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  1. I think you can actually sweat now.
  2. The temperature system has been disabled for a while now until they implement the new insulation system. I've been playing on winter with no problems at all the last few patches.
  3. The vault animation feels really smooth, good job.
  4. Maybe it's because he wasn't recording on full screen? That may have bugged the cursor in the recorder. I've seen a lot of videos where people's cursors were misaligned, but still played like nothing ever happened. I've seen it many times on gameplays, where they select items in the inventory without having their cursor over the inventory screen.
  5. Don't worry. Here's a some info about vaulting from the July 11th, 2019 Thursdoid:
  6. I've noticed time stops if zombies are within your line of sight, regardless if you are unable to see them.
  7. I've noticed that if you're extremely over encumbered, instead of walking slowly, you can just crouch jog to go faster. And if you have a fracture, instead of limping slowly you can do the same thing and move faster without no problems. Shouldn't the ability to jog while crouching be limited like sprinting is?
  8. I've noticed that you can rest on furniture and sit on the ground at the same time. I'm not sure, but I think this duplicates stamina regeneration.
  9. Is the moon phase (moonlight) connected to the day of the month like it used to be?
  10. Nighttime looks like the old PZ nights and flashlights finally have a function, this is amazing. Also I noticed that the "Pitch black" option actually makes night pitch black, to the point where flashlights don't even shine.
  11. This is a huge change in the atmosphere of the game, it's beautiful. I'm using 1x tiles but it still looks nice and perfomance hasn't been affected, just a 2fps to 3 fps drop in some cases. Nice work! Also I've found some sprites, like rocks, that sway like plants.
  12. The new Spiffo survival guide only displays a black box. I suppose it should've something when you click on the more info button, right?
  13. I've noticed that the debug weather graphs don't work anymore
  14. I'm experiencing total freezing of the game whenever it starts to rain or when I enter a specific part of a building. The game keeps playing but the visuals are completely frozen. When this happens, the console repeats constantly this message:
  15. It's extremely easy to fix, you only have to click something on the display settings and that's it. Thanks anyway.
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