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  1. FYI for anyone running the game in Linux. If the game won't launch from Steam on the IWBUMS branch, it may be due to the following reason I just ran into myself: The "projectzomboid.sh" script that launches the game has bad line endings/format. You can easily fix it by installing the "dos2unix" converter available in most distros and running it on that file. Simple oversite by whoever last saved the file on the current steam IWBUMS branch. And very simple fix that most Linux users probably already know. Figured I'd go ahead and mention it anyway just in case. Thank you, TIS for this v
  2. how are you testing hotfix #2 on IWBUMS? It still shows my version as Build 27 #1, and I still have the bug with using traps making you walk away from them before interacting. Output from update attempts: If it has been released, I would very much like to test it out. Also, I'm seeing about seven empty servers in the server list but mine doesn't show up even when players are on it. And yes, it is set to public. Is there some sort of trick to it?
  3. Wait.. hotfix #2 wasn't released? Then what update did I just install on my server the other day? Steam had a client update and I also had the message about files not matching.. The server was already on Build 27 #1, and it most certainly installed changes when I ran the update check. I had even made a post on my forum about hotfix #2 being installed because I wouldn't have expected it to be anything else. It's no big deal since after updating it worked fine for everyone, but I'm curious what it was.
  4. Thanks for the update, RingoD. Awesome to have it separate from Muldraugh now. I noticed in survival mode the zombies were still quite scarce. When I switched to sandbox and put zeds to high it seemed to be what I would expect on normal. Really enjoying the map. Keep up the good work. Edit: Scratch that. Played a lot more and they seem to be flooding the streets now lol.
  5. It's not off topic to tell people, in a thread about a server, what they experienced in that server and discussions with the server hoster. But okay, obviously you don't like it when people actually voice their concerns directly or on the forum, so I'll drop it then. Good luck. You'll need it when you push people away like that.
  6. by infinite building i was referring to someone most likely spawning the items to build with, considering they built hundreds of walls and fences without cutting down any trees, and the time it would have taken just to gather all of the wood (even if it was already sawed into planks) would have been a hell of a lot longer than it took them to build it. you can't just carry that much wood around in your pocket ya know. But you wouldn't even let me even talk about it. i wasn't really mad about the death, that was just a reason to stop now instead of later. Really it was just your general "I do
  7. There was nothing taken out of context. I'm not sure how you could have been talking about DayZ when saying "There aren't even that many garbage bags in the game to make all those rain barrels". Anyways, no sense in arguing about it. As you've stated, there's no way to prove someone hacks.
  8. Actually it's a direct quote that you said repeatedly. "I don't really care if they hack as long as it's not hurting anyone." You also said you were pretty hammered though, so maybe you don't recall. I didn't take anything out of context. I had tried to discuss why non-violent hacks are still bad, but you didn't really let me get a word in edge-wise. You are kind of a hard person to voice chat with that way. Either way, it's your server to do with as you like. And I wish you the best of luck with it.
  9. I'm no longer going to continue playing on this server. I was going about building as usual only to die out of nowhere for reasons unknown. Didn't fall, wasn't injured, didn't drink any cleaning products, didn't have any zeds nearby, nothing that I can think of that could have caused instant death. This has never happened to me on any other server. I'm not going to waste the time reading all those skill books again. I don't blame the host, although lag was probably a factor in one way or another. On another note JonSyn has very clearly stated that he doesn't care if people hack. I can't agre
  10. I would assume that they wouldn't implement it at all if that were the case, because you are right, there wouldn't be any point. I can go into detail regarding the very important differences to gameplay when considering in-game versus third-party voice chat if you need me to. But immediately dismissing valid points isn't really good for discussion. Edit: Another option instead of implementing their own voice chat system, they could work with Mumble to use the positional-audio features it supports. I'm not sure of the inner workings of it all, but if the player position data can be passed t
  11. WTF!? o.O Are you all crazy or something? In-game Voice chat is IMO critical for MP, and there doesn't need to be a 'global' voice chat. If anything it could be an option for the server admin to turn off. Third-party programs don't support positional audio or the random player on an open server. Having this built-in would drastically increase the immersion and realism. I haven't really run into any 'squeekers' in this game yet, but why should the rest of us suffer just because there might be a few of em? If they are annoying then admins can ban them or mute them or something. It's not an
  12. how about moving this topic to Mod Ideas and Requests since that's where it needs to be then?
  13. Just wanted to say that I'm really not a fan of this safety system. I had a long detailed post typed out, but it sounded too negative. I'll try to keep it more constructive. Safety should mean you are safe. The current system is more like, "everyone is friendly until they stab you in the back", which just doesn't make sense. It should be the other way around, if preserving danger is the intent. As in, "anyone can stab you in the back, except those that are friendly". I'd prefer a faction system instead, where everyone is hostile by default unless you both agree to team up, and everyone e
  14. My understanding of server-side scripting doesn't involve any 'modding' per-say. I don't have any interest in modifying the internals of the game directly, I just want to be able to hook into events and interrupt them as needed. Such as locking a player's movement, setting up ranks and custom commands, tracking a player's stats and displaying them on the UI. All of these are things that the dev's shouldn't have to do for us, and scripting would allow us to do. For example just using the return value of an event function. for example, when a player types in chat. return 0/nil = continue as us
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