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  1. Crowbar Felt

    Tileset corrupted in new update.

    I was playing with a friend, we slept and we were out looting and we met some zeds. I knocked it down and when I stomped on it my game instantly crashed. Relaunched the game and the entire tileset was corrupted, even text using dirt tiles. Note : Verifying integrity claims there is no problems.
  2. Crowbar Felt

    New Minor Mechanic: Smell

    I'd assume the stench would get horrible in the hot summer days and be more concealed in the winter. Imagine a survivor running around with their nose plugged with tissue or similar because zed cooked inside a house.
  3. Still never figured out why but : Death by eating a onion.
  4. Crowbar Felt

    Does PZ really even need cars?

    I would love to hear some metagame things from cars. You, sitting in your safe house- then a loud screech and a sicking crash. Up the road nearby, a car just smashed into a tree to avoid a group of zombies, after you clear the zombies, (or wait out the horde looking at the crash), you can loot the car for food and other valuables. Maybe it was just a civilian running away or maybe a survivor that was just unlucky to hit that one deep pothole.
  5. Crowbar Felt

    Old School Hunting

    Theres planks and string, you could somehow incorporate those together and another ingredient or so. Like water to bend the bow to shape as a example.
  6. Crowbar Felt

    Famous Last Words

    "Zombies are like fucking potatoes on stilts." (I still don't know why I said that.)
  7. Crowbar Felt

    Does PZ really even need cars?

    It would be pretty funny to see skateboards added. Imagine walking to West Point and a group of three people zoom past you on skateboards. Skateboard bandits!
  8. Crowbar Felt

    Weapon you wanted added to the game the most

    It would be awesome to see a arena like that! Hand to hand combat would be really good for more NPC meta or just interactions. I would love to hear meta or see a arena, like the one in Neo Scavenger.
  9. Crowbar Felt

    Does PZ really even need cars?

    Cars should be definitely added, drive able or not. I would love to see the highways out of West point or other towns littered with abandoned cars, accidents on the roads or even a car that plowed through a store window! It would give the game a lot more atmosphere and make it look like it was a actual town that people lived in. This also opens up quests for NPCs and their meta-game. One survivor could say that he was almost out of the city when he ran out of gas, or other things happened to his car.
  10. Crowbar Felt

    /createhorde 20000 (yes really)

    Make them all sprinters and then its-
  11. Crowbar Felt

    Finding Katanas in Museums

    I think they should be added, with a perk that allows you to know when a katana is real or not and basic know-how of swinging it.
  12. Crowbar Felt

    Plastic / Grocery bag alternative for water barrels

    Yeah, shoddy but if you can figure out a way to do so, (multiple bags, tape, ect), you can fashion something up. It is survival, after all. Nothing is perfect but good enough to get by with.
  13. Crowbar Felt

    /createhorde 20000 (yes really)

    Why this
  14. As the tile says, using those smaller bags as a alternative for water barrels or a smaller version of one. I always seem to have trouble finding a garbage bag for a barrel so I think using the grocery bag would be a nice way to fix that, or use them in another way because once you get hiking bags, those smaller bags are pretty much useless as a long-term item.
  15. Crowbar Felt

    So I won Project Zomboid.

    How did you get on the roof anyways? Did you just make stairs then smash them after?