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  1. Hey Chazcal10, I can help you test in few hours. About to deploy 2 x Build 25-V2 servers for public use. All fresh and running the latest build. You can try to connect to one of them, see what happens. I can check the server side logs for you. Home in about 3 hours, i will PM you the details.
  2. Yeah something like : 16261 UDP (used for communication with the server) 16262-16267 TDP (used to stream the map to the player clients) Any idea what kind of file(s) it tries to download while logging on to the server (screenshot) ? Thanks.
  3. Did it work before (previous build) ? I can think of only 1 thing at the moment, did you open enough ports for all the players, except for the default server port you should open 1 extra port for every player joining your server.
  4. This guide has been a great help Thuztor!, many thanks.
  5. Must design new stuff!

  6. Love the small houses, good job!
  7. Thanks! Quick question, running a linux dedicated server and I was wondering if I am placing the files in your *.rar in the right location. I assume I just add the maps files to the map directory on the server, but what about that folder with MainCreationMethod.lua file? The "Shared" and "NPC" folder don`t exist when I copy them to the LUA map on the server, is this correct? And what exactly does the MainCreationMethod.lua do? Thanks again.
  8. Dear RingoD, Are we allowed to run a public MP server using your map? Finished my server and ready to host, just require your permission Thanks in advance. Eric.
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