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  1. The short sighted trait seems to make my character's vision cone brighter. I think it's because the 25% brightness reduction hasn't been applied to the trait yet:
  2. Seems that the default preset when creating a new save is Survivor instead of Apocalypse, so every challenge seems to be affected by this. Just try to create a sandbox game and you'll see that the default preset is Survivor.
  3. axeladalidez78


    About the temperature feedback, in winter, temperature seems to be more stable and better than other previous versions,that's for sure. My character overheats slowlier than before and I'm glad that being hungry affects thermoregulation again, it feels pretty realistic. But changing the interior temperature constantly to 22ºC makes my character instantly overheat when i come from outside with heavy clothing. Apart from this little issue, it's feels really polished so good job.
  4. You'll need to find a random radio that already has the frequency preset, and the frequency it's different on different saves. Also, most of the times the frequency ends in a ".9" which means you can not set it manually. And as far as I know the broadcast gets played every hour.
  5. So I just downloaded a small patch and the hunger problem seems to be gone fortunately.
  6. Yeah, the patch needs some rebalancing. But overall, the bug fixes and new visible bandages are great.
  7. You're also tired so it grealy reduces your body heat generation, maybe that's why?
  8. Hunger seems to increase really fast even at normal air temperature (21ºC). I'm barely moving and in less than 3 hours I'm already peckish. Also, recovering from hypothermia is extremely hard, because of the low heat generation and the constant tiredness and hunger (which increases even faster).
  9. I think you can actually sweat now.
  10. The temperature system has been disabled for a while now until they implement the new insulation system. I've been playing on winter with no problems at all the last few patches.
  11. The vault animation feels really smooth, good job.
  12. I've noticed time stops if zombies are within your line of sight, regardless if you are unable to see them.
  13. I've noticed that if you're extremely over encumbered, instead of walking slowly, you can just crouch jog to go faster. And if you have a fracture, instead of limping slowly you can do the same thing and move faster without no problems. Shouldn't the ability to jog while crouching be limited like sprinting is?
  14. I've noticed that you can rest on furniture and sit on the ground at the same time. I'm not sure, but I think this duplicates stamina regeneration.
  15. Is the moon phase (moonlight) connected to the day of the month like it used to be?
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