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  1. Zombies are INVULNERABLE unless knocked to the floor, or a special animation kill is made on them. Pistols are never a one-shot kill, baseball bats etc are never a one-hit kill. Zombies can ONLY be killed once they are lying down, or crawling. Please, fix this. Moderator WarningI have improved this post considerably. Thank you for providing me with this second opportunity. Goodbye.
  2. So can you confirm, being a private tester, that this bug is now fixed?
  3. It's only just occurred to me. Zombies have to be knocked down before they can be killed. That's why they never die by a single blow to the head, e.g. by a baseball bat or a pistol round. It's almost as if they have two states, standing and prone. They can only be killed whilst prone. You should make it so there's a chance for standing zombies to be able to be killed without going into the prone/dormant state.
  4. So is this technically 'Released', or still 'Upcoming'? Sorry if I sound stupid, it's just that I noticed things like: Reduced the chance for a zombie to become a crawler when you hit him.And was wondering if this addition was applied to the Beta released an hour ago, because I still encountered the bug on the first Steam build. Zombies never dying by one shot, always being dormant instead.
  5. So is this version build 17, or specifically a 'beta 17' Steam build in which you intend to upload actual build 17 when it's done?
  6. It launched as usual, didn't appear to download anything else. Restarted Steam but nothing to download. I'll try reinstalling the game, maybe that'll do it. What additions have you made to this new update? I could check to see if any fixes are indeed fixed.
  7. Selected Beta, do I need a Private Access code? If not, nothing new seems to be downloading.
  8. Wow that's bad, I didn't even read his post fully xD Yeah, buy the game.
  9. Go here: http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_win64bit.xml Download both, then try to play.
  10. Pistols are still never a 1-hit kill anymore. Sure, the zombies might get back up, but headshots no longer occur.
  11. Steam version seems to run in 32 by default. Can't launch in 64, it just opens then closes.
  12. Is most of the new stuff in the Steam version, aside from the languages? Thanks!
  13. [New Stuff] Come on baby light my fire....... Fire's back?
  14. If someone other than the developers share a link, don't trust it. If you activate the game on Steam, it's an early build of .17, don't trust direct links.
  15. That's what makes it fun. Resident Evil 2, anyone?
  16. Sorry to be a pain, haven't tested the Steam version as my girlfriend's kidnapped me for several days now, was just wondering if you've done anything in regards to every single zombie playing dead until you approach them (most noticeable if you shoot them with a pistol, having masses of zombies all lying dormant on the floor, yet all still alive)? A reply would be greatly appreciated.
  17. You need to have the hammer equipped primary, and nails as secondary.
  18. RegularX, mind linking me to the mod that instakills? That's the only issue I have with .16, thanks in advance.
  19. Yeah I saw that thread, didn't read the bit about refusing to release until .17 Thanks anyways.
  20. Thanks Enigma, never heard of Xmod before, where can I download it? I tried the forums, didn't find anything. Tried Google but all I found was Mac-related things.
  21. I don't even know which file to open that shows me the java code. I literally don't know where to begin. I can edit some lua files, but that's not hard. Where exactly do I find the code itself?
  22. I don't aspire to learn modding, I just thought someone wouldn't mind spending 5 minutes showing me how to modify a certain file. But if it's too much to ask, don't worry about it. I'll wait patiently until it's fixed.
  23. There's me thinking you had something worth contributing.
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