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  1. I hope there is a possibility to get them and/or other civilians on your side. If anything, through mods.
  2. Now, I know the storyline is fuzzy, especially without the NPCs, but as far as I understood from Kate and Baldspot, something, probably the army, is blocking all communication in and out of the area the game is set in. Outside the game world everything keeps going on as normal, and they even mention something about showing the area on TV as "going on with their normal life", which means the rest of the world is completely unaware of what's going on inside the area. At least initially. There should, however, be some computers around. And you should be able to "play games" on them to ease boredom.
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    It's a nice place, however the zombie count feels a bit low. I got the setting on "High" and it still feels like the Muldraugh "normal" setting.
  4. I think it makes total sense to have points to spend, even if you're currently unemployed it does not mean you don't know anything, have any skills or traits that would be useful.
  5. As we all probably know by now, the electricy runs out after a while. This is all well and good, but I'd like to see an opportunity to create an outdoor fuel generator, that needs gasoline to work. It would balance itself out with the rather loud noise this machine would make, which could cause zombies to draw towards your house. So it'd be a risk/reward kind of thing. On one hand, you'll have a working fridge and oven, on the other hordes would tend to migrate towards you, causing your safehouse to be at risk. Is this idea feasible?
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