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  1. Fixed some crash in MP due to user name. Wooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I can`t dance but i will try right now! Thanks Dev`s, gonna update servers and lets rock!
  2. Awesome Kyun, can`t wait to start using it!
  3. Really, still zeds left? Guess there`s allot of them
  4. Went to sleep before i could talk to Nero. Let me just say i build an admin test base in about 5 minutes lol. No more commands, thanks for letting me test this Jon Creative-mode is the sh***t! /Lets get drunk on Skype again tonight!
  5. No.. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/ /edit I have B26 +hotfix players on my server but see allot of connections being dropped when connecting
  6. Not you . He`s probably`s running an old version which crashes the server, look at this name. Had another guy with an very old version but his name was also with spaces in the logs. But he was using a normal name.. Just have to wait until it`s fixed.
  7. Crashed, we got a new customer crashing the server lol : Deleting zombie that is only 1.3432617 away from player.ID_NEW_INCOMING_CONNECTIONid=9 guid=801640751078754466User H ank P owers is trying to connect.java.sql.SQLException: unrecognized token: "'H" at org.sqlite.DB.throwex(DB.java:288) at org.sqlite.NestedDB.prepare(NestedDB.java:115) at org.sqlite.DB.prepare(DB.java:114) at org.sqlite.Stmt.executeQuery(Stmt.java:89) at zombie.network.ServerWorldDatabase.authClient(ServerWorldDatabase.java:245) at zombie.network.GameServer.mainLoopDealWithNetData(GameServer.java:1037) at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:253)Error with packet of type: 2 for nulljava.lang.NullPointerException at zombie.core.network.ByteBufferWriter.putUTF(ByteBufferWriter.java:47) at zombie.network.GameServer.mainLoopDealWithNetData(GameServer.java:1065) at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:253)
  8. The delay can be many things. You mean like stuck at a certain phase of the loading process? No cap atm btw.
  9. Server are out to get me!

  10. You need to put in that password from that thread i posted. It will unlock more "versions" You need to use the version "iwillbackupmysave". Thats the latest one You should see something like : B23, B25B,B25C,IWILLBACKUPMYSAVE,ONLINETEST etc. "iwillbackupmysave" ! Do it! /edit No experience with Hima-whatever , sorry. /edit Yes, you should be able to host your own server and play on it with others, np.
  11. How can you still have zeds man, the map is like 2 weeks old, what the frek are you doing on my server? Cloning zeds now?
  12. Mister mm strange man, if you check properties of PZ in your Steam Library, then the tab called "beta". What versions are listed there? Did you fill in a password to "unlock" the latest versions? Read please : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/ You will be tested!
  13. NP man, good thing i ran into you, you were causing allot of problems haha! You just provided allot of info to resolve this crash Glad you like it!
  14. Ok let me clean up, very annoying, i like to save stuff and the subfolder still count as all total emails lmao. yeah 1 ip should not be a problem, unless weird FW settings etc /room again in my mailbox-omg-i-need-more-room-mods-pls.
  15. it`s up guys. Been running for 15 minutes with some players.Certain players crash the server when they connect..
  16. It might cause the server to think you`re still logged in or something, you start at the same port i believe, then get a second unique one (not sure). Token error keeps crashing my server again because of a player joining.
  17. Nope, wer playing on it, me and a person without the hotfix (i just installed the hotfix and no problem). I updated the server with the HF. This makes no sense...
  18. I would assume it was bugged for 25a & 25b aswell? I haven't been able to get it to work properly (ie. work just like sandbox) since the feature was available. I hope that the hotfix mentioned above smashes this issue in its whole. Not sure about the 25x version, i always edited the file and changed the settings from there. Maybe the Doctor can confirm?
  19. I think i just found the problem, informed the DEVs, will start server again but it probably crash again (for now).
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