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  1. I've padded a long sleeved T-shirt and the insulation remained the same, so you're right:
  2. Patching a hole increases the general condition of the clothing and is dependent on your tailoring skill. So if you have a 10 tailoring skill, the patch is more efficient. Looks like the higher your tailoring skill, the better the patch is. So at level 10 tailoring, patching with the adequate material fully restores the hole, including the protection. For a complete patch you requiere a high tailoring skill and the adequate materials for the clothing. For example, you can fully repair some jeans with some denim strips if your skill is high enough: After: Condition as far as I know only modifies the overall insulation of the clothing itself. And it usually stays like this because there's sometimes holes on the back of the clothing which are impossible to patch.
  3. So I just downloaded a small patch and the hunger problem seems to be gone fortunately.
  4. Yeah, the patch needs some rebalancing. But overall, the bug fixes and new visible bandages are great.
  5. You're also tired so it grealy reduces your body heat generation, maybe that's why?
  6. Hunger seems to increase really fast even at normal air temperature (21ÂșC). I'm barely moving and in less than 3 hours I'm already peckish. Also, recovering from hypothermia is extremely hard, because of the low heat generation and the constant tiredness and hunger (which increases even faster).
  7. I think you can actually sweat now.
  8. The temperature system has been disabled for a while now until they implement the new insulation system. I've been playing on winter with no problems at all the last few patches.
  9. The vault animation feels really smooth, good job.
  10. I've noticed time stops if zombies are within your line of sight, regardless if you are unable to see them.
  11. I've noticed that if you're extremely over encumbered, instead of walking slowly, you can just crouch jog to go faster. And if you have a fracture, instead of limping slowly you can do the same thing and move faster without no problems. Shouldn't the ability to jog while crouching be limited like sprinting is?
  12. I've noticed that you can rest on furniture and sit on the ground at the same time. I'm not sure, but I think this duplicates stamina regeneration.
  13. Is the moon phase (moonlight) connected to the day of the month like it used to be?
  14. Nighttime looks like the old PZ nights and flashlights finally have a function, this is amazing. Also I noticed that the "Pitch black" option actually makes night pitch black, to the point where flashlights don't even shine.
  15. This is a huge change in the atmosphere of the game, it's beautiful. I'm using 1x tiles but it still looks nice and perfomance hasn't been affected, just a 2fps to 3 fps drop in some cases. Nice work! Also I've found some sprites, like rocks, that sway like plants.
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