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  1. Those are not bad ideas, you know..?
  2. Well. From what i listened, the username is the name of your character ingame. When your character dies, you have to contact an admin and tell him what's the name of your new character. Hope you don't die many times! I'm trying to mantain alive mine. Ahaha!
  3. Weird people at the Tavern, today. Ahahah!
  4. Hi, guys. I'm Marvin Thompson in the game. Someone that tells me his name? I'm the Italian one guy. XD And...the server is awesome!"
  5. sagaza

    Anyone interested in a 4 player co-op? [Skype]

    I'd love to join! sagaza2 on Skype. Add me if i can!
  6. Does this mean that everything turns back to original?
  7. It's impossible to find other people and food. @_@
  8. Ok, i saw a map of west point and now i can begin! Or...tomorrow!
  9. Ok. Thanks so much but...i was wondering, why everyone has a Radio?
  10. Hi to everybody. Maybe i will have a little amount of problems playing here because i'm italian and i don't know english very well but...i will try and enjoy! Can someone of you give me some advice for the server and the way to play in a place like this?