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  1. Updated the normal server, this server is acting up..will have a look.
  2. Join me tonight Gen., lets see if we can fix this. I have it, but only on my admin account (can walk very fast), normal user it loads perfectly, way ahead of my char.
  3. Nice Sas , creative you x
  4. No, probably lag. Had some last night but it was better early morning. Will have a look tonight. Maybe some left overs from previous version (i upgraded instead of a clean install which i normally do). I don`t have it all the time btw, you?
  5. Old version i guess, make sure you get B26 (+the hotfix released today). Read here first to get the latest version (B26) : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/ Then read here to get the latest Hot Fix : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7409-released-iwbums-branch-build-26/ Let me know if you need help. Thanks.
  6. Make sure you post in the right server thread, multiple server threads and it will confuse me and pollute the threads The EU normal server (this thread), or the EU HC server? Does your client time out? When you start the PZ game it will open a window in the background, connect to my server, minimize the game, let me know what kind of messages you see while trying to connect (or if you connect and it says failed straight away, let me know).
  7. Yeah, V3. When you get the message, what are the versions for client and the server (should tell you) ? Maybe something went wrong with unpacking the files.
  8. I will have a look, thanks. /edit updated the server, nothing should be lost.
  9. The EU HC has been stabile for nearly 3 weeks lol (linux, B26). 1 restart due a weird crash a few days ago, but to answer your question deprav, yes, the latest hotfix seem to have solved my problems \o/ \o/ Drinking a case of beer to celebrate
  10. hey mate, we have admin tools now, i can make a 200M long wall in 30 sec Admins need toys too! No haha, but i love Denmark The Netherlands
  11. Yeah.., i just had to try, with my luck lately, glad it saved stuff this time after an update HF mate.
  12. I deleted the local content Keif (on server, reinstalled PZ, copied rar to PZ folder, extracted rar, working! Nothing lost here, did you save the db / server test folder or just went for a 100% fresh install? Thanks, good luck! PS, i make full system snapshots every 5min , point in time restores ftw!
  13. Servers are out to get me!

    1. EvanT650


      What do you mean the servers are out to get more?

    2. EvanT650


      Oops srry I didn't see the me part.

  14. Well during the day.. EU is either at work, school etc. I noticed most people play in the evening / late at night. Not sure about the currently current player count atm. I will add the spawns so you can choose which town you spawn in.
  15. When you create a new char (or when you die) you should be able to choose from Mul. / WP.. If not let me know and i will add the spawn-selection screen. Late night i will update this server to B26V3, if you guys want Bedford Dalls v2 added, please let me know!
  16. Yeah meeting, gimme a sec (or 3600 secs lol). Updated server to HF3, i can login using HF3! Please note the WP / BF spawn was temporary removed (will add it back tonight + 2 mods . Thanks for your patience guys
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