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  1. Lucas

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Build 40 has been released to public branch. So I think sow seeds doesn't work on public version now.
  2. Lucas

    Hydrocraft Mod

    But there is no option to plant anything, so farming doesn't work at all with this mod. I dug up some ground, but when I click on the spot on the ground, there is missing option to sow seeds. I disabled Hydrocraft and it works again.
  3. Lucas

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Error with waterpipe still exists. Every time I press right mouse button then the same error appears. Here is from the log: 1537612226729 ----------------------------------------- 1537612226729 STACK TRACE 1537612226729 ----------------------------------------- 1537612226729 Callframe at: table.pairs 1537612226729 function: getBarrelAt -- file: WaterPipe.lua line # 163 1537612226729 function: doPipeMenu -- file: WaterPipeMenu.lua line # 155 1537612226730 Callframe at: se.krka.kahlua.integration.expose.MultiLuaJavaInvoker@fe6fcd28 1537612226730 function: createMenu -- file: ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua line # 1314 1537612226730 function: createMenu -- file: ISMenuContextWorld.lua line # 46 1537612226730 function: createWorldMenu -- file: ISContextManager.lua line # 28 1537612226730 function: doRClick -- file: ISObjectClickHandler.lua line # 45 1537612226730 function: onObjectRightMouseButtonUp -- file: ISObjectClickHandler.lua line # 239
  4. I read that due massive changes previous save games are not compatible. But I loaded my previous save without world conversion and it works fine. Does it means previous world saves might have hidden issues with new version of game?
  5. Thank you for fine fix for 70% issue. I was trying to find car with the best quality, and I found again best one parked near lumber company. I remember in one of previous updates - it was possible to find car with some stats 100%. Now max is 89%-90%. Much better than 70% issue, but far away from perfection. I think it's good still, but anyone else having similar stats or it's just me?
  6. It's odd, but every time I start new game all cars are broken to 70%. It started 2 builds ago. Even these park rangers are broken:
  7. Cars still having issue with 70% max, I went to different city and there is no car more than 70% at Build 32 as well. Is this added for some purpose? Because bug appeared after few weeks in game, like they all are getting broken to 70%?
  8. I had that game stutter once (every time I moved cursor over item on my inventory, was very annoying, and almost unplayable at my i7 CPU). At the start of new day (after my character wake up) I quit current game, and then I make a backup of my save. This game stutter was happening when I came back to main menu without exiting the game completely, I made backup of my current save in folder, and then just pressed "continue". So I realized it must be something with not properly cleared cache or something, so every time I make a backup, I quit to main menu and then quit game, restarting game, and such stutter never happening to me again.
  9. I see there was a new patch 31.2. Any change-log? Was the cause of the 70% problem with car components found and can be fixed in existing worlds?
  10. It must be something wrong with my game, because all cars I find parked around having only 70% max in any stats. I was not able to find a car with more than 70% quality. And beside 90% of cars having no fuel at all, and some just 5 fuel. Anyone encountered such issue? Maybe because I started to play character with luck trait, and then after that character died, I started with new one, without luck trait, and all stats of newly discovered cars went down?
  11. No. Generally my idea was the same way as it works in multi player, but with mechanics of single player. In multi player when you have your own private server, only for you - you can log off with one character and log with another, world continue functioning even when your another character is not there, but paused when no one is online. And I know mods about survivors, I tested shortly, but I didn't like it. My point was about roleplaying 2-3 people in community of survivors. And player decide how much time he will play each of character he created. You have to crate new character when the previous one dies anyway, so why not having already them created and decide what to do with them during the play. Could be interesting to make a story of 3 people of family trying to reach one meeting point.
  12. Bugs I discovered so far: Most annoying ones: 1. Sometimes I can't enter the car, even if I have key and the green square shows that I should be able to enter inside (I press "E" many times), no matter in which direction I turn my character, it doesn't work at all, this bug appears mostly in cars parked in irregular way diagonally, when part of the car is on grass, and the other part of the car is at the road (not sure if it matters). Maybe it should be right click option to enter to car as driver if it's not possible to fix this issue? 2. When my character is bleeding and I want to apply bandage then bandage is pulled from backpack first, instead of using the one is already in inventory, it's so waste of time, especially when horde is chasing me. Odd bug: (Not sure if it matters, but I played character with luck trait, and that character died, I started with new one, without luck trait). 3. All parked cars that I discovered with this new character having 0 fuel. Previous character was able to discover a car with some fuel, and now all cars I discover having no fuel at all, even on very crowd parking lot. And it's just one week after apocalypse. Less annoying bug: 4. Burned card are flying above the ground.
  13. Just turn off the engine and leave the car key in the car ignition panel. I discovered that after I was keep leaving car key next to the car.
  14. I started the game again, so I didn't reach bonfires yet, but when I loaded my save from previous build then yes, there is a bug with bonfires, I can confirm. On newly created bonfires and at old ones. And about FPS, hard to say, but for me is playable when I'm driving car fast through town (I'm having i7 cpu), even with these microlags, I prefer when game slowing down than losing frames. So because of that is acceptable for me, but I didn't notice much difference compared to previous build. But as I said - hard to notice.
  15. When you die in the game then you have a chance to create new character and play at the same map where your previous character was living. It's very good aspect, and I thought - how about be able to create more than one character and make a group of survivors living in the same base, or just a group of survivors that trying to find each other. Generally it's not possible to control few character at the same time, but how to make it different way? My ideas: - You can switch between your character only when there no zombie chasing you. - When you control survivor, all other inactive characters are like statues - they are not in game, but only symbolized by animated like a NPC that is walking around at very small range (not making any noises and is ignored by zombies). When zombies are getting in distance to inactive character then it just disappear, and replaced by a symbol to not break immersion. - When switching between characters, game is paused and you decide to take a control of this character or switch to another. - Inactive characters not having needs like hunger rising, they are not in the game, the counter of how many days survived is paused for them. - When loading save you can decide to crate new character or continue playing the currently active one. Why having multi character could be useful? - You could have one person who would care about farming, another one for making barricades, and so on. So that would be more realistic than one character who having all maxed skills in everything. - You need to go, to look for food supplies, and you know that during your absence in the base someone else taking care about farming and so on. - When you're outside of your base and you get in trouble, barricade at the last floor of the building or your car having no gas, you can use radio to call for help (it means you can switch to another playable character and try to help).
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