can be filled from a sink.)
    I'll try to smash them and make new ones.
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    Lothar got a reaction from Viceroy in Cement for buildings   
    I think adding the possibility of make concrete walls will be great.
    It will aloud the player not only to build something better (and stronger) than plastered wodden walls, but also to build more high-big buildings. (you know woods and nails aren't good for that, if you want to keep a realistic touch to the game)
    Also would be easy to add (I think) 'cause you will need only a "Bag of Cement Powder" (could be made like the "Plaster Powder Bag") a "Bucket with water" and a "Trowel". 
    For all the youngest out there that's what I mean:
    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
    The lv. of carpentery to use the cement should be around 3 or so. I think that because I'm a construction worker in real life and if you in lv.3 carpentery can make a decent stairs (that are hard as hell to do with wood, let me tell you that!) you must be able to use cement.
    That's it guys.  Let me know if is not new or whatever.. thanks!
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    Lothar reacted to lemmy101 in FORUM TEST RELEASE: Project Zomboid - Version   
    can you send a pm to me and RJ with a link to the original save? (not the one you tried to load up, if you don't have that now then look for a _backup save)
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    Lothar reacted to Viceroy in FORUM TEST RELEASE: Project Zomboid - Version   
    I am playing and have no issue with zombie numbers, I like it, I managed to keep them away from my holdout for several weeks before they became a problem. And even then it was possible to evade them. But if you want less so be it, I'll amp it up via sandbox options. (which I even did on this build and still does not seem ridiculous.)
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    Lothar reacted to Onkeen in Les Chevilles de Bois ! - Carpentry Suggestion   
    Guys I'm back ! First post on the new forum !
    ... Did anyone remember about me ? x)
    Well I was to much lazy to create a new account untill i'll be motivated to do so...
    So here I am ! To make a sugestion about carpentry !
    Note : As Kinyoshi pointed out, what I call Cheville is Wooden Dowel pins.
    In fact, my suggestion is about Carpenter's Handmade Wooden Dowel pins (not the Ikea's little ones).

    C'MON ! Why my picture is REDUCED !
    Time to Update the Suggestion !
    This is the second part of my suggestion, it's a lot about my personal experience with Handmade Wooden Pins.
    Including how does it works, where does this method came from and some examples to show why it could be a good thing to unlock at level 4 and 5 in carpentry.

    SERIOUSLY ! That's even more reduced than the first one ! Roar !
    Icons Update !
    To show my devotion to this project, I have also made some icons pixel art sprites, modders should chek these out !
    I'm about to do wall, floor and maybe furniture textures, but I need the original textures to do so,
    does anyone know where to find the vanilla tiles for items on the map ?

    Mod Update !
    I've made it ! I was quite harsh but I'm proud to show you today
    The Handmade Wooden Dowels Mod

    You can download the mod here :
    Don't forget to repport bugs, I really hope ths mod will satisfy you ! 
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    Lothar reacted to feral_donkey in How long before your inevitable death? (version .15)   
    Nothing too interesting.   The safehouse has never been attacked.    Only in the past week have they suddenly moved closer.  They are now SW of me at the gas station and in the woods.   I think the movement stems from firing a gun in a nearby cell but maybe it was going to happen anyway.
    One trick might be that I don't live here for continuous periods.   3-5 days tops then off to loot somewhere and return a few days later.
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    Lothar reacted to TinnedEpic in Cement for buildings   
    I'm all for it
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