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  1. Completely vanilla, and the source of pain is exercise fatigue. Although If you can't replicate the problem perhaps there's something wrong in my end. I'll try to do some testing on my own to see if it's trait based or not. After some testing, I just can't find why it happens, the search radius goes from 4 to 21 when there's some pain. I've removed every trait one by one and It stills keeps happening.
  2. I've been foraging for quite a while in an unmodded save of A really CDDA. I've noticed that pain increases massively my foraging searching radius as you can see in the images; the image with the biggest search radius has exercise induced pain, while the other one with the default searching radius is the painless one. As far as I know, just having some pain can cause the radius to increase greatly and it keeps it's size even on cloudy nights. I guess there's a calculation error when taking pain into account when decreasing/increasing the searching radius. The red circle shows the increased/default search radius.
  3. While we're on the topic of auto-walk, your character also doesn't get exhausted while carrying a heavy load, so you can walk 1km while being extremely encumbered and not get tired. Something else I noticed is that the character doesn't generate any body heat, so using auto walk in winter risks your character getting cold.
  4. Restarting the save, instead of the whole game. But yeah, it does fix it, although I'm not sure what may cause the issue.
  5. I can confirm it also happens with other weapons, like hunting knives or pipe wrenches.
  6. I tried myself to make a coffee beverage, but the new mugs don't "accept" ingredients, this means that a red mug with water cannot make a beverage, like the following image shows. Blue mugs seem to work. On the same note, Hot Cuppas no longer work as they seem to be replaced with "Hot drink", which just reduces thirst and unhappiness, no matter if coffee or tea was used for it.
  7. Thank you for reporting it. I noticed the same thing too and I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not.
  8. You guys absolutely made my day. I've been waiting impatiently since you guys started showing the noiseworks videos, it's been a long time since I've been so hyped about anything. Incredible great work from the team, the game feels absolutely different and extremely immersive, thanks for giving this game so much love.
  9. The game runs smooth as butter now, those performance changes really do work. Thanks!
  10. While aiming and moving around (Either by using Right Click or L Control), if the player was previously sneaking, the player still "acts" as if he was sneaking, gaining Light footed and Sneaking skill. Pressing the "c" key deactivates these skills gains, and only Nimble skill is gained. I've noticed that by pressing the "c" key while aiming (and the player was not previously crouching) also decreases the player detection when the player is close to zombies. That means there's two aiming modes "Sneaking and Aiming" and just "Regular aiming". Both of them look identical, so I suppose this could be a bug and not intentional.
  11. To be honest, I think the game genuinely doesn't consume calories when sprinting. I know the game needs to be modded in order to see the amount of calories being consumed while sprinting, but no matter what mod I use that displays calories, sprinting consumes as many calories as standing still. When using these mods to check the calorie usage when jogging, the amount of calories being consumed is noticeably increased. Is it possible to check this?
  12. Fast forwarding time with F4 F5 and F6 desyncs the sky box and completely stops updating it. The only way to fix the skybox is fast forwarding again with F6, but the problem still persists. For example, sleeping at 10pm and waking up at 3am; if the player doesn't fast forward after waking up, the night skybox persists even at midday and can be seen on cars, puddles.. Etc. Next image shows the night skybox at 8:20 AM. Pressing F6 updated the skybox but the skybox keeps getting stuck.
  13. The short sighted trait seems to make my character's vision cone brighter. I think it's because the 25% brightness reduction hasn't been applied to the trait yet:
  14. Seems that the default preset when creating a new save is Survivor instead of Apocalypse, so every challenge seems to be affected by this. Just try to create a sandbox game and you'll see that the default preset is Survivor.
  15. axeladalidez78


    About the temperature feedback, in winter, temperature seems to be more stable and better than other previous versions,that's for sure. My character overheats slowlier than before and I'm glad that being hungry affects thermoregulation again, it feels pretty realistic. But changing the interior temperature constantly to 22ÂșC makes my character instantly overheat when i come from outside with heavy clothing. Apart from this little issue, it's feels really polished so good job.
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