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  1. Totally camping in New Denver in my back yard! It would be a solid streak since February but it snowed one night in March and snapped the main fiberglass pole leaving me half crushed under snow. Some metal pipe and a couple hose clamps later and she's holdin' true again Heh, for gits and shigs I'll add a tent to my back yard on the map; all for the lolz!
  2. The first idea wakes me up every morning at 5:00 (because I sleep outside in a tent, I like it) and that is birds chirping up a storm when the sun starts over the mountains; I feel this would cause zombies to travel in random directions seeking out the source of the birds, and in turn, making for a bad morning when a bunch of zombies are banging on your windows. The second idea is to add an oven alarm that can be set to go off when the meal in question is cooked. In this instance: I put an uncooked hamburger in the oven and turn it on, lastly right click on the oven an hit a button that says, "Set Alarm" or something. Then when the meal is cooked, a ringer, or beeper, or whatever alarm the type of oven has, goes off alerting the player that the food is ready, but in turn letting a small area around your house hear the alarm alerting zombies, or other players. The risk of this is compromising your location, but the reward is allowing the player to work on things as the food is cooked without burning the food, or your house burning down. The third idea is to have more than sheets as window coverings, such as garbage bags, tarps, sheets of paper and tape, duct tape over the whole window, maybe even painting the window. Each would have different characteristics such as sheets bleeding light through them, garbage bags and tarps making noise when passed through, duct tape would take longer to cover the window, but would break slower. I think this would add more depth to the atmosphere, and add more of a sense of desperation and planning. Thoughts? or am I overthinking things again...
  3. Finally put a Non-Steam Download Link back up again for those of you experiencing problems with the Steam Link; http://www.mediafire.com/download/772cv61jad9ftnx/ND2.1.rar
  4. 2.1 has been released, which includes a new building at the main intersection here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.3225909932005236,0.1636219713345675,246.10442619830718, the garage and restaurant are gone; they were bought and replaced with a sporting goods store and 2 apartments. The empty store for sale here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.3062680247253503,0.15846961563170586,425.26844847067474 has been leased and is now a pharmacy. added a few mini fridges around town, and other minor details.
  5. Xeonyx

    Hydrocraft Mod

    how about Himalayan salt lamps as an alternative loot source; could be used as a means to get salt with a mortar and pestle for cooking
  6. Xeonyx

    Map Pack

    I'm cool with this
  7. Sorry to beat a dead horse but I would kill to have a zone definition map to define forest, vegetation, etc. It would make quick work of large swaths of definitions to large maps. In my sense, I'd rather not have to define several hundred cells of forest and deep forest individually as it would be painfully repetitive.
  8. That's actually a very good point, the walk between Three Forks and where New Denver starts is fairly dry. I could probably add a military checkpoint on the highway pull-off (Here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#-0.03513142609017335,0.12947175094354194,79.4968472033908) and a smaller one on the Galena trail (Here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.021671237684527514,0.1428820975617748,197.81359483314137) I'm thinking when vehicles are added, I could put a traffic accident along the highway, and other abandoned cars, but until then, military checkpoints would probably be the way to go.
  9. Lol, actually it's no mistake, the people that actually live there DO have a couple plastic chairs there; my guess is they go through the window and use the overhang as a "deck" of sorts. Thanks for pointing it out though!
  10. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0 PZMap has now been updated. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.42380050572982014,0.1838048606026812,98.9038492630802 - Yellowhead Road and Bridge (Road maintenance building) http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.4226702912781949,0.05126849366507674,9.243937398890747 - Slocan Lake Golf Course and surrounding homes http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.45908905503472086,0.19738616462953534,15.973523825283209 - East New Denver Farmlands http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.2276695103426654,0.2710372596036382,6.419400971451909 - Harris Farmlands http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v2_00L0#0.3854934575950579,0.10026109709415199,82.41987438590017 - Molly Hughes Cabin and trail To note a few...
  11. After a few months of grinding, New Denver 2.0 is NOW RELEASED! Have Fun!!!
  12. More specifically, pushing zombies down staircases because it's pretty hard to keep your balance falling backwards down a staircase. They'd flop down the stairs potentially knocking down other zombies. I'd personally like to go zombowling
  13. New Denver is now available through Steam Workshop!!! Thanks to RingoD for his mapping guides toward getting New Denver on Steam! Enjoy!
  14. I just updated the map to 1.75 now; I dont know where you mean in particular but if you could upload an url from http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=New_Denver_v1_31L0 of the particular places, I could try and figure something out, and with the farm buildings, I don't know how to make empty windows so that you can climb through them, but when I figure it out, I'll fix em' up Updated to 1.75, this includes the addition of the Friday market considering the start day in Zomboid is on July 23, 1993, which happens to land on a Friday. Others include more bug fixes, etc.
  15. 1.7 has over 75 bugfixes from top to bottom on the map, there should be very few bugs at this point, so enjoy!
  16. Random quick suggestion, two other negative traits should be added: Heat Intolerance - More susceptable to hot temperatures and heat Cold Intolerance - Moer susceptable to cold temperatures and chill I have a heat intolerance myself, I prefer to be cold, because at least I can just put a sweater on...
  17. Got the map updated to 1.6, it should be fully compatable with build 32 now. Sorry it took so long.
  18. nay, they'd still generate items even with an unused roomdef, kind of like if you put a dresser in a mechanic shop, the dresser would still spawn clothing and that like. I saw a post on how the roomdef, "furniturestore" has no lootable items, but any shelves, or cupboards that can contain items would have crap still in them
  19. So in general, I really need to know how to set rooms, or specific shelves, cupboards, etc, to be empty; say for example, a grocery store that's been closed down, but still has the shelves inside (you might know the store I'm talking about from my New Denver map). Is there a way to do that? and if so, how?
  20. open up common from the steamapps folder, then the projectzomboid folder; within the projectzomboid folder should contain the media folder, and within that; the maps folder. Follow the README to import the map into the game from there.
  21. New Denver V1.5 is out and ready with a plethora of graphical updates. Have fun everyone!
  22. Lets start a thread based on community ideas for challenges in game, I'll start: The Running Man ‚Äč(Total 80's Reference) The player starts near to a super-horde always capable finding where he or she is. The player must always keep on the move lest they get swarmed by zombies. With minimal supplies and a set population scattered around naturally, it should make for a good time. Your turn!
  23. Xeonyx


    Thought came to mind a while ago, why not add pallets to the game? They'd be great for those starting out and needing to barricade a safe house. Either one could disassemble a pallet for the planks and nails it has, or one could set them up like the buildable fence, you could even attach a few to a wall and you have a ladder, I mean there is tons of potential for pallets, what do you all think?
  24. Hey everyone I'm back in action, and feeling a lot better than I was before. New Denver has been updated to include the objects.lua for trapping and foraging, its not entirely complete in the sense that the nav map portion has not been added. for those that are asking; Extract the contents of "mapfiles" to steam/steamapps/common/projectzomboid/media/maps/Muldraugh, KY and the "New Denver, BC" folder to steam/steamapps/common/projectzomboid/media/maps They are in the program files folder in your computer. Apart from that, peace out and happy huntin'
  25. Hey I'm ma let you all know know that its gonna take "even" longer than before. I've been going through a heavy hit of depression and anxiety lately, so my medication is being updated. Sorry to put a stall on the map everyone, I can barely pull my ass outta bed these days. I'll let you know when I'm feeling more able and ready.
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