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  1. Here's that thing but here! sweet!!! that shows me how to do it now!
  2. it seems to have resolved its self
  3. pugdug808

    i cant bandage

    me and a buddy are playing but when i get hurt it wont let me bandage i tore a shirt but it wont let me and its really annoying
  4. pepsi and coke tied at 44.44% pepsi is best btw
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdoIs1jZbCY
  6. aot was pretty dern great i hope they make a second season considering its popularity they probably will
  7. i really enjoy anime i like it more than american shows, i think its fantastic im still new-ish compared to people who have completed over 100. anyway so what are some of your favorite shows, or ones you highly recommend. i just finished future diary and it was absolutely amazing! i watched it dubbed i was surprised because it was a rather well done dub.
  8. i built a space plane. i call it the dragon fly, after its engines run out of fuel it can flap its wings and fly infinitely without fuel or engines. ill post a video later
  9. saw the trailer earlier loved it gonna see dat shit
  10. cake all de way, pie crust is always so bland, but cake is always like like BAM, flavor!
  11. well i dont know about you but i wouldnt mind being sacrificed to a goat, just so long as the goat has a solid gold crown on while it happens
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